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End Of The Year Awards

Mad Dog

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Are you guys interested doing that? I would like to do a private ballot. I think you get more honest results that way.


Feud of the Year

Story of the Year

Company of the Year

Best Champion

Most Popular Wrestler

Most Hated

Overall Best Wrestler

Comeback Wrestler of the Year

Most Improved

Rookie of the Year

Tag Team of the Year




Puro MVP

Lucha MVP



EDIT: These are the final categories. I'll be accepting ballots until December 15th.

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I am currently working on a MOTYC compilation. Since alot of people have not seen most of the matches listed, I am trying to compile as many of the nominated matches as possible without it being cost prohibitive. With that said, there was already agreement earlier in the year that the MOTY should actually include the entire year and not go by the standard set forth by the Observer and RSPW awards where matches in December do not count. I am going to do another poll shortly to see if I should continue with this project and if thier is enough interest to even bother distributing the discs.

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Might as well add a lucha MVP and an MMA MVP to the list as well. I, unfortunately, don't feel like I've seen enough footage to judge, but I do think JBL should really win Most Improved, Best On Interviews and Best Gimmick in the WON awards, and he won't win anything.

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Alright, I gotta change some votes anyway. :)


Actually, can you explain something for me? By "most popular wrestler" do you mean the wrestler that got the biggest pop or the one that's generally the most loved by the IWC?


Also, GH, I'm interested in the MOTYC comp, for what it's worth.

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Guest EastCoastJ

EDIT: Whoops, didn't pick up on that private vote thing. :)


A couple potential underdogs I would like to make a quick case for before people vote.


For TNA MVP, I don't think anyone has been as imporant to the company this year as Dave Sahadi. No wrestlers are particularly important to the company right now, but the video packages Sahadi has put together have made the company look more major league than anyone in the ring, behind the mic or on commentary has.


For comeback wrestler of the year, Sabu was out for ten months with a terrible back injury and he's back to performing like he was never phased. I can't stand the guys style, but he definitely deserves consideration.

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I'm actually middle-of-the-road as it pertains to the "private ballot" thing. On one hand, I like it because it means that people won't be persuaded before making their votes. On the other hand, we can't really discuss anything in this thread. I want to defend my votes, dangit, and I'm impatient and can't wait for them to come out!

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Guest EastCoastJ

Since we're posting our ballots now too.


Feud of the Year: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Story of the Year: Eddie Guerrero's Death

Company of the Year: CMLL

Best Champion: John Cena

Most Popular Wrestler: Mistico

Most Hated: Jeff Jarrett

Overall Best Wrestler: Rey Mysterio

Comeback Wrestler of the Year: Sabu

Most Improved: JBL

Rookie of the Year: Chris Masters

Tag Team of the Year: Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero

WWE MVP: Eddie Guerrero

TNA MVP: Dave Sahadi

RoH MVP: Samoa Joe

Puro MVP: Kenta Kobashi

Lucha MVP: Mistico

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Feud of the Year - Batista/HHH

Story of the Year - Jade Chung & The Embassy (I assumed this was storyline)

Company of the Year - Ring of Honor

Best Champion - Austin Aries

Most Popular Wrestler - N/A

Most Hated - Prince Nana

Overall Best Wrestler - James Gibson

Comeback Wrestler of the Year - James Gibson

Most Improved - N/A

Rookie of the Year - Ken Kennedy

Tag Team of the Year - MNM

WWE MVP - Shawn Michaels

TNA MVP - Christopher Daniels

ROH MVP - James Gibson

Puro MVP - Kenta Kobashi

Lucha MVP - N/A

MMA MVP - Andrei "Pitbull" Arlovski

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Also, GH, I'm interested in the MOTYC comp, for what it's worth.

No problem. What I plan on doing is giving the discs to sek and Loss for sure to distribute if they are willing to make the copies. From there, you would talk to them about how you can obtain a copy. Preferably, they only ask people to cover shipping and disc cost but I can't guarantee that. It would also be great if someone else could help distribute as well.


So, I'll provide the footage but I need someone to do the leg work.

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Feud of the Year - Jun Akiyama and Makoto Hashi's teacher vs. student storyline.


Story of the Year - Guerrero/Hashimoto's death. Hashimoto's death was a bigger deal in Japan than Guerrero's was in the US, but Guerrero's was a bigger deal world wide.


Company of the Year - NOAH


Best Champion - Satoshi Kojima


Most Popular Wrestler - Kenta Kobashi


Most Hated - Triple H


Overall Best Wrestler - Samoa Joe


Most Improved - Go Shiozaki


Rookie of the Year - Go Shiozaki (Debuted 2nd half of 2004, so I'd consider him a rookie)


Tag Team of the Year - I don't know for this one. KENTA & Marufuji broke up half way through, Nakamura & Tanashi didn't do anything for the 2nd half. No one else has really been lighting it up.


WWE MVP - Batista. Doesn't seem to have lost his heat.


TNA MVP - Samoa Joe


RoH MVP - CM Punk. The Rave feud and world title run were both money. Really close call here.


Puro MVP - First instinct is to say Kojima, but All Japan doesn't seem to draw. Taking Kobashi seems like a copout. I'll say Satoshi Kojima.

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