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I have given this a lot of thought, because while I do like the idea of this forum, there are two factors that are of utmost importance to me:


(1) Pro Wrestling Only remains Pro Wrestling Only

(2) It's equally easy to engage in these topics and avoid them altogether


So I ask that you keep all such talk in this folder only. If you see something in another folder that you think intersects with this folder's purpose, rather than respond there, please start a new thread here.


You are pretty much free to talk about whatever you want and fully engage each other, as long as the core focus of each topic and post remains pro wrestling.


Also, if you have an opinion of someone as a racist, sexist, homophobe, classist or other bad thing based on their comments in this folder, I ask that you forget that characterization when interacting with those same people in other folders. Call them out to your heart's content, but please just do it here and nowhere else.


This board is filled with smart and kind people, so one reason I feel confident about this is that I trust everyone here to stay as true to this as possible. If I feel like this is changing the whole board in a negative way, I will have to pull the plug, and I really don't want to do that.


Posting guidelines out of the way, let's see where this goes!

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Thanks for setting this up Charles, can't wait to get involved.

But for now there is the pressing matter of my team playing a Champions League semi final and I must melt completely into the despair and anguish that is sure to constitute the next few hours.

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So anyone who enters this folder later understands, topics with [GWE] at the beginning are topics that were started as part of the Greatest Wrestler Ever project. Eventually, we will turn that folder into a read-only archive, which means no additional replies to existing threads. However, I moved conversations that I felt like could be explored more and also fit this folder's mission.


There were threads like JvK's BIGLAV thread, but I felt that was more GWE than this since it was specifically designed with the purpose of ranking wrestlers within the project, so I left it there.

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