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AWA Results for May 1985


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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for May 3rd


Dave Schultz vs. Phil LaFon


The AWA is back from April vacation on TV after ESPN and TSN were broadcasting the International Sportsball Championship. First match up has one half of the Can-Am Express taking on the craziest member of Col. Robley’s Army (which is saying something). As is becoming something of a tradition, the match started out in confusion as Mick Foley, wearing a camouflage jacket, came out to the ring and declared himself to be the latest member of the Army, hailing from Fort Bragg, South Carolina, Corporal-Captain Mick Foley. Schultz’s partner, Buzz Sawyer , grabbed Foley by the hair and dragged him back to the locker room before returning to ringside. What followed was a classic cat-and-mouse matchup, as Schultz tried to outmuscle LaFon and LaFon used his speed and skill to duck and dodge Doctor D. This was going well for LaFon when he ducked under a clothesline by Schultz, only to be caught on the rebound with a running forearm smash. Schultz then proceeded to punish and wear down LaFon before setting him up for a Bulldog headlock, but LaFon still had enough left in him to counter with a belly to back suplex. One … two … THREE! LaFon just scored a major victory over Schultz. Sawyer rushed into the ring after the match to try to attack LaFon, but LaFon was able to dive out of the ring and celebrated with the fans


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Koko Ware


The newest recruit to the Cobra Corps has been on a real tear of late. This time out, the big Corporal was taking on one half of the PYT express. Koko looked like he was trying to emulate LaFon’s game play by using his speed to escape his much larger opponent, but Scott Hall put a stop to that right away with a mighty clothesline, followed by a devastating series of slams and power moves before putting him away with the Corporal Punishment (fall away slam). Clearly great things are on the horizon for Cpl. Scott Hall


Da Crusher vs. Dan Spivey


The Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous continues his quest for vengeance against the Varsity Club, squaring of with their newest member, the big Georgia Bulldog Dan Spivey. Crusher was able to keep Spivey off balance with his wild, swinging lefts and rights, but kept being distracted by Spivey’s mentor, Kevin Sullivan, at ringside. At one point, Sullivan climbed up on the ring apron, only to be knocked back down by a Bolo punch from Crusher. When Crusher turned his attention back to his opponent, Spivey bowled him over with a Big Boot. Spivey followed up with a running leg drop to get the pin. Crusher is going to have to focus if he wants to make any headway against the Varsity Club.


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Lord Humongous


Sarge is currently waging a war of his own against the Sinister Syndicate, and this time out was doing battle with the man in the hockey mask, Lord Humongous. Humongous might not be the most polished of competitors, but his size and power meant that he was able to hold his own against the tough drill sergeant. After a battle that raged back and forth, it looked like Humongous would try to humiliate Sarge by making him submit to his own modified Cobra Clutch, but Sarge fought his way out with some jarring elbow shots to the midsection, followed by nailing him with the Slaughter Cannon to get the quick pin. The crowd cheered his hard fought victory as Sarge saluted the fans.


Lex Luger & Rick Rude vs. The Latin Lovers


Sarge may have declared war on the Syndicate, but Sheikh Kaissie has recruited some intimidating soldiers of his own in the American champ Lex Luger and the up and coming Rick Rude. The two muscular titans overwhelmed Valentino and Cruz with their power based offense before Rude polished off Valentino with the Rude Awakening neckbreaker. This was not enough for the Syndicate, as Luger put Cruz in the Human Torture Rack after the match until the ref threatened him with suspension. Only time will tell what will happen when Sarge and the world champ Paul Orndorff have to face this deadly duo.


AWA World Tag Team Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. Badd Company


While the in ring action for this match was spectacular, with Badd Company’s speed and double team moves matching up with the Varsity Club’s power and aray of suplexes, it threatened to be overshadowed by the happenings outside the ring. At first, it was the Fabulous One showing up at the back of the arena and seeming to take notes on both teams. Then, the steady stream of trash talk between Sunshine and Missy Hyatt escalated into a full on confrontation that got both teams involved, and let to a double countout decision. As disappointing end to the match, but this is not likely to be the last time these two teams will face off.

