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[2000-03-26-Toryumon] Judo Suwa vs Genki Horiguchi


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One of those matches that checked off every theoretical box on paper, but just never seemed to excite me for whatever reason, other than one absolutely incredible nearfall, that seriously may have been the very best one of 2000 not in a match featuring Atlantis or Villano III. I like both guys and thought they both gave good performances, but this was just missing something to put it over the top.

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I liked this a lot more than Charles. I thought it told a really good story of putting over Genki big again. He has all of a sudden been thrusted into the main picutre alongside the Crazy Max guys. I assume Charles is talking about the rana nearfall which was amazing but I was equally as impressed with the way the failed backslide from heaven attempt led right into SUWA's finisher. Toryumon continues to be cooking. ***1/2

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Fresh off his big submission of Fuji, Genki gets a shot at SUWA's NWA Welterweight Title.


Toryumon strives more in a multi man match setting, but this was very entertaining. Toryumon big singles matches or title matches usually are more 1 on 1 featured and don't involve the extensive interferences that you might get accustomed in the multi man matches which is why they let SUWA and Genki go at it.


Sure this is by no means a MOTYC or an all-time classic, but its a very entertaining match that never drags. I really dug the false finish to the Mysteriorana and the counter backslide to the FFF from SUWA. They also kept this relatively short as they usually start giving singles matches 25+ minutes in some singles matches and they feel like they go on forever.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-03-26-Toryumon] Judo Suwa vs Genki Horiguchi

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