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[2017-04-23-EVOLVE 83] Fred Yehi vs Kyle O'Reilly


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Just an absolute warfare with the two trying to break each other down. Slick mat work to start things off - that transitions into Yehi getting the control, he works over O'Reilly in awesome fashion & in particular he starts targeting his leg. O'Reilly sells that tremendously. O'Reilly gets the control & starts working over Yehi in FANTASTIC fashion - now it was Kyle's time to pick a limb so he goes with Yehi's arm. He starts working that, which Yehi sells tremendously. Dueling limb work~! I love it. Both men sell so well for each other & both men have offense that looked like million bucks. Great feeling of physicality, competition & urgency. This was a war. ****1/2

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An amazingly great wrestling match. Dual limb work done in a compelling way and escalating up to a climax in a wonderful manner. I thought this was one of the better KOR performances period and I am a big fan of the guy. Yehi is a great worker but I do subscribe to the narrative that his matches sometimes lead to less crowd heat that can be a bit offputting. An example of that is the Riddle WrestleMania weekend match which I personally loved but had a more reserved audience. I think the way this was paced helped keep the crowd invested throughout the entire match to where when you reach the strike exchange, the crowd collectively comes to the conclusion they are trapped into a wonderful wrestling match. ****1/4

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Yep... loved this one. I liked it almost as much as the Lee match from the night before. the grappling was top notch here. There is great, intense work and some particularly good limb selling.



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