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[1998-05-13-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction


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FREE RIC FLAIR, IMPRISON ERIC BISCHOFF. Wait, you mean Shane Douglas might have been off the mark with his comments at Wrestlepalooza?


Tommy Dreamer responds to the Dudleys. Bill Alfonso assures us that RVD & Sabu are still inseparable after their fiasco of a match at the PPV. Lance Storm is tired of Chris Candido screwing him and wants a one-on-one match. A juiced-to-the-gills Candido responds and won't put his personal issues with Storm ahead of the tag titles. We get a bunch of back-and-forth promos negotiating a Storm vs. Candido dream partner tag match that takes a bunch of left turns. Candido, after being told not to pick a Triple Threat member, picks Sabu. Storm responds with RVD.

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