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PTBN Reaction Show: ROH 13th Anniversary Show


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Will is joined by Kris Zellner and Dave & Dylan from the Wrestling Culture podcast to discuss the 13th Anniversary Show. We discuss the Bullet Club, AJ Styles, Alberto el Patron and the return of Samoa Joe! Was the main event bad enough to ruin a good show? Listen and find out! ​

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I liked this a lot. You guys seemed to take the temperature of the show real well. Just to chime in. I liked the Styles/Fish match from Atlanta over Styles/ACH. Both are really good matches. I thought the ACH match had cooler moments. I thought the Fish match had better storytelling and built to the finish better. Either way I don't think their is a wrong answer. Styles comes across as the biggest star in the U.S right now. What he does in the ring is really great storytelling. I kinda knew the Bullet Club was going to get a babyface reaction. I was surprised they worked their matches as faces though.

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The line about the Meltzer run-in during the tag titles match cracked me up!

That would have made up for the randomness of Shayna Baszler being there. She was awful. It's great that she's a catch wrestler, but it's not like being Ronda Rousey's sidekick was going to get a big pop from an ROH crowd.

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Baszler was a step-down from Lawlor but I think any kind of crossover like that is good for Ring of Honor. Certainly doesn't hurt.


I thought this reaction show was great.


- I'm in the minority and with Will, liked the Styles match the best BUT I think Kris said it best that the tag match gave you exactly what you wanted out of that matchup (sans the ref slip-up).


- I think there's money in Moose winning the TV title at Best in the World. Not sure he's ROH champ material yet, if they can re-sign him, a slow burn over the next year and half would be ideal.


- Love Will's point around how each match was different, which kept the card fresh. It's a great feeling when you think ahead to what is left and can get excited because everything is so different.


- Joe was fantastic. They really do a great job booking their part-time guys. Jay/Joe has history and is a great main for Supercard of Honor.


- Main event analysis was spot-on. Dylan hit on a huge point, where the f was Briscoe's offense in that match? Only Hanson had less (I like Hanson but thought he was really under-used). Ciampa (while hurt) jobbing out to a sit-out powerbomb from Elgin 20 seconds later after that Briscoe fluke cover was terrible. Ciampa took the fall to Elgin at Final Battle and eats it here as well. Elgin is HEATLESS at this point - and I also agree with Dylan, it's a good heel character for him but man he gets no reaction. His numb entrance music doesn't help. Yet, he's booked the strongest. I don't know, maybe Jay pins him clean at Best in the World to put this to bed.


Great job guys.

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