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AWA Results for January 1985


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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for January 4th


The Can/Am Express vs. Lex Luger & Rick Steiner


These two incredibly fit young rookies were introduced as being from University of Miami and University of Michigan, respectively, for their AWA debut match. They were also accompanied by a curvaceous blonde woman in a cheerleader uniform who was apparently named Missy Hyatt. These two muscular young men were clearly out to make a big impression as the started off by charging over to the opposing corner and brutally elbowsmashing Phil Lafon off the apron. They then proceded to toss Tom Zenk all over the ring, Steiner in particular throwing some nasty suplexes that didn't seem to care where Zenk landed. In spite of her good looks, Missy Hyatt drew the ire of the crowd as she not only cheered her team on but taunted the Can/Am Express as they struggled to gain ground on the newcomers. Luger hoisted Zenk up in an Argentine Backbreaker that he called the Human Torture Rack and it was all over. After the match, Luger placed his foot on the chest of the fallen Zenk and smirked while Steiner ran around the ring, howling. They are clearly a dangerous new force in the AWA.


Don Muraco & Bad News Allen vs. Ricky Steamboat & Da Crusher


The two biggest guns in the Bad News Breakers have been gunning for the Southern champ Steamboat of late, and they seem to be slowly but surely breaking him down. For this match, Steamboat brought in the popular veteran Da Crusher and, at first, Muraco and Allen didn't seem to be taking him too seriously. They laughed at his playing to the crowd and, overall, seemed dismissive of "The Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous". This proved to be a big mistake, as any attempt to push Crusher around were met by a flurry of flying fists that staggered the two bigger men. They tried to bully him like they had past opponents, but were clearly unprepared for his two fisted style. When he finally tagged out to Steamboat, the Bad News Breakers worked to keep him in their end of the ring , working him over while the ref kept out all of Da Crusher's attempts to intervene. Muraco thought he had finished off Steamboat with a massive atomic drop, but failed to notice that Steamboat had managed a blind tag to Da Crusher. Muraco was blindsided by a huge running Bolo Punch that knocked him to the mat. One ... two ... three? Crusher just pinned the American champ! The crowd exploded in cheers while Steamboat and Crusher celebrated and the Bad News Breakers tried to figure out what just happened.


Loser Leaves Town match : Buddy Rose vs. Rip Oliver


Speaking of the Bad News Breakers, Buddy Rose had just recently dealt them a major blow by sending Eddie Gilbert out of the AWA, and now looks like doing the same to the rest of the stable. Oliver showed his typical deviousness throughout the match, fighting his way out of tight corners with eye rakes and low blows and pull out the stops to get rid of the Playboy. Rose was far from a newcomer to sneaky tactics, however, and bided his time until the right moment to strike. That moment came when Oliver whipped him hard into the corner and came in for an Avalanche, only for Rose to pull his knees up at the last moment. Oliver staggered back out and Rose hit him with the Inside Out Backbreaker for the quick pin. Just like that, Rose sent his former Portland compatriot packing from the AWA. Who is next for the Playboy?


Road Warrior Animal vs. Buzz Sawyer


Col. Buck Robley's Army have declared their intention to take the World Tag belts from around the waists of the Road Warriors, but this time out, it would be a singles match. Animal had his partner, Hawk, in his corner, while Sawyer was accompanied by both Dave Schultz and his "Commanding Officer", the Colonel himself. As crazy a match as you can imagine, with Animal hitting some big clotheslines and slams, and with Sawyer bringing his own unconventional offense of clubbing fists and headbutts. Animal looked about to put Sawyer away with a running shoulder block, but has he was coming off the ropes, Buck Robley reached in and snagged his ankle, tripping Animal and causing him to fall to the mat. The ref caught this and immediately called for the DQ as the Army fled to the back with both Road Warriors in hot pursuit.


