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[1985-02-21-AJPW] Riki Choshu vs Genichiro Tenryu

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Riki Choshu vs Genichiro Tenryu - JWP 2/21/85


The first singles match of the feud that would change the course of All Japan Pro Wrestling happens in Riki Choshu's renegade Japan Pro-Wrestling. Choshu after feuding extensively with Tatsumi Fujinami in 1983 was set to begin a major feud with Antonio Inoki in 1984. The feud began, but in late 1984 Choshu and allies departed from New Japan and formed Japan Pro Wrestling, which basically became a satellite promotion of All Japan and did not have many important matches besides this one. Choshu & Co. invaded All Japan at the beginning of 1985 leading to first ever native vs native feuding in All Japan Pro Wrestling history. This would eventually lead to Jumbo vs Tenryu then Jumbo vs Misawa and ultimately the Four Corners of Heaven. The Choshu invasion of All Japan is incredibly influential. On top of that, this had New Japan vs All Japan implications, besides gaijin switching promotions, I cant think of any natives that switched since the split in the early 70s. It is fitting that the first major New Japan vs All Japan battle happens on neutral ground.


Match is wrestled like a Dome match. Everything is HUGE. Just a great Clash of the Titans feel that totally matches the high stakes, big fight feel of the match. Since this is Choshu's promotion, he is wrestling face and Tenryu heel. Tenryu clocks him while the ref is checking him. IT IS ON!


Tenryu is out to humiliate Choshu by beating him quick and decisively. Big bombs like piledriver and DDT with pinfalls after each. Eventually, Tenryu runs out of steam and works some holds. Choshu is able to finally counter with a big back drop driver to a big pop. He goes for the Scorpion Deathlock. The struggle is titanic. He cant get it on the first attempts, but gets second. Tenryu retreats to the outside. On the apron, Tenryu gets a cheapshot then an enziguiri. Great dickish heel way to regain the advantage. He nearly GANSOS Choshu with a typically shitty Tenryu powerbomb. Two count. Tenryu reverse elbow gets two. Boston Crab attempt, but Choshu pops his hips and Tenryu goes flying to outside. Tenryu sends him crashing HARD into the railing. Choshu comes flying back with a Lariat that DECKS Tenryu! I popped for that! I can feel the double countout as Tenryu holds the foot. Both on apron, Choshu hits a BACK DROP ON APRON! WOW! Choshu beats the count to win by countout.


Two huge stars no way there would be a clean finish, but that was a GREAT FINISH! No wasted motion and no downtime. Just big bomb after big bomb. It worked because it was two huge superstars trying to win quick and the transitions made sense and there were long runs of momentum. Little short (~10 minutes), it was fun, but it did not have the drama to make this an all-time classic. As a breezy, summer action blockbuster between two of the biggest Japanese wrestling rockstars you cant beat this. ****1/4

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I feel like this Is a match of firsts but maybe I’m mistaken. The first apron suplex spot? The original bombfest? I mean, right out of the gate, Tenryu clobbers Choshu with a lariat, before following up with a ton of offense, including a jumping piledriver and DDT. When he’s unable to seal the deal as quickly as he’d like, a grumpy Tenryu starts putting some nasty boots to Choshu, not giving him an inch. Choshu’s finally able to fire off a beautiful belly-to-back suplex for two, following it up with a lariat. His sasorigatame attempts are unsuccessful and Tenryu’s able to find an opening, delivering a sheer-drop powerbomb for a nearfall. The finish is awesome, as the two fight on the apron and Choshu kills him with a backdrop onto the apron, winning via countout. This ruled.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1985-02-21-AJPW] Riki Choshu vs Genichiro Tenryu
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Man, Choshu is the king of sub ten minute matches. This was a bombfest which sees Tenryu score a lariat on an unsuspecting Choshu just as the match begins. Tenryu beats down the babyface until Choshu finds an opening. Choshu spend a good few minutes trying to lock on the Scorpion Deathlock, but Tenryu keeps blocking it. Usually I'd find this boring, but these two kept me engaged. Tenryu is great at playing the cowardly heel as he refuses to get back in the ring after escaping Choshu's grasp. The ending sees Tenryu failing to keep Choshu outside the ring which sees him eating a nasty apron back drop and getting counted out. The ending might of been a non-finish, but I thought this wrapped everything up in satisfying manner. 



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