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World Wrestling Association results thread 1983

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Zoltan still isn't looking so great.


Moving is a pain but if you gotta do it, you gotta do it. Quickie results aren't bad because we get the gist of the show and that is what counts. Looking forward to next week's card.

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Results of the special inter-promotional card with WWA/AWA at the International Amphitheatre , Chicago :


Bob Orton Jr. vs. Don Kernodle


This was shaping up to be a great technical match up, with both men displaying their great scientific wrestling skill. However, the match turned to the nasty when Kernodle tried to get Orton in a vertical suplex and Orton, taking advantage of the fact that the ref was out of position, countered with a vicious low blow kick. A back suplex and a running kneedrop later, and Orton had gotten the tainted victory.


Mr. Olympia vs. Jimmy Garvin


This was Garvin’s first major singles match since losing the American title and he certainly had his work cut out him with the popular masked man. Early in the match he would try to stall for time by bailing out of the ring, only to be chased back in by Olympia. Precious looked like she might try to interfere, but the referee laid down the law and let her know that if she even looked like she might get directly involved, she would be sent to the back. Garvin pulled out every trick in the book to get and advantage, using every short cut he could thing of and fighting ferociously out of several attempts by Olympia to put on the Figure Four Leglock. Olympia looked to finally put it away by hooking in a Sleeper, but Garvin held out long enough until the ring bell rang, signaling a 30 minute time limit draw.


Black Gordman & Goliath vs. Bobo Brazil & Brickhouse Brown


The former tag champs were looking to re-establish themselves against the veteran team of Gordman and Goliath, and were showing no sign of friction as they dominated Bobby Colt’s men throughout the match. They seemed about to put the match away when Brickhouse held up Gordman for a running headbutt by Brazil, only for Gordman to duck out of the way at the last moment and Bobo hit Brickhouse instead. Goliath held back Bobo as Gordman got the Diamond Twist DDT on Brickhouse for the victory. Brickhouse was clearly quite upset with Bobo after the match, but Brazil was able to talk him down and the two left the ring together.


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Samu vs. Eric Embry


Samu was clearly out for revenge after Embry had earlier put him out of action for a month and Embry was not just fighting for his AWA career but seemingly his life. The Flamboyant One was consistently on the defense against the incredibly aggressive attacks by the newly minted “Samoan Dynamite”, being busted open early in the match. It looked like the match was over when Samu whipped Embry into the corner and came in with a jumping headbutt, only for Embry to duck out of the way at the last moment and Samu went face first into the turnbuckle. Embry hooked both Samu’s legs and put both his feet on the ropes and got the one …. Two … three? No! The ref signaled that Samu managed to get his shoulder up just in time but Embry thought he had scored the win. He celebrated then turned back to Samu, but was greeted with a hard thrust kick to the face. Samu then hit the Dynamite Drop (brainbuster) and got the pinfall, sending Embry out of the AWA.


Missouri Title Match : Nick Bockwinkel © vs. Tony Atlas


Atlas was still sporting taped ribs from his injury several weeks ago at the hands of Hercules Hernandez, but was clearly not going to let that stop him from going full bore against the Missouri champ. Bockwinkel, the ever canny competitor, put in every effort to control the match using his unparalleled ring smarts and well timed shots to the ribs, but Atlas stayed with him every step of the way, hitting big power moves when it looked like he might be at a disadvantage. Bockwinkel kept trying to wear down Atlas, taking him off his feet and working on his legs. He tried to get Atlas in a figure four leglock but Atlas countered with an inside cradle that got a 2 count. Atlas tried to get another cradle on Bockwinkel , only for the champ to counter with his own cradle and a fist ful of tights to get the pin. Bockwinkel had held onto his belt but Atlas had proved that he was back as a contender.


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : The Road Warriors © vs. Ken Patera & Mike George


This was the first challenge to the Warriors’ belts by the new team of the veteran Patera and his apprentice, Mike George, and the Sheikh’s men certainly gave the Roadies a run for their money. Patera was big and strong enough to take the Warriors’ power offense and dish out his own, and George showed the benefits of Patera’s coaching as he aggressively tried to break down the champ’s limbs with arm and leg locks. There seemed a possibility they just might pull it off when they were about to hit Hawk with a running clothesline, only for Hawk to duck and come back with a clothesline of his own that knocked them off their feet. A second flying clothesline on George got the pin, but it doesn’t look like the Sheikh’s men are going to go away soom.


