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World Wrestling Council from Puerto Rico - May/June


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World Wrestling Council

Puerto Rico

The World Wrestling Council presented by Capitol Sports Promotions



Wednesday Night TV "SUPERESTRELLAS DE LA LUCHA LIBRE" Tapings - Distributed Throughout the Islands Thurs-Sunday

House Shows - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (will not be posting results from these)


Our first episode of "SUPERESTRELLAS DE LA LUCHA LIBRE" will tape MAY 29, 1985 in SAN JUAN, PR.


Just some housekeeping ... the shows are televised in Spanish ... but for everyone's sake, including my own, they'll be written in English. I am woefully unfamiliar with arena names in the area and WWC 80's results outside of the big cards are tough to come by, so I'll just be listing the city for most shows. Information on the TV crew is equally difficult, though some fellow named Rickin Sanchez keeps popping up so he'll be the PBP man.

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Since our first taping is scheduled for 5/29, and that falls on Memorial Day here in the present day, I am putting it out a bit early since I suspect that like most everyone else I'll have limited time this holiday weekend.


This is the return of WWC to television in the Caribbean. The story is that the promotion has been running some shows around the area lately, and they’ve regained their TV deal. This allows us to skip the usual tournaments and such to “restart” the promotion.
WWC Universal Title: Carlos Colon
WWC Caribbean Title: Victor Jovica
WWC Caribbean Tag Team Champions: Super Medicos (Jose Estrada and Johnny Rodz)
The Universal title is the main singles championship. The Caribbean Title is the secondary title, and the tag titles are obviously tag team titles.
Broadcaster is Rickin Sanchez, solo, but occasionally with guest commentators.
WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 5/29/85
Taped from:
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Shown on WAPA-TV and local stations throughout the weekend
-- Opening Montage --
Rickin Sanchez welcomes everyone back to World Wrestling Council Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre! He runs down the big events taking place tonight to celebrate the return to television - we’ll have special words from Universal Champion Carlos Colon, a title defense of the Caribbean Championship by Victor Jovica, and the Caribbean Tag Team Champions Super Medicos in action - as well as standby bouts and great action!
Carlos Colon enters the ring with representatives from the Puerto Rico Boxing & Wrestling Commission to welcome everyone back to televised Puerto Rican wrestling!
As their champion, he holds himself to a high standard, and Colon promises that WWC will also be held to that high standard, for the people!
Colon can’t talk too long though - as the jealous Chicky Starr is quickly making his way to the ring to interrupt the celebration.
Chicky Starr is upset - but not surprised - that Colon would want to make this night all about himself and how great he is. But Chicky knows the truth, and the truth is that Colon knows he can’t beat Chicky Starr. He’s a paper champion - where did he even win that title? Was it in a “tournament”? Was it in Rio? On this special night, doesn’t the WWC public deserve a title match?
Colon doesn’t like his courage or integrity being questioned. He won the title fair and square, everyone knows that, and he’s more than willing to take on worthy challengers. He isn’t sure Chicky is “worthy” - and this infuriates Chicky - but he’s willing to grant him a match anyway.
They face off in the center of the ring before the Commission reps separate them. The suits agree - there will be a title match tonight if Colon is ok with it - but it’s not going to happen right now. Both men will return to the locker room and get ready, and the match will take place tonight!
What a start! Rickin Sanchez is excited about this development, and the match will take place after our two other scheduled title matches already on the card. Let’s get to the ring for the first of these - the triumphant Victor Jovica taking on Mr. Hito for the Caribbean title!
-- Caribbean Championship --
-- Victor Jovica (Champion) vs. Mr Hito (Challenger) --
Victor Jovica makes easy work of the nefarious Mr. Hito, defeating him with the sleeperhold.
Victor Jovica d. Mr. Hito via Sleeper Hold (6:50)
Rickin Sanchez tells us that we have a video tape of a new tag team coming to the area next week …
Western music plays as Don Carson arrives on horseback. The dust settles and reveals Carson in his best suit standing alongside Joel Deaton and Brad Rheingans in cowboy gear. Carson has searched the west far and wide, and he’s found two of the toughest dudes around - and they’re coming to WWC, for the Medicos, for the Invaders, for anyone that gets in their way.
Rickin Sanchez thinks that’ll be mighty interesting, and we’re off to the next match.
-- Omar Atlas & Damien Kane vs. Phil Apollo & Ron Ellis --
