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[1999-09-03-ECW-TNN] Dudley Boys vs Tommy Dreamer & Raven


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Stuff like this was what made ECW so awesome. ECW had just came to TV in my area less than year before it went on TNN so I didn't know the whole Raven Dreamer backstory. But even with like 8 months exposure to the product this was definately a holy shit type moment that drew a real emotional response from me.

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Ok I guess this sort of justifies it but I almost think you could have had Spike/Balls win and then we get the big beatdown and promo and everything could have been done the same way.


Two years later but IMO there's no way this works at all without the threat of the Dudleys taking the tag titles to the WWF.


Too drawn-out, as I see it, but maybe my attention span is being ruined not just by Crash TV but by the nature of the Yearbooks. But Raven showing up fresh off being in WCW during a time of a slower news cycle was quite the shock, with storyline implications to keep you wanting to watch next week to see where this goes. Is Raven making up with Dreamer or is he doing what Styles implied, which is "forcing" Dreamer to share his first World title with him?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-09-03-ECW-TNN] Dudley Boys vs Tommy Dreamer & Raven

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