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[1982-07-02-Houston Wrestling] Nick Bockwinkel vs Ricky Morton


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Man oh Man was I stoked to see this come up. These guys didn't dissapoint me in the least. Your AWA World Heavyweight Champion along with being my #4 wrestler on my #PWOGWE ballot. This match never aired . So thank you Bruce and nwaclassics.com . It means so much to be able to see this instead of Ricky Morton talk about the time he went a broadway with Bock in Houston in some RF Video shoot interview. This is 2 out of 3 falls.


The 1st fall is solid stuff. Early on Bock targets the neck, and I'll be damned if it doesn't payoff in the finish of the 1st fall with a Bock piledriver. Here Bock is the maestro while Morton is the up and comer. Bock was just a step ahead in this fall. One spot that I loved seeing was Bock slamming Morton, Morton kicks off Bock, Morton slams Bock. This was a spot Bret and Hennig would use in their matches against each other. I've seen Bock use this with Bret, Hennig,Martel and others. It's cool to see it here and his influence on other wrestlers.


The 2nd fall Bock is really aggressive going after Morton's neck. Morton is selling it big time and this fall takes the match up to another level. Morton steals the 2nd fall with a flash pin.


The 3rd fall seals the deal for me. Morton is out and he wants payback on the neck. So we get that for a bit. Then Bock misses and Morton goes after the leg. I loved Morton's knee drop to the back of the leg. The drama around the Figure 4 was tremendous. We see the banana peel finish that protects both guys.


4 1/4*



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AWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel vs Ricky Morton - Houston 7/2/82 Two Out Of Three Falls

Dream Match Alert! Only fitting that this is the first of revealed Houston Wrestling matches I see because how much I love both. 

First Fall: May I just say how much I missed Nick Bockwinkel! I love how he throws himself into everything. Look at that rip of a side headlock takedown that was reminiscent of Lou Thesz against Buddy Rogers. The shouldertackle too. This is a great classic veteran heel champion against young upstart babyface that is full of piss & vinegar. Bock's dander is raised almost immediately as Morton keeps avoiding the lock up. Then Morton climbs up Bock to get a snapmare. Then it is Morton with a sitout on an amateur takedown. Finally it is Bock falling flat on his face. It goes from Bock being nonplussed about the situation to being downright pissed. He traps Morton in the corner and lays in some big blows including a big time kneelift that sends Morton to the floor. Morton gets himself out of the headlock and even manages to hit a bodyslam. What a sell by Bock and then his shameful retreat back to the corner. Again Bock traps Morton in the corner with shoulderblocks. I loved the missed reverse crossbody by Morton and Bock diving out of the way. After all the times, Morton evaded Bock now Bock returns the favor. He pounces with a piledriver. I forgot this was two out of three falls and I was like thats a shame that wont be the finish because it is a great fall. 1-2-3! I popped! I remembered it was 2 out of 3 falls. If I was booking, I was use the miss reverse crossbody then piledriver 8 million times, I love that 1-2 punch. Amazing first fall. Bock up 1-0. 

Second Fall: If the first fall is where Bock shines, the second fall is where Morton shines doing what Ricky Morton does better than anyone else and that is sell. He is selling the neck. Right hand on the neck as he is using the left jab to keep Bock at bay. He keeps bucking Bock off. Bock does a great move throws his left hand up to distract Morton and tries to hook him with the right but again Morton bucks him off. Bock eventually gets a front facelock and in the standup drops the hammer on the back of the injured neck. Then he starts throwing the back of Morton's neck into the turnbuckles. Morton is doing a great job throwing himself into this and selling. Morton gets a flash sunset flip for three! He celebrates like he has won the World Title and tries to take a shot at The Brain. I thought there was a decent chance Bock would win in two straight so this was a nice wrinkle. Tied 1-1.

Third Fall: This is the fall where they really got to sell Morton winning and he comes out hot. Kneedrops galore. Bockwinkel is selling like he is totally overwhelmed. Morton does not apply the Figure-4 properly needed to get that left foot on Bock's left ankle. I like how they do the Flair spot where the ref kicks the hand away but they do it three times and then Bock hugs the ropes. BIG LEG DROP ON THE BAD LEG! That was great! Bock is getting scrappy! He yanks Morton down by the hair. Morton nails a hurricanarana in 1982! Morton goes for a big dive but hotshots himself and Bockwinkel collects him for the pinfall and escapes with the title. 

A classic Bockwinkel title defense just missing the King of the Mountain, you had him getting flustered early, taking advantage of opponent's mistake and big, meaty heavy blows. Morton was already great in 1982 amazing selling in the second fall. A classic AWA Championship match everyone should see. ****

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