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[1982-06-04-Houston Wrestling] Bruiser Brody vs Mongolian Stomper


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This was just a total out of control brawl. This was totally hate filled. major bombs being thrown. Stomper taking these 360 spins from the Brody punches on the floor were tremendous. Chairs were used. Stomper was trying to work them, at least he was targeting the back. Brody was more than happy to waffle him. Buck Robley cheap shotting Brody was great. Both guys are a bloody mess. Stomper is awesome working the cut. Both guys throw the ref around multiple times. They're brawling all over the crowd. They spend more time on the floor than the ring. Wrestler's come out to break it up. Brody and Stomper beat the crap out of them. The match is thrown out, and sets up a wide variety of stips. This match ruled, and was a perfect match for a feud. 4*

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Well this was great. It's the kind of chaotic brawl you'd expect out of Brody if you'd never seen him before and only heard a bunch of old-timers talk about him as an all time level brawler. If this was the only Brody match you'd ever watched, you'd probably believe it to be true. In terms of selling or how much he was willing to give his opponent, he never really did anything that was different from his usual. It's just that the Stomper seemed to realise this and decided to TAKE what he was going to get. He walked through Brody's punches as often as Brody walked through his and it made for a totally wild, uncooperative, hate-filled scrap. We got forehead biting, we got guys being thrown into rows of seats, we got a referee being launched across the ring for trying to involve himself, and of course we got the blood. Brody was swinging chairs like a damn psychopath, sometimes clusters of them at a time, and at one point he even dinged the ref' because why the hell not? There was another bit where he just went a wander with this blood-smeared chair like he wanted to break something - anything - and it was fucking awesome. I was thinking, "where is he even going?" and then I realised it didn't matter because I don't think even HE knew. He was too caught up in the moment. He'd lost himself in his madness. Just a wild, ridiculously fun ten minutes. Based on this I'd say Stomper knew exactly how to get the best out of Brody, but I think it would be unfair to say Brody never brought it. I just wish he brought it like that more often.
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Brusier Brody vs Mongolian Stomper - Houston 6/4/82

Where has this Brody been? Best kind of brawl, short, spirited and bloody. No selling. Just two asskickers, kicking ass and bleeding. I have never seen a Stomper match before. Hell, I dont even think I knew what he looked like. Brody threw some amazing punches in this match. Damn where has that been? It was said in a different review but what made this match work is Stomper wrestled just like Brody, no bumping and no selling. He just kept attacking. So it felt like a real street fight, barroom fight. This was a way better version of ECW. Stomper threw some weak chairshots, but holy shit Brody was swinging for the fences. In 1982, that is insane. He connected with some pretty wicked shots. The fight in the front row was insane. They were each picking up two chairs at a time. They do the chair fight a decade before ECW and FMW. The match actually ends only after five minutes. The ref takes a lot of abuse and calls for a double disqualification. Brody and Stomper have an insane pull apart. This is the one time Brody lives up to the hype of a kick ass brawl! ****

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Pure pandemonium with both guys trying to clobber each other. Brody vs the Stomper truly delivered despite not being very long. As far as an FMW comparison, this was very much in the same vein as the 1990 stuff. Walloping the heck outta each other but, never backing down...Houston looked like Korakuen Hall.

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