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[1998-05-27-WCW-Thunder] NWO Wolfpac promo


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The Wolfpac has their new music. Lee Marshall calls Lex Luger "MC Rap Master Snoop Doggy Luger". This is Luger's promo to explain why he has turned. Luger says he did not turn his back on WCW. He still respects WCW, but he wanted to be a player. I respect his honesty but laaammeee. Luger then turns his attention to Sting and begs him to join the Wolfpac. This makes absolutely no sense.

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The Wolfpack have their new entrance theme, and it's not bad, though I'm sure I'll get tired of it. My favorite footnote to this ill-fated gimmick is that MLB star Jason Giambi used this as his walk-up music right up to the end of his career, which wasn't until 2014. The music lasted with Giambi longer than WCW did as a corporate promotion. Tony, Lee, and Bobby still aren't sure how to put over this Luger...turn? In any case the Pack are total gladhanding babyfaces whether the announcers want to admit it or not. I'm also not sure if Abject Shock is the way to sell this development with Luger, since in ancient times of 1995-96 we established him as an opportunist not to be trusted. But then I'm putting more thought into this than the WCW brass. Luger's in the Wolfpack to be a player, which just makes WCW come off even more lame. This is enough to make you see the logic behind the burial of WCW by the WWF. Luger closes us out with the lamest "too SWEEEET" in history.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-27-WCW-Thunder] NWO Wolfpac promo

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