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[1998-05-04-WCW-Nitro] Rick and Scott Steiner


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Rick wants Scott to come out and face him. Scott - still doing his "Superstar" Scotty Steiner gimmick - comes out on crutches. These guys are both horrible talkers and this is such an obvious angle. The NWO means nothing to Scott, yet he is wearing an NWO t-shirt. Come on guys, at least put some effort into this. Scott tries to feign tears and this is HORRIBLE.

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Yes, a dumb angle that was as obvious as the most hackneyed, cliched Memphis segment except Memphis segments tend to have good interviews. Okerlund's bad here, too--he seems to have checked out along with all the rest of the WCW announce crew, all of whom have deteriorated badly this year. Brian Adams does a shoulder breaker on the floor, which apparently is more devastating than a shoulder breaker in the ring. And yet, various combinations of Scott, Rick, and Bagwell would repeat this same basic angle over and over and over and OVER for at least the next 6 months!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-04-WCW-Nitro] Rick and Scott Steiner

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