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AWA show at the Met Center, Bloomington , May 11th (As shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Al Perez


McDaniel pinned Perez after hitting him with a running overhead chop


The Can-Am Express vs. Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz


Zenk came off the top with a flying cross body press, but was caught by Buzz Sawyer, who looked set to deliver a power slam, only for LaFon to drop kick Zenk’s back and send him toppling over onto Sawyer for the pinfall


Scott Hall vs. Jack Victory


Hall pinned Victory after a running clothesline


AWA World Tag Team Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. The Fabulous Ones


Both teams went to a double countout


AWA American Title match : Bad News Allen © vs. Buddy Rose


After a long a bloody battle, Allen had Rose set up for the Bad News Blaster, only for Rose to duck down at the last second to send Allen flying over his head. Rose pointed to his head, indicating he had been playing possum the whole time. Rose then picked up Allen and hit the Inside Out backbreaker. One … two … three!!! Buddy Rose scored a huge upset to once again become American champ. Both members of the Brotherhood Of Poland rushed in to congratulate him. Buddy Rose gave a big hug to Ed Wiskowski, then a big hug to Ivan Putski … then hit a vicious low blow knee on Putski! He then pointed to Ed Wiskowski, who grabbed Putski and executed the face first piledriver. Rose grabbed the American Title belt and he and Wiskowski left Putski lying in the ring, laughing as they went. The fans were clearly outraged that Rose and Wiskowski had betrayed them


Curt Hennig vs. Botswana Beast


Beast had Hennig set up for a running, sitting splash, but Hennig rolled out of the way at the last second, and Beast landed hard on his tailbone. Hennig then gave a quick but nasty jumping neck snap that stunned Beast , and Hennig was able to get the quick pinfall


Paul Orndorff, Sgt. Slaughter & Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude, Bob Roop & Lord Humongous


Orndorff hit a belly to back suplex out of the corner on Roop to get the victory for his team. He didn’t have long to celebrate his victory, as a huge man charged into the ring and attacked him. It was the One Man Gang, returning to the AWA! While Roop and Humongous held of Sarge and Steamboat, Rude hit a Rude Awakening on Orndorff , followed by a big elbow drop by Gang, and the two men beat on the champ until Sarge came in swinging a chair to clear the ring

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AWA Show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, May 4th


British Steel vs. The PYT Express


Regal made Ware submit to the Regal Stretch


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Mick Foley


Hall pinned Foley after the Corporal Punishment


Curt Hennig & Greg Gagne vs. Bob Roop & Botswana Beast


Gagne pinned Beast after he and Hennig hit a double dropkick


AWA American Title match : Lex Luger © vs. Da Crusher


Luger beat Crusher with a scoop power slam


AWA Southern Tag Team Title match : Leo Burke & Doug Somers © vs. Wahoo McDaniel & Ivan Putski


Burke beat Putski after a running kneedrop that followed a vertical suplex by Somers


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Rick Rude


When Rude was going for a Rude Awakening, Orndorff countered with a backslide that got the pin. After the match, One Man Gang entered the ring and he and Rude attacked Orndorff until Ricky Steamboat came to the rescue

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for May 10th


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Jack Victory


Wahoo was making his first appearance on All-Star since losing the Southern Tag Titles to Burke and Somers. He may no longer have the gold, but he certainly hasn’t lost any of his edge, as he tore into the young bodyguard for the Colonel’s Army, blasting him with chops and breaking him down with submission holds. When he knocked Victory to the mat and then trapped him in the Indian Deathlock, it was all over. Wahoo is clearly taking no prisoners in his efforts to get back into title contention.


Da Crusher & Steven Regal vs. Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey


Crusher and Regal had the other half of British Steel, Norman Smiley, joining them at ringside, but the Varsity Club didn’t seem to be especially concerned. The fatal flaw in Crusher’s most recent encounters with the Club has been his inability to keep from getting distracted by outside the ring shenanigans. It seemed that would be the case in the match when, after a crazy out of control conflict, Crusher started to chase Sullivan around the ring. Sullivan ducked back into the ring, looking to lure Crusher into an ambush by Spivey. Sullivan failed to notice that Regal had already back kicked Spivey out of the ring and, while Smiley held onto Spivey for dear life, Sullivan ran straight into the Iron Fist Punch that knocked him sparko. One … two … three! The crowd exploded as Regal got the upset win and Crusher jubilantly raised his arm in victory.


Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono vs. The Latin Lovers


With several members of the AWA currently touring Japan, JWA had sent in their stead an exciting tag team with lanky rookie Chono paired with the veteran ex-sumo Ishikawa. The Japanese duo gave a wrestling clinic with Chono showing some expert matwork with Cruz and Ishikawa hitting some big suplexes on Valentino before putting him in the Scorpion Leglock to get the victory. The crowd applauded the display of skill from these international superstars.