As Atlas and Kane make their way to the ring for the bout, they are attacked! Two men wearing fatigues and red ski masks run out from the entrance way right behind them, and lay a mugging on the two men. The ski-masked intruders continue their destruction as they hit the ring, tearing Apollo and Ellis to pieces as the referee attempts in vain to end the mayhem. One of the masked men pins Apollo, while the other counts! It’s not a true victory, but it sure seemed like it!
Omar Atlas & Damien Kane vs. Phil Apollo & Ron Ellis - NO CONTEST - 0:00
One of the masked men grabs the microphone as he rips off his ski-mask. It’s Angel Acevedo. The other man takes off his mask, and it’s Kostina Korchenko. Acevedo introduces himself, and he introduces Korchenko - we’re AK-47 he says, and we’re here to bring the international class struggle to the island! Medicos, they’re coming for you!
As if one cue, Super Medicos charge from the back with their title belts - but AK-47 clear the ring quickly. They want that fight on their own terms.
-- Caribbean Tag Team Championship Match --
-- Super Medicos (Tag Team Champions) vs. Tony Stetson & Mike Masters (Challengers) --
Stetson and Masters are game for the fight but prove no match for the reigning champions. Super Medico #2 (Rodz) pins Stetson after a diving headbutt.
Super Medicos d. Stetson & Masters via pinfall - (7:10)
We cut to a quick locker room interview with our champion, Carlos Colon, who promises to be victorious on this glorious night!
Then we get comments from Chicky Starr, who promises to take the championship, and never again allow the pathetic masses to see it on TV!
-- Universal Championship Match --
-- Carlos Colon (Champion) vs. Chicky Starr (Challenger) --
It’s a good ol’ PR brawl the whole way. Colon is out to show Starr what a true man is, and Starr isn’t above bending the rules to the point of breaking. We get through most of the match without that trademark blood, but suddenly Colon gets tossed to the outside - what the hell is this? - a man jumps out of the crowd, he’s wearing sunglasses, Rickin can’t quite identify him, Starr is harassing the referee, and the intruder piledrives Colon on the cement floor! He’s bleeding! That’s Al Madril! He attacked Carlos Colon! He’s rolling Colon into the ring! Starr quickly covers him before the referee notices the blood and suspects something might be up - 1- 2- 3! We’ve got a new champion in our first episode! CHICKY STARR! He’s the CHAMPION!
Chicky Starr d. Carlos Colon (Chicky Starr wins WWC Universal Title) via pinfall - 14:50
Victor Jovica is rushing down the aisle to try and persuade the official, but it’s no use! Madril and Starr are rushing to the back holding the title high! KISS IT GOODBYE yells Starr to the crowd, Rickin Sanchez is disgusted, Colon is bloody, Jovica is helping him up and they’re both furious!
Rickin welcomes us back to the action and announces that despite the shenanigans, the official’s decisions are final, and Chicky Starr is the new champion. We’re all disappointed, but we’ve got standby matches to fill out the time.
-- Chris Colt vs. Mike Hammer --
“Crazy” Chris Colt comes out in his unique attire and black facepaint. He demolishes the overmatched Mike Hammer, hits a running knee to the face, scores the pin and slithers about before leaving the ring area.
Chris Colt d. Mike Hammer (3:40)
-- Abdullah Tama vs. Rick Renslow --
The Flying Elephant Abdullah Tama runs over the big guy Rick Renslow, finishing him with a big splash.
Abdullah Tama d. Rick Renslow (1:34)
-- Mike George vs. Salvatore Bellomo --
The two grizzled veterans of the ring game square off. George has the advantage most of the time over Bellomo, finishing him off with a crossbody block.
Mike George d. Salvatore Bellomo (6:00)
-- Valente Fernandez vs. Jeff Gaylord --
We’re quickly running out of time, and the fan favorite Valente Fernandez is trying to finish off the young Jeff Gaylord quickly. Just before we go off the air for the night, Fernandez rolls Gaylord up and gets the pin.
Valente Fernandez d. Jeff Gaylord (5:34)
Rickin Sanchez signs off as we take another look at Al Madril driving Colon into the cement and Chicky Starr holding the Universal Title high. See you next week! We'll have words from Carlos Colon, The Invaders in action, the debut of Rheingans and Deaton,
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- where did he even win that title? Was it in a “tournament”? Was it in Rio?






This is already feeling like it's going to be a great addition to the project.


Chicky vs Colon is the perfect feud to build around as you are starting out.

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Since my shows take place on Wednesdays in 1985-time and Monday in 2017-time, and Monday is always super busy, I am probably going to be posting these time-travel ahead of time shows fairly often. I figure better early than late.

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 6/5/85

Taped in:

Mayaguez, PR

-- Cold Open : VTR from a house show last weekend --

We open on a ringside camera shot of Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica taking on Al Madril and Chicky Starr at a house show from last weekend. Colon is theatrically challenging Chicky to get in the ring with him, but Chicky is stalling on the outside - when Madril waffles Colon from behind with a clothesline. Jovica charges in, and a brawl erupts between Madril and Jovica while Colon chases Starr around the ring - fade into the opening credits ..

