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[1998-06-03-ECW-TV] Dudley Boys vs Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman & Spike Dudley


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Typical ECW chaos with the referees wrestling, Beulah getting physically involved in spots, etc. Beulah ends up eating a 3D and I'm pretty sure that was the end of her in ECW. New Jack immediately comes out to brawl - not to make the save and run the Dudleys off, but just to do his normal brawling routine - which kills what should be a serious angle. Jack Victory ends up coming to the rescue. Jack Victory.

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Yeah, this was pretty terrible on all levels. Gertner has some good lines on paper but he kills them with his overly slow delivery. A big clusterfuck of a finish with Jeff Jones and Jim Molineaux doing more wrestling spots and Gertner showing that he should absolutely positively not be getting physically involved in matches. You know how we pointed out that the Over the Edge main event was overbooked but not *too* much overbooked? This is like Russo without the Filter. Eventually the babyfaces get handcuffed, and Beulah again tries to save Tommy Dreamer and that ends the same way it always does. How ironic--in the past I've said ECW was way too reliant on going to the "beat up Beulah for heat" well and gotten on Styles' case for his dramatic hushed voice every time it happens even though it's happened 500 times. Now we're actually getting an angle where Beulah breaks her neck and is being written out of the promotion, and it's touched upon for like 5 seconds before New Jack comes out and she's forgotten about. At least they sold the dramatic injury well by having New Jack run out, throw his weapons around the medical emergency scene, and do comedy spots with the guitar. A grotesquely overweight Jack Victory "sneaks" into the ring in plain sight and Styles laughably puts over his punch as having Ivan Drago-like power. Styles loses his mind on commentary despite the thoroughly routine beatdown we just saw. Really one of the worst ECW segments of the year.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-06-03-ECW-TV] Dudley Boys vs Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman & Spike Dudley

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