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[1998-06-01-WCW-Nitro] Chris Jericho vignette / Chris Jericho promo


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Chris Jericho goes to Washington! He's at Capitol Hill in a suit and walks around Washington holding up a Conspiracy Victim sign. He explains to a homeless person the nefarious circumstances under which he lost the cruiserweight title. He ends up finding an NWA rulebook at the Library of Congress! Jericho at this point is way too good to be doing what he's doing. DX is doing similar stuff with the full backing of the WWF machine and it's getting over huge, while Jericho is pretty much carrying a midcard feud on his own by throwing out ideas. It's great that he got the freedom to do it, but it's sad, because he's exactly the type of guy WCW needed to be pushing hard. Instead, the focus is on 80s stars and 40-somethings throwing gang signs.


Back in the arena, Jericho wants JJ Dillon to come out because he has evidence to show that he wrongfully lost the cruiserweight title and the decision should be reversed. Dillon doesn't show up and Jericho lashes out.

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Wow, this was great. Everything from the sign to the explaining at the homeless was hilarious. Jericho even does his own research by going through rule books at the LIbrary of Congress. He needs to talk to Charles, Kelly and Grimmas about this.


Jericho gets pissed in the arena that JJ doesn't come out and craps on Sting and other heroes of the fans.


Jericho is still producing awesome stuff.

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::flipping through law book:: "Where's the section on WCW title belts?" Jericho is starting to remind me in a weird way of Mick Foley in 1995--it's like he "gets" where wrestling is going more than anybody else and is deserving of a bigger stage to show off what he can do. This is more wink-and-nod-to-the-smart-fans stuff like the Over the Edge ring intros, and neither time do they beat you over the head with it like would happen with Russo in WCW. While the WWF has never been more meritocratic, WCW has never been less so.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-06-01-WCW-Nitro] Chris Jericho vignette / Chris Jericho promo

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