-- In the arena --

Rickin Sanchez welcomes us to the show. Rickin describes the action we saw and says that while Colon got some licks in on Chicky, he is desperate to get his Universal Title back - we’re shown a clip of Carlos Colon losing the Universal Title to Chicky Starr - with plenty of help from Al Madril - and then Rickin promises us that we’ll hear from all these men tonight.

We’re also going to see Carlos Colon back in action against “Bulldog” Bob Brown, and Victor Jovica putting the Caribbean title on the line against Phil Apollo. AK-47 will be here, and they have a message for Super Medicos. Chicky’s Sport Shop, with Universal Champion Chicky Starr, will debut tonight on Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre - The Invaders will be here - and much more!

-- AK 47 vs. Joe Lightfoot & Don Running Bear --

Acevedo and Korchenko make their official in-ring debut against the Native American duo. They try to keep the focus of their attack on the veteran Running Bear, thinking they can wear him down easier. They’re right - despite a brief flurry comeback from Joe Lightfoot, the communists are in control most of the way and score the victory after Korchenko hits Running Bear with a big lariat.

AK-47 d. Lightfoot & Running Bear via pinfall - 6:00

AK-47 make their way right over to Rickin Sanchez, and they want Super Medicos to know that they won’t be ducking them! They are here to liberate the Caribbean Tag Team titles for the people!

-- The Roughnecks vs. Ron Ellis & Salvatore Bellomo --

More tag team action, as Don Carson debuts his proteges - The Roughnecks. Deaton & Rheingans get a nice showcase here, beating Bellomo and Ellis from pillar to post. They’re rough, alright.

The Roughnecks d. Ellis & Bellomo via pinfall - 5:15

The Roughnecks and Carson get a short interview after the bout with Rickin Sanchez. They aren’t here to liberate the island, they aren’t here to Invade, they aren’t here to do nothin’ but kick butts and take the straps. And maybe if they get some time, take some of the women.

-- Chicky’s Sports Shop --

Chicky Starr welcomes us to Chicky’s Sport Shop. He’s got the Universal Title and he’s awfully proud of himself. Chicky reminds the crowd they won’t be seeing this belt much anymore. He’s not giving it away for free to the unwashed masses of the island on the television - they can pay to see him at the arena - WHEN and IF he deems it necessary to defend the title, that is.

Chicky’s self-aggrandizement doesn’t go on for long before Victor Jovica makes his way to the Sport Shop to question Chicky about his behavior last week and his cowardice over the weekend.

Jovica wants to know how long he’s known Madril, and how they plan to keep the belt if that’s the only way they can win - he’s really getting into Starr’s personal space and hurling the insults now - and BOOM - there’s Al Madril. Victor should have thought this through better.

Madril has him up for a piledriver, and Carlos Colon barrels onto the set just as Madril drives Jovica into the cement! Starr goes after Colon but Colon ducks and then takes a big swing at Starr - now Starr and Madril make a quick exit to avoid the confrontation!

Jovica is down and he looks hurt - it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to meet Phil Apollo tonight at all!

-- The Invaders vs. Omar Atlas & Rick Renslow --

Rickin Sanchez informs us that Jovica is in the back getting treatment - if he can’t wrestle, he will be forced to vacate the Caribbean Title to Phil Apollo.

In the ring, The Invaders make their new television debut and they make quick work of Omar Atlas and Rick Renslow - Omar certainly isn’t pleased with Renslow’s performance, as he kicks the ring ropes in frustration and shoots an icy stare at the downed Renslow.

The Invaders d. Atlas & Renslow via pinfall (6:12)

The Invaders stop by Rickin Sanchez’s desk to announce to the fans that whether it’s the Super Medicos, the Roughnecks, or AK-47, the Invaders are out for the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Titles!

-- Carlos Colon vs. Bob Brown --

An angry Carlos Colon is out, and he quickly address Al Madril and Chicky Starr before getting in the ring. They need to stop disrespecting the people of Puerto Rico with their threats, and they need to start fighting like men - No more sneak attacks!

Colon makes easy work of the veteran Bulldog, and scores a rebound victory.

Carlos Colon d. Bob Brown via pinfall (4:00)

Rickin Sanchez announces that the Caribbean Championship match is going to continue as scheduled - Victor Jovica must defend the title or forfeit it to his opponent. Phil Apollo might just be in for the luckiest night of his career, as Rickin informs us that Victor may have been severely injured by the piledriver from Al Madril earlier in the night.

-- Caribbean Championship Match --

-- Victor Jovica vs. Phil Apollo --

Phil Apollo is about to have the biggest moment of his career! The crowd is buzzing - is Victor Jovica really going to forfeit?

