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[1998-06-01-WCW-Nitro] Interview: NWO Wolfpac


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They need to get Hennig out of this group, but I think that's coming soon. They need to get Savage out of this group, but their hand will be forced there soon. Did WCW really zoom in to a group of black people in the upper balcony? They are back in Washington DC where they began the destruction of Sting's viability as the top guy, so it only makes sense that they finish the job back in the same arena. Interesting how Savage has become a bit player while Nash and Luger do all the talking. They end up making Luger/Nash vs Hogan/Giant for tonight. Nash is really good at acting cool even though it's pretty manipulative.

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Wolfpac music debuted at Thunder and TOny tells us to pipe down so we can hear it here. I like that Larry still isn't on board and talks like the announcers should have been. Luger talks for most of this and it is again another plea for Sting but it also sets up tonights main event. I agree that Savage is a non-factor now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-06-01-WCW-Nitro] Interview: NWO Wolfpac

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