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[1998-05-18-WCW-Nitro] Interview: NWO


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Hogan rubs it in that Nash said people were going to desert him and he couldn't even keep Scott Hall on his side. He points out that people want to be on his side because where he goes, the money goes. Hall gets a big entrance before Bischoff says it's decision time for Sting - is he going to join the NWO or not? Did 1996-1997 never happen? This is even a question? It shows how little respect they have for their audience when they think people might buy that he's joining. Giant attacks Sting when Sting spits in his face until Kevin Nash shows up with a pipe and scares him away to close out the show.

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Well, they *are* tag champions now, so maybe the NWO felt they had a bargaining chip. This was a big nothing of a segment even if they attempt to add intrigue by having Nash actively help Sting. We don't even get an explanatory promo from Hall, because that might take heat away from Hogan and God knows we can't have that.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-18-WCW-Nitro] Interview: NWO

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