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[1998-04-28-WCW-Tuesday Nitro] Bret Hart and the NWO


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Bret wants to talk to Hogan face-to-face and explain himself. Hogan doesn't get much reaction in Norfolk. Bret tells Hogan how much he admires him and talks about how he's the highest paid wrestler in the history of wrestling. He also calls him the most recognizable wrestler ever. Hogan cuts him off and tells him he appreciates him setting the record straight. Just as Bret is about to explain himself, Savage attacks him. The NWO ends up saving Bret. This was supposedly going to be a slow build to Bret-Hogan at Starrcade, but what a shitty way to go in that direction.

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Seems like they're going to go with the idea of Bret wanting to beat Hogan for the title, but Savage interrupts in a pretty groanworthy development. You really risk pissing fans off when you fuck them over too many times, and the fact that the reason isn't really all that consequential--this isn't like revealing the Greater Power or Vince's first professional match or even the identity of the Hummer driver--actually makes it *more* annoying that we don't get a payoff rather than less. Why was Savage not out the previous week to confront Bret? Best I can figure, the only answer to that is, "Because there wouldn't be a closing segment tonight." Which is pretty shitty storytelling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-04-28-WCW-Tuesday Nitro] Bret Hart and the NWO

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