Of course not!

The wounded - but not dead - hero makes his way down to the ring. Apollo swarms the battered champion and the crowd is pleading with Jovica to fight back. Unfortunately for Apollo, even a probably concussed Jovica is too much for the upstart. Apollo continues the assault but Jovica battles back, quickly changing the tide of the match and takes the fall!

Victor Jovica d. Phil Apollo via pinfall (7:13)

Victor Jovica rampages to the announce station, and he commandeers a microphone from Rickin Sanchez. He wants revenge on Al Madril - and he doesn’t care how he gets it! He’ll fight him right now, he’ll fight him next week, he’ll fight him in the gym, he’ll fight him anywhere in Puerto Rico, he’ll travel the world! Jovica throws the microphone back on the desk and storms off - presumably, he’s in search of Al Madril.

Rickin lets us know that we’re into our standby matches for the evening tonight, all have a TV Time Remaining time limit.

-- Mike George vs. Damien Kane --

The bruising veteran Mike George picks up his second win in a row with a relatively easy victory over the young Damien Kane.

Mike George d. Damien Kane via pinfall (3:13)

-- Abdullah Tama vs. Joe Savoldi --

The big Flying Elephant has no trouble again this week, continuing his victory streak with an easy win over Savoldi, who isn’t quite on the level of his father yet.

Abdullah Tama d. Joe Savoldi via pinfall (1:15)

-- Steve Simpson vs. Mike Masters --

The alliteration is strong here, and the muscular Steve Simpson is able to take the duke over Mike Masters.

Steve Simpson d. Mike Masters via pinfall (5:45)

-- Tony Stetson vs. Mike Hammer --

Much to the disappointment of the crowd, the viewers, and the universe in general, this match is cut short as neither man can score a victory before the TV time expires.

Tony Stetson vs. Mike Hammer - TV TIME LIMIT DRAW (3:33)

Rickin Sanchez says goodbye, and we’ll see you next week!
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Wow, that's a lot of action for one show. I like the idea of Chicky's Sports Shop. I find this interview segments to be great at getting the audience involved.


I always love them - especially the heel hosted ones that end in a brawl 3 out of 4 times. The (kayfabe) promotions never seem to figure out it's a bad idea.

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  • 2 weeks later...
WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 6/12/85

Ponce, PRI

-- Cold Open : VTR from a house show last weekend --

Super Medicos are defending their WWC Caribbean Tag Team Titles against The Invaders in a scientific matchup, when AK-47 bursts into the ring and viciously assault the champions! The Roughnecks aren’t far behind, laying the boots to The Invaders! It’s chaos! The bell is ringing and AK-47 is walloping the champions while The Roughnecks drag The Invaders outside the ring for more punishment! … fade to opening credits.

-- In the Arena --

Rickin Sanchez welcomes us - we’ve got big news! As a result of the actions you just saw, there will be a title match tonight - for the Caribbean Tag Team Titles! AK-47 has secured a shot against Super Medicos. The champions are irate about that interference and they plan on getting their revenge immediately!

We’re also going to see The Roughnecks in action again, and Chicky Starr is actually going to get in the ring on television - but in a non-title bout - against Steve Simpson.

Al Madril is going to be in legitimate sanctioned action here tonight as well, and he’ll be facing the very game Valente Fernandez.

We’ve got all this, and more, today on SUPERESTRELLAS DE LA LUCHA LIBRE presented by the World Wrestling Council! Let’s get to the action ...

-- Caribbean Tag Team Championship Match --

-- Super Medicos (Champions) vs. AK 47 --

The Super Medicos are looking good early, but AK-47 doesn’t go away easy. During the bout, Sheik Ali Hassan (Jack Kreuger aka Sheik Abdullah aka A Bunch of Other Names) comes to ringside. Rickin certainly doesn’t think he’s here to help out the Medicos. And he’s correct!

With help by a distraction from the Sheik, Medico #1 gets walloped by Korchenko with a lariat and Acevedo hits him with a splash.

-- AK-47 d. Super Medicos via pinfall (8:30) - NEW CARIBBEAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - AK-47 --

Sheik Ali Hassan is on the microphone now. He wants us to know that all differences - East, West, Proletarian, Bourgeois, Maoism, Stalinism, Leninism, all of them - can be bridged with oil money! He’s brought AK-47 together as a weapon of liberation - a liberation of gold from this godforsaken island! His clients are unstoppable!

Rickin Sanchez is disappointed by this turn of events, but notes that the official decision is final. After the shenanigans in the Universal Title match a few weeks ago and this, we might need to think about adding more officials!

