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[2000-04-22-Toryumon] CIMA & Sumo Fuji vs Susumu Mochizuki & Chocoball Kobe


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What a splendid match. Finally, another team is able to go toe to toe with Crazy Max and it has the same energy as the pairings with Masaaki Mochizuki and Magnum Tokyo. I thought Sususmu gave easily his best performance so far and him and Kobe had some neat double team pairings that matched the Crazy Max offerings. Fuji and CIMA are my two favorite C Max members so it was no surprise that I was invested in their output here and thought they gelled really well working together. The use of the chairs here was done in a heelish way that it didn’t overly annoy me. Just when it looks like Kobe/Sususmu have the match in hand, CIMA comes back and runs through his combo of palm strike, Iconoslam, and frog splash to pick up the victory for C Max. The face side was strong but didn’t have enough to put the evil stable away. After the match, handcuffs and a big heel beatdown commence until Masaaki runs in for the save. The faces are really going to have to create a stable to counteract these tactics. Hmmm. ***3/4

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Very good tag. Kind of a fall out of bed great match for these guys in terms of how it was worked, but a high end version of that. Probably a better U.S. tag than any U.S. tag this side of Rock & Rolls vs Bad Attitude so far in 2000. It's hard sometimes to find new things to say about these matches, because the things that are good about them are often the things that are good about all of them but this is another worthy addition to the series. ***1/2

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Its Susumu Mochizuki and Yasushi Kanda, not Chocoball KOBE. Chocoball KOBE was featured in one of the tag matches from one of the previous months.


I thought this was good, but not as good as you guys thought it was. I can think of about 3-4 other tag matches I've seen from Japan alone that I'd rank above this.


Its a standard smaller show tag match, but that's not a bad thing as they usually deliver and hey did deliver here. No one particularly stood out here as everyone looked good.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-04-22-Toryumon] CIMA & Sumo Fuji vs Susumu Mochizuki & Chocoball Kobe

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