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[2000-02-25-FMW] Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs Willie Takayama


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A guilty pleasure. Hido as Willie Takyama makes no sense to me but the match itself was a fun and featured some brawling and stiff shot with him using the boxing gloves. Ending was unique in that Takayama was going through a flurry when Kuroda is able to hit two lariats and get the knockout. I don’t know if this was any good, but I do know this was memorable. ***1/2

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Seems like there's some comedy in the pre-match and throughout the match that I don't quite get. Gordi, are you able to explain maybe? I agree that there is some good action here around the comedy and I sort of liked this, if only because someone finally stopped that goofy lariat with the forever running start that Kuroda and Muto do. But so much of it went over my head that I don't think I can fairly say too much about it.

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There are so many questions I have watching this. Why is Willy wearing a karate Gi and boxing gloves? Is Kuroda trying to do a rock impersonation? What were the rules of this match? This just confused me and that says a lot about Sports entertainment era FMW. Also, aren't comedy matches supposed to be funny?

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I believe the Hido was paying a comedic tribute to karate fighter Willie Williams who had some matches with Inoki in New Japan and he also had some matches in FMW, hence the Willie Takayama name.


This was a comedic relief match and it was quite fun in all the wrong ways. Hido landing a flush right hand on Kuroda while he tried replicating his obnoxious long hall run lariat was great, as was his Hido landing a flush right on the ring post.


They tried putting on a serious stretch near the end, but had used too much comedy by then for anyone to take them seriously. If you don't mind a little comedy, then you will get a kick out of this.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-25-FMW] Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs Willie Takayama

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