-- Al Madril vs. Valente Fernandez --

Al Madril is here to make his television in-ring debut, and he gets all he wants from Valente Fernandez. A back and forth contest eventually turns Madril’s way - he deploys the piledriver he’s been using in sneak attacks as his finishing move here, and gets the victory over Fernandez.

-- Al Madril d. Valente Fernandez via pinfall (7:00) --

-- The Roughnecks vs. Omar Atlas & Phil Apollo --

Don Carson’s fearsome cowboy duo makes their way to the ring as the theme from “A Fistful of Dollars” whistles through the speakers. They charge into the ring and go straight to brawling with Atlas and his young partner Apollo. Rheingans and Deaton batter their opponents without mercy, and the end comes when Apollo gets irish-whipped by Deaton right into a Rheingans lariat.

Omar Atlas is once again disappointed by the performance of a tag team partner, and he walks away from the beaten Apollo in disgust as The Roughnecks celebrate with Carson.

-- The Roughnecks d. Atlas & Apollo (4:30)

Steve Simpson is in the ring ready for his non-title match with the reigning Universal Champion Chicky Starr. We’re awaiting Starr’s entrance, when out comes Carlos Colon! He’s hopping mad!

Colon grabs a microphone and he tells Simpson that he can have his non-title match this week, that’s fine, but Colon wants Starr, and he wants him as soon as possible.

Starr comes out to the ring area, and he’s swaggering about with the Universal Title, secure in the knowledge that Colon can’t take it from him this week, that’s for sure. He’s happy to put on this exhibition against Mr. Simpson this week, but as for Colon, well, he’s going to have to have to prove his worth to secure something so prestigious as a Universal Title shot. Who is Carlos Colon, anyway? What makes him worthy of making such high demands? He HAD a title shot, he HAD the title, and he LOST.

Colon is furious now - he’s leaning over the ropes screaming at Chicky, and Chicky is backing up - surrounded by the crowd control police present. Chicky is screaming back - You want Starr? You want Starr? - Colon is screaming back at him - I WANT STARR! - And Chicky finally relents - next week, you get him. Next week you get a match. The crowd is buzzing - Colon is fired up, and he leaves under his own accord.

Rickin Sanchez is puzzled - why would Chicky agree to that? What’s he got up his sleeve?

-- Non-Title Match --

-- Universal Champion Chicky Starr vs. Steve Simpson --

Chicky Starr may be accused of being more talk than walk, but he handles himself well here. Simpson makes an early charge, but Chicky (with the help of a well-timed eye poke) is able to get back on the offense and showcase some of the talent that makes him more than just a pest. Chicky finishes off Simpson with a big dropkick and the pinfall.

-- Chicky Starr d. Steve Simpson via pinfall (6:40) --

Rickin Sanchez attempts to talk to Chicky after his match, but Chicky just tells Rickin that there’s no need to worry, he’s got everything under control. Rickin wasn’t necessarily worried about Chicky … but ok.

-- Rick Renslow vs. Damien Kane --

The big man Renslow is able to put away Kane fairly easily with a powerslam after a few minutes of action.

-- Rick Renslow d. Damien Kane via pinfall (4:00)

-- Chris Colt vs. Salvatore Bellomo --

“Back in Black” blares through the arena as Chris Colt comes out in his makeup and rather eccentric gear for a battle with the veteran Bellomo. On his way to the ring, Colt passes the reeling Damien Kane. There’s a charged moment. Colt looks to the camera after Kane has passed and remarks “I can feel his rage”, with obvious excitement.

Colt handles Sal with relative ease, scoring the victory with a back elbowdrop off the second rope.

-- Chris Colt d. Salvatore Bellomo via pinfall (3:30)

-- Non-Title Matchup --

-- Caribbean Champion Victor Jovica vs. Tony Stetson --

Victor Jovica is back this week to prove that the heinous actions of Al Madril haven’t knocked him onto the injured list. Tony Stetson is unable to slow down the fired up Jovica, who scores an easy victory and goes over to Rickin Sanchez to address Al Madril.

-- Victor Jovica d. Tony Stetson via pinfall (5:00)

-- Victor Jovica takes the microphone from Rickin Sanchez and thanks everyone for the support that he has received since being attacked by Al Madril. He thinks Al Madril is a coward. Jovica knows exactly what Al Madril is up to - he’s trying to goad Jovica into giving him a shot at this Caribbean Championship despite his lack of record in the area, and he’s fine with that -he wants to face Al Madril anytime, anyplace! He is ready right now! But Madril doesn’t make an appearance this time ...

-- Bob Brown vs. Jeff Gaylord --

With limited television time remaining, Jeff Gaylord makes a game attack on Bulldog Bob Brown but he’s unable to put him away. The veteran bounces back from his defeat to Carlos Colon last week with a victory against the muscular young upstart Gaylord.

