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[2000-05-19-CMLL] Negro Casas & Atlantis & Tarzan Boy & Mr Niebla vs Bestia Salvaje & Shocker & Scorpio Jr & Zumbido


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The rudos are in more militant gear tonight. Bestia gives some hellcious punches to Negro Casas as they pop it off really strong in the first fall. Second fall starts with Niebla flying around all over the place performing great moves. Shocker continues to fake getting fouled but no one is buying it. Casas gives a receipt in the second fall to Scorpio by kicking him right in the dome as the tecnicos take that fall easily. We keep cutting to a kid in the Villano mask and Rugrats Tee shirt that is mugging hardcore for the camera. Third fall was really quick but had Tarzan Boy and Niebla flying around all over the place. A la magistral cradle is done by Negro for the pin. A quick sprint but a blast to watch. ***

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Quick but fun match. The Guapos are in Army gear for the first fall. Tecnicos have some fun dives including tarzan boy doing a crazy one from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Tarzan also gets dropped on his head by Zumbido and Shocker with what looked like a H bomb type move. Scorpio's acne is sickening. Good stuff.

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This was a quality atomicos. Even with the butchering, we could see a clear throughline from the early rudo beatdown to the tecnico victory. I thought Casas was excellent in this. You see a lot of workers pair off in trios matches but only the great ones like Casas can turn things into an issue. I loved the way he paused before striking Scorpio just long enough for the crowd to egg him on. Then he launched into the stomp without needing any approval. Great finish too with Casas getting payback for the first fall. Casas always brings different dimensions to his matches but badass Casas is one of my favorites especially with how camp and effeminate Casas can be at times. Niebla also featured prominently in this, and while I think he was a bit heavy to be working the classic Lizmark/Solar/Atlantis role, his power stuff looks awesome especially his suplexes and the extra weight adds more impact to the heavy contact stuff. Tarzan Boy is still getting booed by the crowd but he took some nice licks in the opening fall and brought the high impact dives that made the tercera pretty to watch. Shocker continues to look good but took a backseat here to Casas vs. Scorpio and Zumbido flew around taking some nice bumps. Los Guapos have been a pleasant surprise for me so far. Backstreet's Back gets me every time, especially when Bestia is dressed like an extra from the Sopranos.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-19-CMLL] Negro Casas & Atlantis & Tarzan Boy & Mr Niebla vs Bestia Salvaje & Shocker & Scorpio Jr & Zumbido

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