Interview : Ken Resnick stands in the ring


Resnick : Folks, my next guest managed a big victory by once again becoming the Southern champion, then shocked everyone by turning on Ivan Putski. Ladies and Gentlemen, the AWA Southern champion … “Playboy” Buddy Rose!


The crowd explodes in boos as Rose, along with his cohort Ed Wiskowski, came out to the ring. Rose and Wiskowski seemed to relish the crowd’s response, laughing as they strutted down the aisle.


Resnick : Playboy, the fans have been cheering you on for months , but now that you have one the AWA Southern title, you betray them and Ivan Putski in the same instant. What gives?


Rose : I told all of you, I TOLD YOU! I said I wouldn’t change, and I didn’t. But all of you idiots thought I was one of your kiss up favorites and clapped your hands when I told you to. The Playboy is always out for number one, and that sure isn’t any of you chumps in the stands. Playboy After Dark has high standards, and none of you measure up.


Resnick : Speaking of Playboy After Dark, now that you have clearly turned your back on Ivan Putski, there’s not a whole lot of you left. Just you and Ed Wiskowski.


Rose : Not any more, Resnick. I have found just the people to join our very exclusive club. Someone who meets the Playboy’s exacting requirements! And that moron Mick Foley had best stay at the back if he knows what is good for him! (Camera cut to Mick Foley, stepping through the curtains, wearing a smoking jacket … then immediately turning around and heading back in) Some guys who have giving me some tough matches, so I know what they can do … Leo Burke and Doug Somers!


(Somers and Burke head out to the ring and shake hands with Rose and Wiskowski)


Rose : So you see, Resnick, Playboy After Dark have already taken over! We have the Southern champ, the Southern Tag champs, the Polish Prince … and nobody is going to stand in our way!


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Lord Humongous


Lord Humongous usually towers over most of his opposition, but now he was facing someone who was more than capable of looking him right in the, err, mask. These two behemoth’s battled all over the ring, in a mighty display of power moves and whalloping clotheslines. Humongous fought hard to try to apply his modified Cobra Clutch, but Hall cut that off with a huge power slam. One execution of the Corporal Punishment later, and Hall had gotten his most impressive victory to date.


One Man Gang vs. Curt Hennig


Gang made a big impact in his return after spending time touring the rest of the country, and would be facing one of the up and coming superstars of the AWA. Hennig showed why he has been hotly tipped as the future of the AWA, keeping the big 747 off balance with quick jabs and dropkicks. It looked like he might just be able to pull off the upset, but one mistimed move led to Gang catching him off the ropes with a crushing side slam. One running splash later, and Gang had put an end to Hennig’s challenge. With both Gang and Rick Rude gunning for him, Orndorff had best be concerned for his title.

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AWA show at the Cow Palace, San Francisco , May 10th (As shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono vs. Badd Company


Ishikawa got the win after he caught Tanaka coming off the ropes with a choke slam


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Al Perez


Hall pinned Perez after Corporal Punishment


The Can-Am Express vs The PYT Express


The Can-Am Express got the victory after Zenk dropkicked Brickhouse into a belly to back suplex by LaFon


Steven Regal vs. Kevin Sullivan


Regal pinned Sullivan after hitting the Regal Roll on him


AWA American Title Match : Lex Luger © vs. Greg Gagne


Lex successfully defended the belt after he caught Gagne in a power slam


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Bob Roop


Sarge made Roop submit to the Cobra Clutch


AWA World Tag Title Match : The Varsity Club © vs. The Fabulous Ones


Both teams went to a 30 minute time limit draw


AWA Southern Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Ivan Putski


Rose got the win after executing the Inside Out backbreaker. Afterwards, while Rose and the other members of Playboy After Dark were gloating over their win, a commotion erupted in the crowd as someone in a suit calmly walked out to ringside. It was former AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel! He and Rose stared daggers at each other, then Bockwinkel pointed at Rose before leaving the ringside area.


Paul Orndorff & Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude & One Man Gang


Steamboat hit the top rope flying cross body press on One Man Gang and was just barely able to keep his shoulders to the mat for the three count. Both teams kept on brawling long after the closing bell.

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Love how you are using Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono here.


Paul Orndorff & Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude & One Man Gang is a great mid-80s ESPN/TSN Main Event. Would have loved to have seen that back in the day.