-- Bob Brown d. Jeff Gaylord via pinfall (4:30)

We’re out of time folks! Next week, Carlos Colon gets his promised match from Chicky Starr in a huge matchup - we’re also going to have the new tag team champions back on hand, and The Invaders have promised some strong words for them!
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It's always amazing when something that you came up with but couldn't really follow through for various reasons ends up having a second chance in another territory. You're already doing Colon vs Chicky way more justice that I could've done in my territory because it's taking place in their hotbed.

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Hello! Quick and dirty show recap this week. My brother got married over the weekend so I am beyond tired...

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 6/19/85

San Juan, PRI

-- Cold Open - VTR from weekend house show --

We see Chicky Starr limping to the ring for a scheduled title defense against Mike George at a local show - Starr appears to be “injured” and the crowd is informed that he will not be competing in his scheduled title bout … angry fans! -- cut to the arena in San Juan for this week’s episode..

Rickin Sanchez talks about the cowardly Chicky Starr - he’s going to get comeuppance tonight against Carlos Colon! That and much more coming your way...

-- Victor Jovica vs. Mike Masters --

In our opening contest, Caribbean Champion Victor Jovica makes quick work of Mike Masters. He talks to Rickin Sanchez afterwards, promising Al Madril that he’s going to get what’s coming to him sooner rather than later.

Victor Jovica d. Mike Masters via pinfall

Now it’s time for the big match - Colon vs. Starr!

Colon hits the ring fired up, and awaits his rivals entrace.

Alas, here’s Chicky Starr with the Universal Title - but he’s in street clothes?

Chicky wants to remind Carlos about their conversation last week.

Chicky points out that Carlos said he wanted “Starr”

Chicky agreed that you’d get “Starr” this week.

As you might have surmised by now - Chicky never said Chicky Starr.

He’s got a cousin. Not Rotten Ron Starr, though, no, he’s off in the States taking care of some family business.

He’s got Frank Starr (ed. Note: I’m not entirely clear on who he is - I drafted him based on the name. His internet profile is pretty sparse - apparently he is also known as Also known as Mentai Kid, Cheyenne Kid, Patches, Knight Rider, Pink Panther, Canadian Patriot, Medico II, Mr. Wrestling 37, Emerald Dragon, Canadian Cannonball, King Cobra, El Coyote, Skeletar and El Hijo del Franco) tonight.

Carlos is absolutely furious as “Frank Starr” makes his way to the ring.

-- Carlos Colon vs. Frank Starr --

Chicky is at ringside to watch, and Carlos demolishes Frank. Chicky tries to interfere but Carlos kicks him away from the ring, pins Frank, and immediately gives chase to the champion. Chicky is trying desperately to escape! Carlos grabs him and lands a few hard punches before Al Madril charges out to make it 2 against one! Now Victor Jovica is out to even the odds! Security is everywhere breaking this up! Chicky, bruised but still the champion, leaves with the belt held high.

Carlos Colon d. Frank Starr via pinfall

-- The Invaders vs. Joe Lightfoot & Don Running Bear --

The Invaders get a quick victory against the Native American team. They stop by the table with Rickin and reiterate their desire to face the tag team champions, AK-47 - and that’s their cue! It’s chaos for the second consecutive segment as AK-47 and Shiek Ali Hassan debut their guerilla warfare strategy, barging out of the crowd and attacking The Invaders with chairs.

The former champions, The Super Medicos, are out to make a save! Security is getting overworked tonight for sure!

The Invaders d. Lightfoot & Running Bear via pinfall

-- Abdullah Tama vs. Damien Kane --

Our standby matches kickoff with the Flying Elephant Abdullah Tama quickly pinning Damien Kane. After the bout, the bizarre Chris Colt comes to help Damien Kane to his feet. Kane is put off by the overture, and brushes aside Colt, who seems further intrigued by the dismissal.

Abdullah Tama d. Damien Kane via pinfall

-- Mike George vs. Joe Savoldi --

A clean scientific matchup here, as Mike George gets a victory over the young Savoldi.

Mike George d. Joe Savoldi via pinfall

-- Super Medicos vs. Gaylord & Hammer --

We close the show with the former tag team champions scoring a victory over the imposing team of Jeff Gaylord and Mike Hammer.

