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6:05 Superpodcast Episode #19 - Her Name Was Jack Daniel's


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The 6:05 Superpodcast, with David Bixenspan and The Great Brian Last, is back this week for another supersized edition including:

  • The audio of an endlessly entertaining Michael Hayes appearance on a Dallas radio show from July of 1984 (time stamp is 2:11:48) after a discussion of Hayes’ career.
  • Our much-anticipated Buzz Sawyer feature, with Jim Cornette telling the story of the night that Dennis Condrey almost shot Buzz, Jason Rudy of Desperate Visions Productions on his time training at Buzz’s wrestling school and listener Will Sweetie on his own encounter with Buzz at the school.
  • Follow-ups on everything that we need to catch up on including Santo Gold, The Sliphouse Boys, Yomamba, guns in wrestling and men named Nikita.

And much, much more, including photographer Lourdes Grobet’s “Lucha Libre: Masked Superstars of Mexican Wrestling” as our book of the week.

Follow us on Twitter at @davidbix and @GreatBrianLast. To support the show, please consider using our Amazon referral link, which doesn’t cost you anything extra. You can also make PayPal donations to David and Brian. Subscribe using our Feedburner feed URL or the links below, which include our iTunes link.

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AFAIK there were two Demolition Blast's, Carmine Azzato being the other one. But I'm not too sure of either Charland's and Azzato's exploits in the wrestling business.


By the way - how far does your NYC/NJ knowledge go back? It seems likely that three days before the Brody murder a potential DeNucci trainee and WWF Jobber called Ray Miller died in a New Jersey ring (or at the hospital). He was also one of those 1986'ish Libyan gimmick wrestlers, so he might have been the Memphis Abdul Gaddafi. Anyways, I'd like to know if you know anyone who would even be aware of him.

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Been meaning to say this all week: the Hayes interview was absolutely incredible. For some reason I expected 45 mins of it to be tedious, but the whole thing was a riveting time capsule and I loved his interaction with the fans in a semi-kayfabe way that wasn't overdone but still remained true to his character. Awesome artifact that certifies this show as a weekly listen, and a perfect tie-in to the HOF.


The idea of "Santo Gold, Santo Gold" becoming the "Bababooey" that 6:05 fans use to address the hosts and one another is brilliant too.

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Made it up to this one. In the Hayes interview he outright said he was going to MSG. Not sure if that's referenced later by it plays into the questions about David Wolff.


Also, the Hayes vs Williams NWAOnDemand cage match is that great match/performance that was missing from the talk/reevaluation of him. I feel like that this is a skeleton key to his heat seeking ability in ring. Curious if that moved the needle.

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