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[1998-06-04-WCW-Thunder] Chris Benoit vs Booker T


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Not as much time given to this one but it is a good match for the time given. Booker knows his back is up against the wall and throws a lot of heavy artillery at Benoit. Benoit is finally able to gain an opening and tries to end this series right here with big moves of his own including the Germans and diving headbutt. He goes for the crossface but through the encouragement of Stevie Ray, Booker avoids. Stevie then distracts Benoit and a missile dropkick make this 3-2. This is twice that Benoit has lost his focus paying attention to someone on the outside. I think this was my second favorite match of the series so far. (***1/4)

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More fun between these two, with Stevie Ray now making his presence felt. He doesn't get directly involved, but he does serve as a distraction to Benoit that sets up Booker's win. Booker blocking the application of the crossface with his arm was cool and he's really starting to put it together as a worker. We'll see if it continues to hold up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-06-04-WCW-Thunder] Chris Benoit vs Booker T

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