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DX are clear babyfaces now, as the fans have turned them.


Waltman does a lot of the talking in this one and is great. DX establishes a lot of their catchphrases here in a babyface way and people really love them. Owen Hart interrupts them and seems ready to fight all of them on his own before The Nation comes out for backup. Really good stuff - the WWF is on a roll!

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DX are fully playing to the crowd now as the turn is complete. X-Pac directly responds to Bischoff's promo from earlier in the night in one of those cool only-in-the-late-'90s deals. HHH's weekly double-entendre is cut off by Owen Hart, who's about to take on DX by himself before he reconsiders and brings out the Nation. Owen's babyface run ended up being a waste but the turn was another example of strong booking, as he "initiates" himself in the Nation by destroying their enemy Ken Shamrock and now has allies in his fight with DX, all while setting up a future feud. Good, logical storytelling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-11-WWF-Raw] Interview: DX

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