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[2016-11-19-WWE-NXT Takover: Toronto] The Revival vs #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa)


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That was my initial feeling as well, but after rewatching both recently I gave the slight edge to the August affair. Ciampa's stretch as FIP along with the teases eventually building to Gargano's hot tag were so great and timed just about perfectly, and then you had the posting on the floor along with the ultimate chop block setting up the finish when it felt like we were getting a title change. Its funny, I almost always prefer a happy ending but this time dug the heel victory more. But its really splitting hairs. These are likely #2 & #3 on my 2016 MOTY list and the best tags I've seen since the heyday of All Japan.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2016-11-19-WWE-NXT Takover: Toronto] The Revival vs #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa)
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This was just nothing. The first two falls were so filled with nothing. Paint by numbers on an engeigous level. Basic can usually be better but this was basic on top of basic. The third fall was better in parts. Much better tag wrestling with the two interacting more past house show offence. Disliked the forced drama at the end where Dawson seemed more pre occupied by telling Dash not to tap then sell the seemingly "painful" hold locked upon him. Big step down from their last match. **1/2

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This was classic tag team psychology mixed with the high energy modern indie style. The Revival were masters of cutting #DIY off. I loved the spot where Dash charges under the ring to get to his opponent's side and break up the hot tag attempt. The stuff with Gargano in the submission hold was a bit hokey, but it's nothing that would compare to some of his worse moments when he would eventually get a singles run. This might be the best ever tag match the 'E has ever put out.


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