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AWA Show at Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, May 11th


Dan Spivey vs. Mick Foley


Spivey won after a big leg drop


Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono vs. The PYT Express


Chono got the win after hitting a front kick on Koko


AWA Six Man Tag Titles Match : Mike Shaw, Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz © vs. Da Crusher & British Steel


Sawyer defended the belts when he caught Smiley in a power slam


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Bob Roop


Hall was victorious after levelling Roop with a massive lariat


Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat


Rude pinned Steamboat after a Rude Awakening


AWA Southern Tag Titles Match : Leo Burke & Doug Somers © vs. The Can-Am Express


Burke forced Zenk to submit to the sleeper hold


AWA Southern Title : Buddy Rose © vs. Curt Hennig


Hennig was accompanied to the ring by Nick Bockwinkel. Both men went to a 30 minute time limit draw


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. One Man Gang


After Gang missed a running splash, Orndorff came back with a running kneedrop to get the victory. After the match, Gang, Rude and Roop attacked Orndorff, but were run off by Hall and Steamboat

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for May 17th


Memphis Vice vs. The PYT Express


This was the first AWA match for the up and coming team of Jerry Bryant and Lou Winston, and they would be facing Koko Ware and Brickhouse Brown, who have been having some trouble getting in gear of late. After the initial distraction of Mick Foley showing up at ringside in a leather jacket and attempting to breakdance (ended by the PYTs giving Foley a double dropkick and sending him to the back), Ware and Brown looked like the would try to make an example of Memphis Vice, breaking out every cheap shot and double team they could manage throughout the match. The newcomers kept hanging in there, coming back with their own double teams and showing incredible conditioning in shaking off a lot of big blows. Right when it looked like Koko would finally put away Bryant with the brain buster, Jerry countered with a small package that got the shocking win. Memphis Vice were jubilant while Brickhouse harangued Koko.


Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono vs. The Can-Am Express


The visiting Japanese team had a fast paced match with a team that has had some recent experience touring Japan. Both teams really got the crowd going with their quick, high impact moves, but Ishikawa was able to blindside Zenk after a leapfrog with a huge lariat that got them the victory. Both teams shook hands after the match.


The Fabulous Ones & Badd Company vs. The Varsity Club


An ongoing occurance in this match was the members of the Fabs and Badd Company trying to be the ones to get a pin over their rivals in the Varsity Club, as a way of cementing their claim for the top contenders spot to Steiner & Rotundo’s World Tag Titles. The four members of the Varsity Club tried to fan the flames of rivalry among their opponents, looking to take advantage of the confusion to get the win for themselves. Missy Hyatt, for her part, tried to bait Sunshine, the manager of Badd Company, into interfering to cost them the match. In the end, the two teams were able to work together long enough for Tanaka to thrust kick Steiner into a belly to back suplex by Keirn and led to the pinfall victory. Both teams still seemed wary of each other after the match.


AWA Southern Title Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Greg Gagne


While Rose has been extremely cocky since regaining the Southern title and turning his back on the fans, it seems a bit of steam has been taken out of his stride since the arrival of Nick Bockwinkel. Indeed, through out the match, the Playboy was quite distracted, constantly checking outside the ring to see if Bockwinkel had shown up. When the former World champ did ultimately make his way to ringside, Rose started to go berserk, frequently turning from the action to shout at Bockwinkel, who met this verbal abuse with a steady gaze. Gagne swiftly capitalized on this with a dropkick that sent Rose out of the ring to Bockwinkel’s feet. Bockwinkel just continued his staredown with Rose , and when the Playboy chose to continue jawing at Bockwinkel instead of returning to the ring, this led to a countout loss by the champ. The other members of Playboy After Dark rushed out to the ring, but once again Bockwinkel gave them nothing more than a hard stare, as though daring them to try to start something. None of them did, and the former World champ calmly walked back to the locker room.


Paul Orndorff & The Cobra Corps vs. Rick Rude, Lex Luger & One Man Gang


This was an all out war, with the members of the Sinister Syndicate trying to focus their attention on the much younger Cpl. Scott Hall, while Orndorff and Sgt. Slaughter tried to fight their way into the ring. At one point, it seemed as though Hall was able to recover and fight his way back, impressing the fans by getting the One Man Gang up for a huge power slam. Lex Luger, taking advantage of the ref being distracted, cut that short by brutally clipping Hall’s leg from behind, causing Gang to land hard on top of Hall. Gang got the pinfall, but we have definitely not seen the last of this rivalry.

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