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Titans of Wrestling #47: NWA Western States (Amarillo) in 1979

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The Titans make an unscheduled stop off in Amarillo in 1979 to take a look at the dying days of the NWA territory that was once run by Dory Funk Sr, after Dick Murdoch and Black Jack Mulligan had purchased it from the Funk brothers.


On the docket tonight:


(April 1979)


Ted DiBiase & Larry Lane vs. Mr. Sato & Mr. Pogo

Merced Solis vs. Dennis Stamp

Tank Patton vs. Dick Murdoch

Ron Garfield vs. Blackjack Mulligan

Stan "The Man" Lane vs. Dory Funk, Jr.


(November 1978)


Alex Perez vs. Merced Solis

Jim Cook vs. Blackjack Mulligan

Grizzly Boone vs. Ted DiBiase


Highlights include:


- Potted history of the territory and the reasons for its decline

- Discussion of Skandor Akbar

- Which Japanese team would you take: Fuji / Saito or Sato / Pogo?

- Who is Larry Lane?

- Mulligan and the subtlest heel turn of 1979

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Western States/Amarillo has a close place to my heart. Dylan and I's Dad grew up in Albuquerque and that's what he watched in the 60s. Ricky Romero, the Funks, Dick Murdoch, etc. He still talks about it today. It also explains Dylan and I's love for the Funks. If you didn't like the Funk's growing up in my house you were risking abandonment.

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Of course Johnny has to be ignorant again. He said "Skandar Akbar was only Arab with Texas accent."

Are you serious? Anyway Skandar Akbar translates to Alexander the Great! I think his real name was Joe Awad or something. And he is Lebanese-American. Ted Dibiase and Akbar were close. In WCCW he was scary. Was Brother Love working in Amarillo?

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I'm currently reading Terry Funk's book and two things:


1. He mentions that his father supported Fritz when he invaded Dallas, and respected him, and that Dory Sr and Fritz were good friends. So that makes the lack of Funk / West Texas guys appearances in WCCW even more mysterious.


2. Nick Roberts, the announcer on this show, was actually the father of Nicola Roberts aka Baby Doll!

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More on Fritz. In 1975 after Sam Muchnick stepped down and he became NWA president, the decision for who to become NWA champ after Brisco was tied between Race and Terry Funk, Fritz -- whose vote was public -- decided on Terry and took a lot of heat for it. Again, seems strange Funk never worked in World Class considering what Fritz did for him.

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