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[2016-04-03-WWE-Wrestlemania XXXII] Kalisto vs Ryback


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I loved this, Kalisto is so great, I think they finally found the heir to Rey and I hope at least someone in the back is aware of it. This makes me want to watch all the matches he's had on TV in the last two months that I've missed because I did think he was the best WWE worker of 2016 after my last binge. Just a super fun match built around the size difference with Ryback throwing Kalisto around and him taking nutty bumps, Kalisto busts out a bunch of fun spots that are fluent and pretty yet are simple enough to be worked into most TV matches. Lots of nifty cut offs here and a satisfying finish with Ryback reaping what he sowed. ***1/4

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Glad to see someone else liked this a bunch. Thought this was one of the best Ryback performances I've ever seen. I don't care how much shit I got on twitter, this match was WAY better than AJ/Jericho and like the 2nd or 3rd best match of the night.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2016-04-03-WWE-Wrestlemania XXXII] Kalisto vs Ryback

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