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Bob Roop


This was Orndorff's first title defense after winning the World championship from Ken Patera, and it was against the former champ's stablemate, "The Beastmaster" Bob Roop. Both Patera and Sheikh Kaissie were at ringside, giving direction to Roop as he used his considerable technical skills to take Orndorff down and work over his legs. Orndorff, however, seemed to be newly invigorated by his title victory and, in an impressive display of matwork, managed to maneuver his way out of every hold without taking too much damage. Roop then tried to change tactics by getting Orndorff in a series of armwringers, but that only played into Orndorff's hands as he countered with big clotheslines, followed by a powerslam. Roop was able to gradually work his way back into a brief period of dominance and tried to get Orndorff in a shoulderbreaker, but the champ slid down his back and staggered him with a big atomic drop. He then got Roop up in the Piledriver and drove him straight down to successfully defend his title. As Orndorff soaked up the cheers of the crowd, Patera glowered at him from ringside.



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AWA Show from the Met Center, Bloomington , Jan 4th (as seen on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. The Latin Lovers


Steiner pinned Valentino after a Bulldog


Curt Hennig vs. Mr. Olympia


Hennig won with the Ax Lariat


Badd Company vs. The PYT Express


The PYT Express won with a spike brainbuster on Diamond


Loser Leaves Town match : Buddy Rose vs. Bob Sweetan


Sweetan tried to set Rose up for the piledriver, only for Rose to reverse it with an inside cradle for the pinfall. Sweetan is now gone from the AWA


AWA American Title match : Don Muraco © vs. Da Crusher


Muraco won with a power slam


AWA World Tag Title match : The Road Warriors © vs. Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz


The Road Warriors won by DQ after Col. Buck Robley interfered in the match. After the match, the Road Warriors hit Buck Robley with the Doomsday Device


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Ken Patera


In a rematch from Super Clash, Patera got Orndorff over his shoulder for a power slam, only for Orndorff to slide down his back and counter with a sunset flip for the pin. After the match, a giant man rushed into the ring and attacked Orndorff. It was Killer Khan! Patera held the champion in place while Khan sprayed the green mist in his face. The two then beat down Orndorff until they were run off by the Road Warriors.

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Luger and Steiner were my top draft picks and I have big plans for them. Full credit to Crossface Chicken Wing (RIP) who was the one who drafted Crusher and sold me on him. He's a great character who can be fitted into a lot of slots. He take a loss and have it make sense because he is an older wrestler and the fans will love him no matter what, but he can get a win over a top opponent and it will also make sense because he is still a legend.

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AWA show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, Jan. 5th


Steven Regal & Mike Rotunda vs. The PYT Express


Brickhouse Brown got the win with a top rope Missile Dropkick on Regal


Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. Badd Company


Steiner pinned Diamond after a Bulldog Headlock


Mike Shaw vs. Greg Gagne


Shaw countered a sunset flip attempt with a sitdown splash for the victory


The Brotherhood Of Poland vs. The Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous


The Brotherhood won by DQ after Beast attacked the ref


Curt Hennig vs. Bob Roop


Hennig pinned Roop with the Cradle Suplex


AWA Southern Tag Title Match : Ron Garvin & Wahoo McDaniel © vs. The Latin Assassins


Wahoo got the pinfall on Acevedo after hitting a running Overhand Chop


AWA Southern Title Match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Bad News Allen


Bad News won by countout after hitting the Bad News Blaster on the outside. Steamboat retained his title.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TNS for January 11th


Steven Regal & Norman Smiley vs. Bob & Gino Dellaserra


Regal came out with a brand new wrestler to the AWA, Norman Smiley, and the two are now collectively known as British Steel. The two were accompanied by Mike Rotunda, who gave encouragement from ringside. The duo worked extremely well for their first time together, with Smiley displaying very impressive chain wrestling and matwork skills before making Gino submit to the Crossface Chickenwing.


Interview : Ken Resnick is joined at ringside by the members of Playboy After Dark (Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskowski and Ivan Putski)


Resnick congratulates Buddy Rose on his recent efforts against the Bad News Breaker, having run Eddie Gilbert, Rip Oliver and Bob Sweetan out of the AWA in quick succession. Buddy Rose said that it was no sweat for the Playboy and he wouldn’t be satisfied until the rest of the Bad News Breakers were gone. He was interrupted by Bad News Allen and Don Muraco, who came out with two other men. Allen introduced them as the two newest members of the Bad News Breakers, Leo Burke and “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers, and the Bad News Breakers weren’t through with Rose by a long shot. Rose didn’t seem to be too impressed with Burke and Somers, but before he could get out his response, he was ambushed from behind by another man who kneed him in the back. It was Rick Rude, making his return to the AWA! As the rest of the Bad News Breakers brawled with the Brotherhood of Poland, Rude DDTed Rose, followed by a nasty over-the-shoulder neckbreaker. He then stood over Rose and gyrated his hips, before snarling at him “Did you miss me, Doughboy?” He and the rest of the Bad News Breakers headed to the back, leaving the battered members of Playboy After Dark in their wake.


Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. Badd Company


Luger and Steiner were once again joined by their cheerleader, Missy Hyatt, and continued their brutal ways against Badd Company. Tanaka and Rose tried to use their speed and teamwork to get some headway against these powerful newcomers, but Steiner and Luger had speed of their own on their side, paired with incredible strength. They jackhammered Badd Company with crushing suplexes and slams, before Steiner gave the coup de grace with a massive bulldog headlock on Diamond. Even though they won, this was not enough, as Luger got Diamond up after the decision in a Human Torture Rack while Steiner clotheslined out of the ring. This provoked Mike Rotunda, Steven Regal and Norman Smiley to come out to the aide of their friends, only for Luger to casually drop Diamond to the mat and he and Steiner brushed off Rotunda as they left the ring, laughing all the while. Rotunda looked like he was about to throw down with the two newcomers, but Regal persuaded him to stay and help get Badd Company back to the locker room.


Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz vs. The Can-Am Express


Sawyer and Schultz were accompanied not just by the Col. Buck Robley, but also a tall, muscular blonde man, who stayed close by Robley’s side. It looks like, after his recent abuse at the hands of the Road Warriors, the Colonel has brought in a bodyguard. The bodyguard, going by the name Jack Victory, kept a watch on both Robley and the ringside area while the other members of the Army did battle with the Can-Am Express. Zenk and LaFon put up quite a fight with the Army but Schultz was starting to grind them down when there was a confrontation at ringside. The Road Warriors had showed up and gone after Robley, only to do battle with Victory and Sawyer. This, however, was enough of a distraction for Schultz, and when he looked to see what was going on, Zenk dropkicked him in the back and sent him flying out of the ring. Schultz was not able to make it back in time, and the ref gave the match to the Can-Am Express by countout. The Army vociferously argued the result with the ref, and by the time they turned their attention back to the Road Warriors, the champs were long gone.


Killer Khan vs. Vinnie Valentino


The latest member of the Sinister Syndicate wasted no time in going right after Valentino and overwhelming him with his incredible size. Khan manhandled Valentino in the ring, tossing and slamming him while Sheikh Adnan Kaissie chortled at ringside. He finally locked Valentino in the Oriental Tool to the throat, and while Valentino’s mouth foamed the ref called for the end of the match. Khan then unceremoniously let Valentino drop to the mat. The Syndicate has a powerful new weapon in their war to get back the World Title from Paul Orndorff.


Paul Orndorff & Curt Hennig vs. Ken Patera & Mr. Olympia


Speaking of which, the new champion has brought in as his partner the crowd favorite, Curt Hennig, to help in this match with the Syndicate. Olympia and Patera tried to use their power to overwhelm Hennig and the Champ, but Hennig kept digging into his back of technical tricks to counteract their efforts, and Orndorff was certainly no slouch himself in the power department and was able to more than hold his own. The battle waged back and forth, with neither side holding an advantage for too long, until Hennig dropkicked Olympia into a schoolboy trip by Orndorff who then got the quick one-two-three. Although Orndorff and Hennig had won this battle, it is likely that the war is far from over.


