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Most outstanding wrestler for 1st 1/4 of the year.


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The 1st quarter of the year is closing . So I thought I'd share my thoughts on who's in my top 5 for most outstanding wrestler of the year 4far.


1. AJ Styles

2. Kota Ibushi

3.Timothy Thatcher

4. Brock Lesnar



Styles is our touring champion going around and having strong matches everywhere. He's had good matches with Naito,Tanahashi, Ibushi. In ROH he's had strong matches with Bobby Fish, ACH, the 6 man with the Young Bucks, and his match with Mark Briscoe was still good. He had a good tour of Europe. I thought the John Morrison match was good as well. I'm still waiting on a MOTYC from him.


Ibushi has the Nakamura match which should be considered a MOTYC. He's had strong matches with Homma and Styles as well. I also enjoyed his NJ Cup match with Naito. Dylan had a match of his in DDT as a MOTYC. I didn't have it at that level. Having a MOTYC helps his case.


Thatcher has been solid all year. He really broke out at Mania weekend and had the best weekend when it came to quality of matches. He has a lot of detractors so it will be hard pressed to finish top 5.


Brock has 2 matches under his belt. Both of them MOTYC. Enough said.



ACH has gotten a ton of opportunities and has done well. He's been showcased. Look at his matches with Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, the 6 man with Sydal and Alexander. He's had Moose best match. Sydal and ACH have had some fun as a team.



Lets see what others have.

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1. Ibushi

2. AJ Styles

3. Brock Lesnar

4. Seth Rollins

5. Shinsuke Nakamura


Ibushi is putting high level matches almost every time out, and being put in a position to really gain momentum.


Styles' two year run of making all of us who ignored TNA continues with good matches against the most varied set of opponents.


Lesnar is the best special attraction of the last 30 years.


Rollins goes out and has solid matches up and down the WWE card. He's passed Bryan as the most skilled in ring performer in WWE.


Nakamura kicked off the year with that great match with Ibushi, and while he hasn't been in the position to repeat that, he's solid every time out and ups the quality of everything he's involved in.

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Don't quite have a top 5 as there's a lot I need to catch up on. However I think there's a clear #1 and that's Timothy Thatcher. We're only in April and he already has four matches I would consider MOTYC, and that's without checking out his WXW work yet. It's not just about that though, he's a guy at the top of his craft right now. I find everything he does interesting and dynamic, and he presents the complete package that I look for in a pro wrestler. The work is there, the high end stuff is there, the carry jobs are present, the top notch selling and bumping are present, he's charismatic (don't see why people think he isn't myself), and I'm excited every time a new match of his makes tape.

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I haven't watched a whole lot of current wrestling this year, mostly just WWE PPVs. Based on that my pick would actually be Roman Reigns. I thought Reigns/Bryan was really good and Reigns/Lesnar blew me away with how great it was.

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I'd take Styles as the top in ring performer because he's a rare case of a modern performer who is traveling a lot of places, working a lot of different people, and has found a way to adapt himself to pretty much every situation he's in. What this means is that sometimes you get a great AJ performance, that maybe isn't quite a truly great match. For example I thought Styles v. ACH from the ROH PPV was just short of being a great match, but AJ worked the match in a hierarchical fashion which you rarely see out of the "this is awesome" indies. He hasn't had any match as good as Ibushi's best two or three matches, but I think his performances, the variation, and the depth of his work is more impressive than Ibushi's. That said, if you are a great match theorist Ibushi has had a hell of a year, especially if you are someone who is really high on the NJ Cup matches (I wasn't, but I know many were).


Brock is a great performer and completely unique, but it feels weird to rate him first when he's had the same number of great matches and performances as Roman Reigns. Nakamura is probably the best wrestler in the world...when he wants to be. Which is two or three times a year.

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I realize this is a question that I should go answer for myself by watching something other than WWE this year, but has CMLL been lousy or something of late? Where's the talk of Casas, Hechicero, Rush, Dragon Lee, Barbaro, Cachorro, Virus, and everyone else who was so awesome last year? Or for that matter, any other luchador?

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