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[2000-02-18-AAA] Octagoncito & La Parkita & Mascarita Sagrada vs Mini Abismo Negro & Rocky Marvin & Mini Psicosis


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Rocky Marvin being the name for Ricky Marvin’s mini likeness is hilarious to me. First fall is all action and about two minutes with Parkarita winning on a powerbomb. Second fall is more of the same but with the rudos winning to tie things up. This match is a good test basis for the proponents saying the first two falls are forgettable as we have about three minutes of action combined. I liked the finish with Octogoncito being crotched on the top rope and then succumbing to a submission from Psychosis. Sagrada is able to roll off a beautiful rana to the outside in the third fall. The rudos don’t seem to be getting along at the end of things here. This was essentially just a showcase to fill out the card. It was nice to see these guys but I am hoping for more from them in the future. **

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This had some good action at times, but I agree it fell short of what I was hoping for just so AAA has at least something going for it. It's a major league promotion that I don't feel comfortable safely ignoring, but it's also tough. Still, we're going to stick with it, because maybe they will surprise us here and there. There was some clipping here and I suspect this would have come across better and more fleshed out in full. Some tremendous highspots, especially from Octagoncito, who comes across as the star of the match.

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Nice to see Ricky marvin's brother Rocky. Like Ricky he's underrated as hell. This was a decent match thinks to the tecnicos. Mascarita sagrada is one of the best minis of all time and I always liked Octagoncito. Some nice dives and the rudos don't get along. Sagrada is so fluid and makes the highspots look so flawless. Decent match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-18-AAA] Octagoncito & La Parkita & Mascarita Sagrada vs Mini Abismo Negro & Rocky Marvin & Mini Psicosis

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