(The Dellaserra's appear courtesy of Lutte Internationale)

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AWA Show from The Cow Palace, San Francisco, Jan. 11th (as shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


British Steel vs. Badd Company


Norman Smiley made Pat Tanaka submit to the Norman Conquest


Jerry Blackwell vs. Killer Khan


Khan pinned Blackwell after a running kneedrop


Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. The Can-Am Express


Luger got the pinfall on Zenk after a powerslam


Buddy Rose vs. Rick Rude


Rude got the win after a low blow, followed by an over the shoulder neckbreaker


AWA Southern Tag Title match : Ron Garvin & Wahoo McDaniel © vs. The Latin Assassins


Garvin knocked out Acevedo with the Hands Of Stone punch


AWA American Title match : Don Muraco © vs. Da Crusher


Muraco successfully defended his belt with the belly-to-belly piledriver


Paul Orndorff & Curt Hennig vs. Ken Patera & Bob Roop


Roop was about to power slam Orndorff when Hennig dropkicked Orndorff, knocking over Roop and giving the pin to Orndorff

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AWA show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum, Jan. 12th


Doug Somers & Leo Burke vs. The Latin Lovers


Burke put Valentino out with the sleeper hold


The PYT Express vs. The Brotherhood Of Poland


Ed Wiskowski pinned Koko Ware after hitting the face first piledriver


Mike Rotunda vs. The Botswana Beast


Rotunda got the victory by countout after hitting a leaping clothesline on the outside


Mike Shaw vs. Greg Gagne


Shaw won with a running splash


Curt Hennig vs. Mr. Olympia


Hennig pinned Olympia with a cradle suplex


Buddy Rose & Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude & Bad News Allen


Rude went for an over the shoulder neckbreaker , but Rose reversed it into an inside cradle and got the quick pinfall. Both sides brawled long after the end of the match.

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It was the title of a Judas Priest album (not that I am a huge Judas Priest fan, but the name was too good to pass up). I might even have their intro music be "Living After Midnight". I often use ideas from music for wrestling names, I had a stable of British, Irish and German wrestlers called Trans Europe Express (from a Kraftwerk album.)

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for Jan. 18th


Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. British Steel


British Steel came out to the sound of "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest while Luger and Steiner, strangely, came out to the sound of marching band music. On the surface, these were two teams of close to equal experience, with the "Young Gentleman" Steven Regal having a slight edge over the other three men in the ring. In practice, Luger and Steiner ran roughshod over the popular British Wrestlers, using their impressive power to toss Regal and Smiley all over the ring. The two powerhouses showed a real cruel streak as they worked in eye gouges and cheap shots in with the slams and suplexes when the ref was not looking, for no more reason than they could. They even laughed when a double back body drop left Smiley clutching his head in pain, while Missy Hyatt shrieked her approval from ringside. After a nasty looking Bulldog from Steiner, Luger hoisted Smiley up in the Human Torture Rack and forced him to submit. This was not enough for Luger, who kept Smiley in that painful hold long after the bell rang, only releasing him from that painful hold when the ref threatened him with disqualification. Regal immediately got in Luger's face, at which point Steiner clobbered him from behind with a big clothesline to the back of the head. Luger looked set to put Regal in the Torture Rack when Mike Rotunda charged out to the rescue. The two big men arrogantly brushed past Rotunda, Luger smirking as he did so, while Mike tried to help his fallen friends.


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Koko Ware


Koko was accompanied by his partner in the PYT Express, Brickhouse Brown. Ware tried for a duck-and-dodge approach with Wahoo, not wanting to get on the wrong side of the Chief's vicious chops. He was mostly succesful, peppering McDaniel with punches and slipping out of range of any counter attacks, but got caught a few times in the corner and paid some serious dues. McDaniel had managed to gain the advantage and was looking to put Koko away with a high overhand chop off the ropes when Brickhouse reached in and snagged his leg, tripping Wahoo and causing him to stagger. Koko swiftly took advantage by nailing Wahoo with the Brainbuster for a shocking victory. Koko and Brickhouse celebrated like they had just won the Super Bowl, but they may be in for more than they can handle when Wahoo and Ronnie Garvin come after them for revenge.


Leo Burke & Doug Somers vs. The Latin Lovers


This was the first in ring appearance in the AWA for the newest members of the Bad News Breakers, after Burke and Somers joined in last week on their attack on Buddy Rose and the other members of Playboy After Dark. Burke and the "Pretty Boy" might not be the prettiest wrestlers in the ring, but they manhandled Valentino and Cruz, alternating between Burke's technical mastery and painful holds with Somers hard punches and elbow smashes. Burke eventually locked Cruz in the sleeper hold and forced him to give up, showing that the Bad News Breakers have two deadly new weapons in their war with Playboy After Dark.