Dick The Bruiser, Da Crusher & Prof. Toru Tanaka vs. King Kong Bundy, Ed Wiskowski & Ivan Putski


The was a cross-promotional reunion of old partners Crusher and Bruiser taking on their current rivals and the crowd was excited to see both men in the ring together, cheering their every double team move. Bundy did his best to try to make this a short lived reunion as he pummeled his opponents with big crushing moves, while the Brotherhood of Poland were happy to take advantage of the destruction left in the big man’s wake. The veteran team toughed it out, though , and when Wiskowski tried to get Tanaka in a face first piledriver, but Crusher and Bruiser, taking advantage of the ref making their opponents leave the ring, came off the ropes with a running double Bolo Punch on the Polish Prince. The crowd roared its approval as Dick The Bruiser got the pinfall.


Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Snuka vs. Lord Humongous & Larry Zbyszko


This was a big occasion with two extremely popular superstars, Hogan and Snuka, teaming for the first time. Zbyszko, for his part, wanted nothing to do with either man and was more than content to let the huge masked man bludgeon both men. Zbyszko would come in the ring briefly when it seemed his side had the decisive advantage, only to tag out the moment the opposition started to fight back. Only when he felt that Snuka had been beaten down sufficiently that he came back into the ring, directing Humongous to go after Hogan while he put the boots to Snuka. While Hogan and Humongous brawled at ringside, Zbyszko attacked Snuka until he finally threw him out of the ring. But Snuka was only playing possum, and after Zybyzko had finished gloating and turned back in his direction, he came off the top turn buckle with a flying cross body press and pinned the surprised Zybyszko. Larry Z tried to blame Humongous for his defeat, but the masked man didn’t take kindly to that and moved menacingly towards the smaller man, leading to Larry beating a hasty retreat from the ring. The Hulkster and the Superfly celebrated in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheered on their victory in this historic cross-promotional event.

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Now this is the type of card that is cool to read. Love the inter-promotional idea because it allows us to read one great match after another. I found myself rooting as I was reading the matches. Still upset that Atlas lost!

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November 5, 1983 – WWA Superstar Challenge quick results


1. Bob Orton Jr. pinned Jules Strongbow with a superplex in 2:06.

2. Hercules Hernandez (w/Gary Hart) pinned Billy Anderson in 8:21 following a powerslam.


NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race made an appearance in studio, saying he was going to be paying close attention to the next match as well as next week’s Missouri Title match. Race said he will wrestle next week on TV and will be scouting for December 3 very closely.


3. David Von Erich pinned Dory Funk Jr. (w/Gary Hart) in 18:39 when Funk passed out while locked in an Iron Claw. As a result, David will receive a shot at the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title next week. Missouri Champion Nick Bockwinkel joined David McLane on commentary during the match, and after the match the two engaged in a staredown.

4. NWA Midwest Television Champion Larry Zbyszko went to a 10-minute time limit draw against Spike Huber.

5. The Zambuie Express defeated The O Zone in 6:40 to earn a shot at the Central States Tag Team Title on December 3.


Next week: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race in action, plus Nick Bockwinkel defends the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title against David Von Erich

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Very strong interpromotional card. And David vs. Bockwinkel is one of those dream matches for the ages. Who will be champ?


Also looking forward to seeing the NWA Tag Belts in WWA now that those damn Guerreros have stolen them.

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November 12, 2015 - WWA Superstar Challenge quick results


David McLane opens the show by announcing that Chavo & Mando Guerrero recently won the NWA World Tag Team Titles from the Russians and shows highlights of the match. The Guerreros, belts in tow, come to the interview area saying they will defend the titles against anybody, anytime.


McLane runs down the lineup, including Nick Bockwinkel defending the Missouri Title against David Von Erich.


1. Hercules Hernandez (w/Gary Hart) defeated Kelly Kiniski by submission to a backbreaker in 4:28.


McLane begins explaining the ongoing saga between Bobo Brazil and Brickhouse Brown when he is interrupted by The Fabulous Ones. McLane rightfully explains they don’t work here, but they heard the Guerreros had won the NWA World Tag Team Titles and want to see if “anybody, anytime” is a serious proposition. The Guerreros come out and agree to a title defense. The Fabs want it right now, but commissioner Arnold Skaaland says the match will happen in Indianapolis on December 3.


2. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race pinned Bobby Colt in 4:19 with a fisherman suplex. Colt was joined by the rest of Dangerous by Design at the start of the match but Skaaland made them leave before the bell rang.


After the match, McLane interviewed Race about his upcoming defense on December 3 against the Missouri Champion. Race says he hopes the best man wins tonight, to which Nick Bockwinkel interrupts and says “You’re about to see the best man in that ring right now.”


3. In a match spanning over two segments, Nick Bockwinkel (w/Gary Hart) retained the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title by defeating David Von Erich with a sleeper in 14:24. Von Erich appeared to have the match won with an Iron Claw, but Heenan distracted referee Connie Marker when Bockwinkel’s shoulders were down.


David McLane announces that the NWA World Women’s Champion The Fabulous Moolah will be making a title defense in Indianapolis on December 3.


4. Koko Ware defeated Sheik Abdullah by disqualification in 7:41 when Jerry Valiant and Bobby Colt interfered. Bobo Brazil and Brickhouse Brown made the save after the match.


Arnold Skaaland says he is adding a ten man elimination tag team match to the Indianapolis show on December 3 based on what we’ve just seen, then he breaks down the lineup for Indianapolis on December 3 as it stands now:


5 vs. 5 Elimination Match: Dangerous by Design vs. Koko Ware, Bobo Brazil, Brickhouse Brown & The O Zone

The NWA World Women’s Title will be on the line.

NWA Central States Tag Team Title: The Zambuie Express vs. Mike Rotundo & Jimmy Snuka©

NWA World Tag Team Title: The Fabulous Ones vs. The Guerreros©

NWA World Heavyweight Title: Harley Race© vs. NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel


Next week: Larry Zbyszko defends the NWA Midwest Television Title vs. NWA Central States Tag Team Champion Jimmy Snuka, David Sammartino vs. Bobby Colt, plus NWA World Tag Team Champions Chavo & Mando Guerrero and The Fabulous Ones will be in separate tag team matches.

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Good job pushing your angles. Can't wait to see the card on 12/3. Race/Bockwinkle by itself would be an all-time classic and then throw in the rest of the card.... WOW.


Fabulous Ones vs The Guerreros 10/10

Zambuie Express vs Snuka and Rotundo 10/10



Three main events in one show! Transport me back in time to when wrestling was great!

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The Fabs vs. Guerreros was a great feud in real life Houston, looking forward to seeing how that plays out here. DVE getting a win over Dory and then dropping a close match to Bockwinkle was a pretty good short run in WWA for him too.


I'm rooting for Brickhouse to end up turning and joining Dangerous By Design in that big 10 man Elimination match just so my guys Gordman and Goliath can finally get a win.

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November 19, 1983 - WWA Superstar Challenge quick results


1. The Fabulous Ones defeated The Zambuie Express in 8:41 when Stan Lane pinned Elijah Akeem.

2. NWA Midwest Television Champion Larry Zbyszko went to a 10-minute time limit draw against Jimmy Snuka,

3. Bobby Colt pinned David Sammartino in 9:20 after Larry Zbyszko distracted Sammartino.


Sammartino issued a challenge to Zbyszko for the Midwest Television Title.


4. In a non-title match, The Guerreros defeated Black Gordman and Goliath by disqualification in 6:16 after Sheik Abdullah and Jerry Valiant interfered. After the match, The Fabulous Ones made the save. During the ensuing brawl, commissioner Arnold Skaaland ordered an eight man tag team match for next week,

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November 26, 1983 - WWA Superstar Challenge (airing in St. Louis as Wrestling at the Chase)

The show opened with Arnold Skaaland announcing David Sammartino would get a shot at Larry Zbyszko’s NWA Midwest Television Title on December 3.

1. NWA Central States Tag Team Champion Jimmy Snuka pinned Elijah Akeem (w/Gary Hart) with a flying bodypress in 10:30.

2. Kareem Muhammad (w/Gary Hart) defeated NWA Central States Tag Team Champion Mike Rotundo in 3:07 when Akeem interfered.

