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AWA Results for June 1985


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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for June 7th


Doug Somers vs. Greg Gagne


Somers was joined at ringside by “Playboy” Buddy Rose , his chief in Playboy After Dark, while Gagne was accompanied by Nick Bockwinkel , which made for an odd pairing. Regardless, Bockwinkel cheered on the son of his greatest rival, who weathered out a furious assault from Somers to use his considerable technical prowess to gain control of the match. At this point, Rose looked like he would attempt to interfere in the match, but suddenly found Bockwinkel standing in front of him, staring him down. Rose froze in his tracks, and Somers was sufficiently distracted by this that he failed to spot Gagne lining him up for a precision dropkick to the face which got him the win. Rose was clearly furious after the match.


AWA World Tag Team Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. British Steel


The young British team were not only out for the title belts but seeking revenge against Rotundo, who had turned his back on them in joining the Varsity Club. Regal and Smiley put up a gallant effort but ultimately found themselves overwhelmed by the size and power of Rotundo and Steiner, and when Rotundo pinned Smiley after the Syracuse Drop, that seemed to be the end of that. But clearly the Varsity Club had not gotten enough sadistic pleasure yet, as all four members (including Dan Spivey and Kevin Sullivan) continued to beat down Regal, determined to make him regret daring to challenge them. Da Crusher and Badd Company rushed out to the ring to try to make the save, but were greeted with the Golden Spike or a chair shot that ended their rescue attempt. But suddenly, two muscular men in Union Jack capes charged out and started cleaning house. It was the British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid! The crowd had heard whispers that they had showed up at the recent Calgary show, but this was there first appearance on AWA TV, and they made the most of it , tossing the members of the Varsity Club out of the ring with shocking ease. Sullivan’s men beat a hasty retreat to the locker room as the Bulldogs helped their British countrymen to their feet.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Another match in Bockwinkel’s feud with Playboy After Dark, with the powerful Polish Prince trying to do as much damage as he could to the former champ. Buddy Rose had clearly run out of patience, as the match didn’t go two minutes before Rose dashed into the ring and attacked Bockwinkel from behind , leading to an automatic DQ. The Playboy and the Prince both continued to beat on Nick until Curt Hennig and Greg Gagne ran out, leading to them fleeing to the locker room. These cowardly tactics don’t seem to be having much effect on Bockwinkel, who stood laughing in the ring, daring them to come back out.


Ricky Steamboat vs. Bob Roop


Steamboat has lately interposed himself between the Sinister Syndicate and their attacks on the World Champ, Paul Orndorff. This time out, he was facing the hit man of the Syndicate, Bob Roop, who relentlessly went after Steamboat’s arm to set him up for the shoulder breaker. No matter what Steamboat did to counter this, Roop kept on tearing away at the arm. It looked like he would finally get Steamboat in position for the shoulder breaker, but Steamboat slid out of it, and countered with a belly to back suplex that just barely got the three count. Steamboat came out the victory, but clearly had taken a lot of damage in doing so.


Sgt. Slaughter, Cpl. Scott Hall & Wahoo McDaniel vs. ???


The Cobra Corps were scheduled to take on the Sinister Syndicate, but with the news that they had run Botswana Beast and Lord Humongous out of the AWA, they came out with no clue as to which members they would actually face. The answer came when Sheikh Adnan Kaissie came out to the ring followed by Elijah Akeem, Kareem Muhammad, Kendo Nagasaki … and Mick Foley? The shaggy newcomer, in his never ending quest to join some group, trailed along behind them, wearing a burnoose. While Nagasaki and the Zambuie Express seemed confused and annoyed by his presence, Shiekh Kaissie welcomed him, putting an arm around Foley and encouraging him to watch the match with him. The match was as crazy as one could imagine, with intense brawling that only officially came to an end when Nagasaki thrust kicked the ref in the jaw for the DQ. Kaissie then told Foley to rush into the ring, but Foley soon found himself getting the green mist to the eyes, courtesy of Nagasaki. Kaissie’s seeming friendliness was revealed as a ruse to make an example of Foley, as he directed Nagasaki and the Zambuie Express to savagely attack. It took a lot of effort on the part of Sarge and his partners to finally get the battered Foley clear of the Syndicate, and the Cobra Corps gingerly assisted the dazed rookie to get medical attention.



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AWA show from the Met Centre , Bloomington, June 7th (as shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


Memphis Vice vs. Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz


The match was declared a no contest when two men charged out to the ring and attacked Memphis Vice … then attacked Sawyer and Schultz. It was Spot and Rex, the Moondogs! The rowdy pair had not been seen in the AWA before, and they were certainly making an impact in their first appearance. Sawyer and Schultz ducked out of the ring and left Memphis Vice to take a brutal beating at the hands of the Moondogs until security was able to clear the ring.


Ivan Putski vs. Kendo Nagasaki


Nagasaki pinned Putski after a thrust kick to the jaw.


Nick Bockwinkel & Greg Gagne vs. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski


Bockwinkel got the win for his team after an inside cradle on Wiskowski


The British Bulldogs vs. The PYT Express


Davey Boy Smith powerslammed Koko to set him up for a flying headbutt by Dynamite Kid to get the victory


One Man Gang vs. Ricky Steamboat


Early in the match, Gang had taken the turnbuckle padding off one of the corners. Later on, Steamboat had Gang locked in a sleeper, and Gang tried to drive Steamboat back into that corner, only for Steamboat to release the sleeper at the last moment and Gang went back first into the exposed turnbuckle. Steamboat then swiftly went up top and hit the Flying Cross Body Press for the win.