Super Medicos d. Gaylord & Hammer via pinfall

But wait - Rickin Sanchez has just been handed an announcement! Next week - on this very program - Chicky Starr is being forced into a MANDATORY Universal Title defense by the World Wrestling Council and the Puerto Rico Boxing & Wrestling Commission! Chicky Starr MUST face the #1 Contender - Caribbean Champion Victor Jovica - in a singles match for the Universal Title as a result of his unwillingness to meet the contractual obligations of being a champion on his own accord! We’re also going to have a HUGE announcement about a show in July!
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I really like how you book the promotion like a real TV show - main events would end early, stuff would go off the rails, and such so you'd need to bring out two random guys to basically fill the hour. Otherwise, solid start as WWC has always been one of the more interesting promotions to read in games like this as you can be a little more wild 'n' unstructured than with some promotions people have a certain idea of. With WWC, as long as Colon is in a bloody feud with somebody and Abdullah shows up every so often to fork a mofo', you have free reign otherwise.

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WWC Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre


VTR Opening -

The opening VTR shows the necessity for the mandatory title defense by Chicky Starr tonight. We see the clip of him winning the title after Al Madril’s interference in the premiere episode. Then we see a clip of him telling the crowd the following week that they better prepare to “not see” the championship much. We see a clip of him ducking the challenge from Carlos Colon by bringing in “Frankie Starr”, and we end with him feigning injury at a house show against Mike George to avoid being in a match, plus the announcement he’ll face Victor Jovica in a mandatory defense

In the Arena -

Rickin Sanchez is here for another week of action. He is joined by a nameless representative of the Puerto Rico Boxing & Wrestling Commissioner.

Sanchez asks the representative to explain the need for the Universal Title match tonight. The rep explains that Chicky has been negligent in meeting his obligations as Universal Champion. As the Caribbean Champion, Victor Jovica is entitled to a Universal Title opportunity during his reign, and the commission is forcing that match to take place tonight since Starr hasn’t defended the title with the necessary enthusiasm required.

Victor Jovica now joins the group at the broadcast booth. Jovica assures the great fans of the WWC that, as the Universal Champion, if he wins, he will defend the title with the vigor and courage that the great fans of the Puerto Rico and the Caribbean expect.

Rickin asks him if Carlos Colon will be here tonight to help ward off shenanigans from Chicky Starr, Frank Starr, and Al Madril, who’s been quite a thorn in the side of Victor Jovica.

Jovica says that Carlos cannot be present tonight - he has a prior commitment for a charity group in Puerto Rico. But that’s ok - Victor is more than capable of defending himself. Expect to see a new champion tonight!

Valente Fernandez vs. Mr. Hito

Our opening match sees Valente Fernandez handle the capable veteran Mr. Hito. Fernandez shows good fire and scores the victory.

Valente Fernandez d. Mr. Hito via pinfall

AK-47 vs. Omar Atlas & Joe Savoldi

The tag team champions are led to the ring by their manager, Sheik Ali Hassan. Hassan joins the table with Rickin Sanchez during the match to taunt the Invaders, and let them know that last week was just a taste of the war they’ve brought upon themselves.

In the ring, AK-47 beats up mostly on the young Jumpin’ Joe Savoldi while Omar Atlas stews on the outside. Angel Acevedo gets the pin on Savoldi, and the tag team champions grab their belts to celebrate.

Omar Atlas, after yet another defeat partially due to a green tag team partner, loses it once again and puts the boots to Savoldi with great enthusiasm.

During the confusion this causes, The Invaders appear! They are tearing into the tag team champions! Ali Hassan is trying to collect his charges and get out of the area but Invader I and II are really fired up!

Finally, security has cleared the situation, with Omar Atlas dragged to the back, Savoldi receiving help from the medical staff, AK-47 scrambling to the back, and The Invaders mounting the turnbuckles to play to the crowd.

AK-47 d. Omar Atlas & Joe Savoldi via pinfall

Rickin Sanchez is exhausted from that mess. He’s been handed a note from the commission representatives regarding what we just saw before the commercial break. As a result of the brawls that have happened two weeks in a row, the commission is taking action. Next week, Invader I is going to face Angel Acevedo in a singles match - and the other two men will be barred from the arena.

Chris Colt vs. Rick Renslow

The Bizarre Chris Colt handles the big young guy and scores another victory here in WWC. He’s pretty fired up and grabs the microphone from Rickin Sanchez.

Chris Colt is the baddest man in the business, he claims, and he’s here to break some necks in Puerto Rico. The island is the only place that’ll even let him wrestle anymore, he claims. He’s been barred from the mainland, barred from Canada, kicked out of Mexico. This is his new home until the babies here get scared of him too.

Rickin asks him why he’s been so interested in the young rookie Damien Kane lately.

Colt responds simply that he’s full of rage, and he’s seen the rage in Kane’s eyes, and he’s interested, because he recognizes that fire.

This brings Damien Kane (who is facing Al Madril in the next match) to the ringside area.

He’s ready to accept - he appreciates the compliments of Chris Colt, and he wants to learn at his feet.

Chris Colt says not so fast my friend - this wasn’t an offer of partnership. He wants to beat Kane, and beat him badly, and extinguish that rage. But not right now - don’t you worry, not right now - when the time is right, though, he’ll get his beating.

