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[2000-02-18-IPW-St. Pete Slaughter] Scoot Andrews & Jet Jaguar vs Jeff Peterson & Chad Collyer


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Black Nature Boy is one of my favorite 2000 indyish guys. No particular reason really, he just felt like a personification of the type of indy guys you saw as a baseline in the 2000’s. Peterson is someone I am only familiar with from the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in the wake of his death. He has an All American gimmick. Him and Jet start off and have a good, junior style sequence that didn’t end in them staring at each other which is always a plus. Collyer isn’t as thick as he would become in a few years going for the Pure Title in ROH. A strongly structured tag match results. Andrews hits a really good dropkick and floatover suplex as Peterson is the FIP. This makes a lot of sense from a psychology standpoint as Peterson is the smallest guy in the match. Jet Jaguar also impressed me for someone that I have no recollection of and don’t really know what happened to him after this match. Scoot destroys Peterson with a pump handle driver that gets a two count. Collyer is able to get the hot tag and does an impressive job running through his offense and playing to the crowd. He doesn’t seem as devoid of charisma as I seem to recall. The crowd unfortunately doesn’t seem to be as into this match as the previous two matches. Match breaks down into dive sequences on the outside. Referee was out of position on a pin attempts of Scott that was a repeat spot of the finish of Sullivan and Marty. Interference backfires right in the referees face and Peterson hits a big splash for the win. The match sputtered during the finishing run but everything leading up to it was solid. ***

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I don't think anyone in this match was bad but Scoot Andrews was just such a star compared to everyone else. I loved his pre-match promo about how goal was to win and then go home with all the white women in attendance. The other three look good, but look like they are still learning and aren't quite ready to move past the indies just yet. This is yet another match to show the power of a basic Southern tag and how sticking to it can help workers who may struggle otherwise make it through a match, as this was pretty decent because they stuck to what works. The crowd didn't get as into it as they did seeing the old WWF guys in previous matches, but it was a fun match anyway.

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Jaguar and his manager are hi-fiving the official so I hope this doesn’t mean they’re doing the heel referee gimmick here? ‘The All American’ Jeff Peterson is decked out in red, white and blue, but his gear looks really cheap. Fast paced opening by Peterson and Jaguar which ‘the All American’ gets the better of. The more technical Collyer and Andrews slow things down slightly, and a lovely dropkick from Collyer sees Scoot take to the outside for a chat with his partner. Back inside and the heels start working over Chad until Scoot misses a splash in the corner and goes head first into the top turnbuckle. They start to work over his arm, but the ‘Black Nature Boy’ is able to reverse an Irish whip and catch Peterson with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Great overhead throw/suplex. Scoot with a dropkick every bit as effective looking as the one Collyer gave him earlier. Double underhook suplex for two. Jaguar with a powerbomb for two as they’re not quite able to put Peterson away. After a vertical suplex Scoot tosses him out onto the stage are where their manager cracks ‘the All American’ over the head with his briefcase. Pump handle into a Rikishi Driver by Andrews and Collyer is in to break up the pin. Jaguar with a clawhold!!! Peterson counters a wheelbarrow suplex into a stunner and he’s finally able to make the tag. Collyer unloads with forearms on Jet and a snap suplex for two. Scoot is in although doesn’t fair much better than his partner, and a German suplex for another two. A dropkick again sends him to the floor, but while Collyer considers what to do next Jaguar jumps him from behind. Irish whip, Collyer ducks the clothesline and a suicide dive through the ropes onto Scoot. Pescado by Jaguar and Peterson completes the train with a flip dive off the top. BNB with a scissors kick and Collyer kicks out. The heel’s manager is up on the apron with his briefcase, however Collyer reverses the Irish whip and he accidentally smacks Andrews with it instead. Brainbuster by Collyer and Peterson with a splash off the top for the win.


Again, just like the other matches from this show, the match was plagued by bad camera work. As action was going on in the ring, the cameraman thought we’d rather see Scoot Andrews’ back or a close up of Chad Collyer on the apron! Simple structure to the match but I was very impressed with the heel team here; they worked over Peterson well who was an effective FIP in the process. Jaguar has got no look but he’s really skilled, and hell, the first person outside of the Von Erich’s and Baron Von Raschke I’ve seen in a long time bust out the iron claw! I remember his name purely from a WCW tryout before a PPV in a tag match with Jamie Noble, Jeremy Lopez and someone else, but this was the first time in seeing him (same for Peterson). The fact he was never even plucked for the Saturday Night show says everything about that company. Second good offering of the month by Andrews after the Daniels ECWA match and I’m appreciating that guy much more than I ever did fifteen years ago.

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Chad Collier! That dude has been around the bigger indy companies back then ROH, IWA-MS, etc. and was pretty decent, despite not having much personality.


Scott Andrews I remember too from stuff like the ECWA Super 8 tournaments and he had some appearances on the really ROH appearances too if I recall correctly.


Jeff Petterson Ive never seen, but I do remember the NWA Florida memorial tournaments with guys like Mikey Tenderfoot and Roderick Strong.


Jet Jaguar Im not familiar with.


This was a more relatively simple match. Everyone here looked particularly good, yet the crowd never seemed to really get that much into it, however Scoot seemed to always get a reaction out of them.


Overall this was perfectly fine.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-18-IPW-St. Pete Slaughter] Scoot Andrews & Jet Jaguar vs Jeff Peterson & Chad Collyer

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