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Hector & Chavo Guerrero


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  • 3 weeks later...

These guys have a real good chance at making my list, especially if we keep getting more footage from Houston before the deadline. They were pretty ahead of their time in the sense that they worked a very fast pace "go go go" style although it did feel like a bit of detriment at times like their match against The Fantastics where you almost wished they'd have slowed down a bit and built more heat.


But they were great at working babyfaces or heels. As heels they were incredible bump machines just feeding and feeding for the babyfaces. As babyfaces they could come off as real asskickers against guys who were bigger than them like Dr. Death & DiBiase while still coming across like sympathetic underdogs when it came time for them to sell.

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  • 3 months later...

The more I watch the higher these guys climb on my list. I'm impressed by the fact that they really break from the formula of "southern" tags and don't really rely on long heat segments building to one big hot tag, at least as heels. While I think that's the best formula for having a good tag match, The Guerreros have their own style and are able to have very good matches without really relying on that formula. That's impressive to me and makes them stand out from the pack.

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