This perplexes Kane, who is ready to fight, but tentatively, and Colt simply backs away.

Chris Colt d. Rick Renslow via pinfall

Al Madril vs. Damien Kane

This is a quick squash. The Latin Lover Al Madril beats Kane with a piledriver - and Kane spends most of the match seemingly distracted and unnerved by the continued presence of Chris Colt at the ringside area. Colt doesn’t interfere, but he makes it clear he’s watching Kane. After Madril plants Kane with the piledriver and gets the victory, Colt helps Kane to the back.

Al Madril d. Damien Kane via pinfall

It’s time for the main event of the evening! Victor Jovica is in the ring, and here comes Chicky Starr, the Universal Champion. Only Chicky’s Universal Title is on the line in this contest - Victor has the opportunity to become a double champion.


Victor Jovica (Caribbean Champion) vs. Chicky Starr (Universal Champion)

To Jovica’s surprise, Madril doesn’t accompany Chicky to ringside. His ‘cousin’ Frankie Starr does, however. Is the absence of Madril a ploy by the Chicky Starr entourage? Are they trying to make Jovica worry about when and where he’s going to appear?

Jovica puts those distractions aside quickly and delivers a pillar to post beating to Chicky to start the match. The crowd is rabid for the cocky Starr to get some comeuppance. Jovica is pummeling him around the ring before Frankie Starr interjects himself in the proceedings and gives Chicky the opportunity to turn the tide.

Chicky delivers some punishment to Jovica but he can’t keep him down - Jovica is back on the offense and Team Starr is looking at a loss square in the face!

And now here’s Al Madril! We knew he couldn’t stay away. Madril is stalking the ringside area and Jovica is forced to contend with two hostile forces on the outside and Chicky Starr on the inside. The numbers game gives Chicky the advantage once again.

Jovica tries to mount a final offensive, but he can’t overcome the three on one disadvantage.

Wait just a minute …

That’s Hercules Ayala!

What’s he doing here again in Puerto Rico? Is he here to help Jovica? To help Starr?

Ayala stations himself at ringside and everyone is a bit tentative - what’s he going to do?

Jovica makes a final charge to win the title, and with Chicky on the run, Al Madril can no longer take a backseat. He’s in the ring, and he’s attacking Jovica, forcing the disqualification.

Ayala runs into the ring and he flattens Al Madril with a huge clothesline! Now Frankie Starr and a bloody Chicky Starr are on their feet and attacking Jovica, who is valiantly fighting back. Ayala dumps Madril out of the ring and Jovica backs into Ayala - Ayala turns around and flattens Jovica!!

Chicky Starr, bloodied, but with the Universal Title, is backing out of the ring and staring at Ayala - who has grabbed the Caribbean Title. Ayala drops the title on Jovica, and makes a feint towards Chicky, who goes running!

Hercules Ayala stands tall!

Victor Jovica d. Chicky Starr via DQ

We have time for a couple standby matches after all that excitement.

Abdullah Tamba (The Flying Elephant) vs. Ron Ellis

Don Carson accompanies Tamba to the ring - this is a surprise! Carson joins Rickin Sanchez. As Tamba destroys Ellis, Carson explains that he felt Tamba was being overlooked here in WWC, and he’s taken it upon himself to get him some more attention. He’s a championship contender, and he’s going to make a big name for himself.

After Tamba gets the easy pinfall, Carson hits the ring and directs Tamba to deliver some more punishment to the hapless Ellis.

This doesn’t sit well with the big veteran Mike George, who comes out from the back to run off Carson and Tamba and tend to the beaten Ellis.

Abdullah Tamba d. Ron Ellis via pinfall

Tony Stetson vs. Steve Simpson

Mike George stays with Rickin Sanchez for this matchup. He explains that he also doesn’t think he’s getting the proper amount of respect or attention here in WWC, but that doesn’t mean you go picking on people who can’t defend themselves. If Tamba wants a fight, he’ll get one, from someone who can fight back.

In the ring, Steve Simpson shows some promising potential and gets the victory over Stetson.

Steve Simpson d. Tony Stetson via pinfall

Before we go off the air, Rickin Sanchez has some huge announcements. In addition to the Invader I - Angel Acevedo matchup next week, we’ve already got a matchup between Victor Jovica and Hercules Ayala scheduled due to the events of tonight! Omar Atlas is going make an appearance on the Sport Shop to explain his behavior towards his tag team partners! The Rough Riders and Don Carson are going to be in action next week - and the final announcement is a real big one - the WWC is going to be invading the Hiram Bithorn Stadium on Saturday, July 13th! We’re going to have the announcement of the main events for that show next week!
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