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[2000-03-08-MCW Maryland] Steve Corino vs Nova


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I guess MCW was able to get Dawn Marie as well as she comes out here to cat calls. Judge Jeff Jones also decides to cut a promo explaining that Nova’s opponent isn’t here tonight. Corino comes out as a replacement. Oh Marie is the referee. This starts out with both of them sexually assaulting her. 2000 everybody. Corino seems to be in straight clown mode. Everything is a comedy spot with a bunch of nonsense and not enough action surrounding it to keep me interested. I suppose this was the main event which holy shit what an awful finish with Dawn fast counting. Who the heel and face of all this was is anyones guess. I hated this. *

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This was indeed awful. This was during the time Nova was even trying reinvent himself as a serious wrestler. Is it possible Nova invented reinventing? I would have expected more, and Corino is not a guy I usually see taking nights off on small shows, but so far, that's what ECW guys appearing in other promotions while ECW was still around has been. I don't fault them that, considering the risk vs reward and likely difference in pay, but it makes clear where our priorities are and are not in footage watching in the future.

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I felt bad for Dawn. Between the wrestlers doing sexual advances and getting groped by the fans making her entrance, it was not a good night. Corino is in his streetfight dusty gear which I thought meant he would bleed but it wasn't meant to be. This was a basic ECW house show style match for another promotion. I wonder if Jeff Jones was the indie liason like Baby Richard is with CMLL? Two bad finishes in a row from MCW.

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Dawn Marie is the guest referee for this and she’s out first followed by Nova. Jeff Jones then heads out and I can’t tell if Mike Awesome was originally scheduled as Nova’s opponent (Jones makes some dig about him not going to come to a venue like this) or it was someone else, but they’re not here and he introduces ‘the new American Dream’ Steve Corino as the opponent tonight. Dawn tries to show her authority by ordering Jones out the ring and telling him that she’s the referee, but she can’t act for toffee. Collar and elbow tie up and they fight their way back into the corner. Dawn gets in there trying to separate them but they then squash her between themselves. The two of them break, then pull Dawn back in and squash-come-rub themselves against her again. Great, sexual harassment/assault being done as a ‘comedy’ spot! Dawn slaps them both across the face and they respond by slapping her ass! They congratulate one another, do the Impact Players pose, then return to the match shouting “I hate you”, “I hate you more” at each other. Not a promising start… Nova with an armdrag and a bodyslam, and Corino rolls to the floor. Dawn bends through the ropes to count him out, and Nova gets behind her as if he’s doing her from behind or at least hoping she’ll brush against his crotch. Yuk! Corino pulls Nova to the outside and they fight at ringside with Nova dumping Corino over the guard rail. Reverse Boston crab by Nova and Corino manages to get to the ropes. Jones hooks Nova’s leg distracting him, and Corino with a swinging neckbreaker. Bionic elbow followed by a big elbow for two. Corino blocks a sunset flip and drops the leg for another two count. They trade chops in the corner, Corino evades a tornado DDT but Nova gets him second time around. Reverse atomic drop and a flying forearm for two of his own. Neckbreaker, and Jeff Jones is in and grabs Dawn to stop her counting the fall. Dawn with a stunner to Jones and Corino nails Nova with his cowbell. Dawn and her dreadful acting stop the count at one after she sees the cowbell in the ring. Corino swings it at her but she manages to avoid it, Nova with a downward spiral and Dawn fast counts the pin.


This starts off as a ‘comedy match’, and I use that term loosely, with the sexual harassment of Dawn. The match doesn’t get much better and these two go through the motions doing the bare minimum. Not that the audience are bothered as they just seem happy to see the ECW ‘stars’ in the flesh. Dull, boring and a pair of phoned in performances. Dawn’s acting is awful and a loust finish with the Jones interference, her giving him the stunner and the subsequent fast count on Corino.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-08-MCW Maryland] Steve Corino vs Nova

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