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[1998-05-27-WCW-Thunder] Interview: NWO & Bret Hart


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Bret Hart is flanked by The Giant, Eric Bischoff and Vincent. Is there any rhyme or reason behind who comes out for these interviews? Bret tries to convince Sting to join the NWO black and white but the Wolfpac interrupt. Nash says Sting should be in the Wolfpac and Bret cuts a scorched earth promo on him out of nowhere. The show closes with a big brawl involving everyone.

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Why are we acting like it's a given that Sting has to choose one NWO or the other? Why can't we at least give lip service to the possibility that he'll stay with WCW? Do I need to keep freaking harping on how lame this makes WCW look as a company and a brand? I don't want to turn into Darren fucking Rovell talking about brand power but god dammit, it's like my hand is being forced. Bret going off on Nash and leaving him temporarily speechless was really cool, though.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-27-WCW-Thunder] Interview: NWO & Bret Hart

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