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[2000-04-22-WCW-Worldwide] PG-13 & The Frog vs Jung Dragons


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The Jung Dragons are awesome. They do a dazzling display of high octane spots here that has the crowd go from not giving a shit about the match to being invested. PG-13 is right there with them and provides a good bumping base. Even the triple team sunset flip for the finish gets a big pop. Ready to see Jung Dragons stretch out into something more consequential as they are ready for it. **3/4

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WCW's B-show stuff has been consistently fun all year. That's one thing that never changed no matter the turmoil in the company. The triple sunset flip finish was a bit cute, but I still really liked it. JC's wannabe martial arts thing is always tremendous and always works in getting a reaction.

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Jamie-san and Wolfie kick this one off for us. Noble with a flying headscissors, but Wolfie then backdrops him over the ropes and onto the apron. Shoulder to the mid-section and Jamie leaps back over the top rope, catches Wolfie in a cool little bodyscissors and leans backwards taking him to the arena floor. Kaz unloads with some kicks to JC Ice, a slight miscommunication between them, before JC ducks another kick and assumes ‘the crane’. He goes all wannabe karate fighter trying to intimidate Kaz, but he just drops him with a spinning back kick to the chest! Yang plants Frog with a sort of chokeslam and goes for a Stinger splash in the corner, however Frog moves and drives him to the canvas with a facebuster. Jamie-san breaks up the cover with a dropkick that sees Frog roll to the outside, he then slingshots himself over the top rope and into a huracanarana to him on the floor. PG-13 are down to put the boots to Noble, but stereo Asai moonsaults from the Dragons to them. Wolfie with a spinning powerbomb and Kaz and Yang are in to make the save, which they then repeat after JC clobbers Jamie with the hub cap. Double sunset flip attempt and Frog grabs JC and Wolfie’s arms to stop them being taken down. Noble with a springboard sunset flip to Frog and all three men get the shoulders counted to the mat.


Fun stuff here. One slight miscommunication, but Kaz and JC Ice are straight back into things. Looking forward to seeing the Dragons being given longer than five minutes at some point as this match doesn’t even go four. None stop action though and the Dragons are a breath of fresh air with their high flying offense, and Jamie Noble especially works so hard in these matches. I thought we had seen the last of PG-13 in WCW in February so glad we’ve had a couple of more matches from them. Don’t know how many more we’ll get now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-22-WCW-Worldwide] PG-13 & The Frog vs Jung Dragons

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