3. David Sammartino defeated Bob Orton Jr. by disqualification when Larry Zbyszko interfered.

4. NWA World Tag Team Champions Chavo & Mando Guerrero and The Fabulous Ones went to a no contest against Dangerous by Design (w/Bobby Colt) in 10:53 when all eight men brawled in the ring. During the postmatch brawl, Steve Keirn accidentally clotheslines Chavo Guerrero, which led to the Guerreros and the Fabulous Ones brawling in the ring until the locker room came out and separated the teams.

The show also included interviews from Nick Bockwinkel regarding his shot next Saturday night at the NWA World Heavyweight Title and from Dangerous by Design as a group to hype their elimination match for the same card.


December 3, 1983 – WWA Superstar Challenge (airing as Wrestling at the Chase in St. Louis)

David McLane is in an empty studio. He says all the talent is in Indianapolis preparing for tonight’s big event at the Market Square Arena, but this hour will be dedicated to previewing the big show.

Before we begin the recap, commissioner Arnold Skaaland makes an appearance with McLane in studio. Skaaland says that he knows families want to stay together during the holidays, and as such the next four weeks of TV will be “best of 1983” editions highlighting the best matches of the year. However, he announces there will be two more live events following tonight’s card. On December 17, the International Ampitheatre in Chicago will host the 16-man “Ruler of the Ring” tournament with the winner getting a future shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title, plus on December 31 there will be a big show taking place in Kansas City to close out the year.

A brief video is shown highlighting NWA World Women’s Champion The Fabulous Moolah, who is defending her title against Leilani Kai tonight.

Another video is shown highlighting the damage left by Dangerous by Design, leading to their 10-man elimination match against Koko Ware, Brickhouse Brown, Bobo Brazil and the O Zone later tonight. A promo is then shown from Brazil’s team where they vow to take out Dangerous by Design once and for all, with everyone but Brickhouse saying a few words.

Another video highlights The Zambuie Express vs. Jimmy Snuka and Mike Rotundo, featuring highlights of Snuka and Rotundo’s title win and the subsequent singles matches last week. The rematch for the title takes place tonight.

Pretaped promos from NWA Midwest Television Champion Larry Zbyszko and challenger David Sammartino air.

Video highlights leading to the Guerreros vs. The Fabulous Ones air, including the pull apart brawl that took place last week.

Pretaped promos from NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race and NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel air.

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Will try to get the big show up later this week, then taking the rest of the year off to finalize the draft and plans for 1984 (hence the "best of 1983" specials which I'm not actually writing out.

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December 3, 1983 - WWA from the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN


1. 10-Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Koko Ware, The O Zone, Bobo Brazil & Brickhouse Brown defeated Dangerous by Design in 37:30. Order of elimination:
-Black Gordman pinned Jerry Oske in 11:30.

--Steve Olsonowski pinned Abdullah the Great at 19:30.

---Brickhouse pinned Jerry Valiant in 26:15.

----Goliath pinned Brickhouse in 28:23 when Brazil accidentally headbutted Brown.

-----Goliath pinned Brazil 28:43 when an angry Brown pushed him into a school boy.

------Gordman and Goliath eliminated themselves in 36:43 when Bobby Colt slapped Gordman following a miscue.

-------Ware pinned Colt with a dropkick off the top rope.

SURVIVORS: Koko Ware & Steve Olsonowski

2. NWA World Women’s Champion The Fabulous Moolah pinned Leilani Kai with a roll up and handful of tights at 6:35.

3. NWA Midwest Television Champion Larry Zbyszko pinned David Sammartino with a piledriver in in 13:14.



4. The Zambuie Express defeated NWA Central States Tag Team Champions Mike Rotundo & Jimmy Snuka to win the titles in 6:56 when Rotundo was pinned following a double splash while Snuka was distracted by Gary Hart.

5. NWA World Tag Team Champions Chavo & Mando Guerrero battled The Fabulous Ones to a one hour time limit draw.

6. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race defeated NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel by disqualification in 13:24 when Bobby Heenan interfered following a belly-to-belly suplex. Heenan and Bockwinkel continued to attack Race until Race made his own save.

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Now that is a night of championship matches.


This seems like part of one of those special cards like starrcade the talent s soooooo good!


The Guerrero's vs The Fabulous Ones! Main Event

Race for Bockwinkle! Main event on any card at any time!

Zambuie Express vs Rotudo and Snuka! Main Event!


That was a special show. Very interested to see the NWA plans for the belt in 1984.

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