Curt Hennig vs. Al Perez


Perez had been challenging for Ricky Steamboat's Southern Title not too long ago, and seemed to catch Hennig off guard with how much of a fight he put up. Perez managed a fair number of impressive takedowns of Hennig and caught him in several leg and arm locks that Curt had to fight hard to escape. Hennig, for his part, matched Perez with his own fiery offense of dropkicks and suplexes in a match that went back and forth. Perez looked like he might just pull off the upset when he was about to put Hennig in the Ally-Copter, but Hennig countered with a slidedown of Perez's back and, when Perez turned around, nailed him with the Ax Lariat to get a quick one two three. After the match, Perez threw a tantrum, arguing with the ref that he was the victim of a fast count and, when the decision stood, started kicking the ropes.


AWA Six-man Tag Title match : Paul Orndorff & The Road Warriors © vs. Killer Khan, Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous


A lot of beef was on display in the ring as the champions took on three huge members of the Sinister Syndicate. As you can imagine, this was pretty much a big brawl, with the Syndicate focusing on trying to hurt Orndorff and the World Champ and the Road Warriors battled back with their own power moves. The end came when Killer Khan was throttling Orndorff in the corner and responded to the ref's attempts to break that up by spraying him in the face with the green mist. The match completely broke down with both sides slugging it out, but things got even more chaotic when Mike Shaw, Buzz Sawyer and Dave Schultz charged out and joined in the attack on the champs. Hawk took a lot of damage that only ended when Animal and Orndorff brought in two chairs to clear the Syndicate and the Army out of the ring.

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AWA Show from the Mecca, Milwaukee, on Jan. 18th (as shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


Lex Luger & Rick Steiner vs. The Latin Lovers


Luger made Valentino submit to the Torture Rack


Buddy Rose vs. Rick Rude


Both men went to a double count out


Buzz Sawyer vs. "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell


Sawyer won after nailing Blackwell with a chain while Dave Schultz distracted the ref


AWA Southern Tag Title match : Wahoo McDaniel & Ronnie Garvin vs. The PYT Express


Garvin pinned Koko with a Sunset Flip


AWA World Six-Man Tag Title match : Paul Orndorff & The Road Warriors © vs. Ken Patera, Killer Khan & Mr. Olympia


Orndorff got the win for his team with a Piledriver on Olympia


AWA American Title match : Don Muraco © vs. Da Crusher


Da Crusher won by DQ when Muraco slugged the ref while caught in the Crusher Clutch. Muraco retained the American title.

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AWA Show from the International Amphitheater , Chicago, Jan. 19th


Tom Zenk vs. Dave Schultz


Schultz won with a Piledriver


Curt Hennig & Greg Gagne vs. The Latin Assassins


Hennig pinned Acevedo with the Cradle Suplex


Mike Rotunda vs. Lex Luger


Both men went to a double DQ after the ref got caught in the crossfire of them brawling


AWA Southern Title match : Ricky Steamboat © vs. Bad News Allen


Steamboat got the victory with an Oklahoma Roll after Allen missed the Bad News Blaster


AWA World Tag Title match : The Road Warriors © vs. Mr. Olympia & Bob Roop


The Road Warriors got the win after a double flying shoulder block on Roop


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff vs. Ken Patera


Orndorff countered a Full Nelson attempt with an inside cradle to succesfully defend his world title against the former champ. After the match, Killer Khan attacked Orndorff and the two brawled back to the locker room.

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I think you are doing a great job of bringing your younger guys along. Lex and Steiner doing some damage with their size but not being rushed. Smiley and Regal working their angles with a win some lose some program is a perfect fit.


Orndorff does have his hands full but you are dong a nice job of keeping your stars at the front of your promotion.


The future of the AWA is bright and in good hands!

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I like how you give your fans a complete Roadies match on TV with post-match brawl and everything. I can remember the real-world mid-80s AWA TV shows teasing a Road Warriors match all show long, then at the end of the show you'd get to hear the very beginning of "Iron Man" and see them starting to run to the ring, then it would be "Sorry, fans! That's all the time we have this week. See you next week right here..."



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