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[1998-09-14-WWF-Raw] The Preacher's Wife


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The most offensive thing during this whole angle of its many followups was the upmost misoginy with which Terri Runnels was pictured. 1/ She's a slut because a mother shouldn't dress sexy for God's sake. 2/ She's a slut because she's having an "affair" with another man despite the fact her and Dustin have been effectively separated for months after HE dumped her on live TV and humiliated her in the process. Wait, what ? And don't get me on the upcoming "Terry is pregnant but gets dumped by Val who's getting cheered then gets a miscarriaged after being manhandled then admits her miscarriage was a fake like all bitches do then gets revenge on guys by putting together a stable named PMS" angles. To quote Terri herself in her shoot interview : vomit.


And yeah, the Val Venis character sums up everything wrong about Russo's influence on the product.

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Venis really does come off as a douchebag for '90s dudebros. I have no problem with Terri getting revenge on Dustin for what he did last November, a narrative that Jim Ross at least briefly attempted to pay lip service to, but El-P explains why the angle isn't going to age well at all. I have one other problem: even though I'm predisposed to dislike Venis' character for multiple reasons, Dustin is actually *too* good of an actor. He sells anguish so well that I can't help but view him as the babyface and Venis as a sadistic heel, whether that was the intention or not.

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