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So, no one to say anything positive about Steve Keirn ? Won't begin with me. This guy bores the living hell out of me. And I'm not just talking about his days as Skinner, or the fact he managed to make a shitty tag team with Bobby Eaton of all people in WCW in the mid 90's. His days as the Fabulous Ones are a complete blurr to me too. Watched quite a bit of their stuff, in several different territories, and they never did anything for me, especially Keirn. Neither as heels or faces. So.

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I think Keirn is someone who is way, way better than people give him credit for. I really liked him in his New Japan appearances as a sort of bruiser technician, and that is the same sort of thing I've seen out of him in the limited Florida and Georgia footage I've seen him in. I really want to see the Keirn v. Saito match that was reviewed on Titans a while back because it sounded great. I also absolutely love him in the Fabs. There is a Flair v. Keirn handheld on youtube that I may watch soon because I'm interested to see how those two worked together.

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Keirn vs Flair!!! How have I not seen this? Sign me the fuck up!

Best toe kick to the gut in the history of Pro Wrestling! Fabulous Ones are one of the all-time greatest brawling tag teams in history, I could watch Fabs vs Moondogs for days. I was on the Titans Dylan mentions above and that Keirn vs Saito really stuck with me as special. Keirn vs Fujinami also excellent. Very snug, very technically sound. My kinda wrestler. Will most likely place but want to see more! 

it appears the Georgia Titans has been lost to time but thank you again @Ricky Jacksonfor having me on!

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