AWA World Tag Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono


In a match that went right up to the time limit, Steiner hit a belly to belly suplex on Chono at the last moment to successfully defend their belts.


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Rick Rude


Rude grabbed a fistful of trunks to get Orndorff in a small package , but Orndorff grabbed a fistful of Rude’s trunks to reverse it and score the pinfall.

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AWA Show from Cobo Hall, Detroit, June 8th


Mike Shaw vs. Jerry Bryant


Shaw pinned Bryant with a power slam


Leo Burke vs. Al Perez


Burke went for a sleeper hold, but Perez countered with a German Suplex for the victory


Badd Company vs. Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey


Badd Company combined a schoolboy trip by Tanaka with a flying back body press by Diamond on Spivey to get a shocking pinfall


Nick Bockwinkel vs. Jack Victory


Bockwinkel hit a piledriver on Victory to get the win


Sgt. Slaughter & Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Zambuie Express


Sheikh Adnan Kaissie tripped Hall from the outside to set him up for an elbow smash to the back of the head by Muhammad to give the victory to the Zambuie Express


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Bob Roop


After a lengthy and intense fight, Wahoo caught Roop with a running overhead chop to finally score the pinfall


AWA American Title match : Lex Luger © vs. Curt Hennig


Both men went to a 20 minute time limit draw

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AWA All-Star Wrestling for June 14th


“Pretty Boy” Doug Somers vs. Al Perez


Seemingly out of nowhere, Al Perez has made a bit of a comeback and gotten some wins over members of Playboy After Dark. Somers was clearly determined to end the streak here, as he relentlessly went after Perez with punches and elbow smashes. At one point , Somers had Perez trapped in the corner and came in with a big elbow smash, only for Perez to duck out of the way at the last second and send Somers to crash elbow first into the turnbuckle. Perez then hit a German Suplex on Somers and hit the one two three. After the match, Perez pointed to his waist, indicating he had his eyes on the AWA Southern Title, currently held by “Playboy” Buddy Rose, but he might have to wait in line to get at him.


Memphis Vice vs. The Moondogs


This would be the first proper AWA match for the Moondogs, after interfering in the match between Memphis Vice and Buck Robley’s Army last week in Bloomington. It would be difficult to call this properly a match, as it was nothing but a knock down, drag out brawl with the members of Memphis Vice doing their best to hang in with their bigger, meaner opponents. The ref eventually gave up any attempt to maintain control and declared the match a no-contest, but both sides kept slugging it out long after the closing bell, with Buzz Sawyer and Dave Schultz joining in on the festivities towards the end.


The British Bulldogs vs. The PYT Express


Another team having their first match on All-Star Wrestling was the exciting new pairing from England, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid. They really got the fans revved up as they dominated the Express with ease, tossing them around the ring in a thrilling diplay of double team and power moves. Davey Boy hit the running power slam on Koko to set him up for a flying headbutt by Dynamite to get the win. Looks like the Varsity Club had best keep an eye out for this new threat to their World Title.


Rick Rude vs. Paul Diamond


Rude is currently gunning for Paul Orndorff’s World Title, and looked to be sending a message in this match with one half of Badd Company. There seemed to be an added edge of viciousness to his attacks on Diamond, mixed in with grandstanding poses and hip swivels at Sunshine, who was clearly unimpressed with Rude as she cheered on her man. It looked like this might cost Rude the match as Diamond caught him in a roll up as he was posing, but Rude kicked out and immediately hit a nasty Rude Awakening to get the pin. This was not enough, though, as he hit a second one out of spite, and might have gone for a third had not Sunshine and Pat Tanaka rushed to the ring to protect the badly hurt Diamond.


No DQ match : Sgt. Slaughter, Cpl. Scott Hall & Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Zambuie Express & Kendo Nagasaki


The Sinister Syndicate seemed full of confidence as the no DQ stipulation looked like it would play right into their hands, but Sarge gave the impression that he had an ace up his sleeve as his team came out to the ring, and he asked for the ringside microphone. He then said he was proud to introduce the latest recruit into the Cobra Corps … Private Mick Foley! The crowd cheered as the cammoflage clad Foley came out the ring waving an American flag, his shaggy locks shorn into a high and tight haircut. The Syndicate didn’t seem to take Pvt. Foley seriously as he cheered his new mentor on from ringside. Perhaps they should have, as after a lengthy brawl, Shiekh Kaissie was about to throw the kendo stick in to Nagasaki, only to be tackled to the ground by Foley. Nagasaki then found himself on the business end of the Corporal Punshment by Scott Hall to give the victory to the Cobra Corps. The members of the winning team hoisted Foley on their shoulders after their match, and Mick seemed overjoyed that he had finally found a place he belonged.

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AWA show from the Cow Palace, San Francisco, June 14th (As shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


Dave Schultz & Buzz Sawyer vs. Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono


Ishikawa and Chono won by DQ when Sawyer attacked Chono with a chain


Curt Hennig vs. Leo Burke


Hennig pinned Burke after the Ax Lariat


The PYT Express vs. Badd Company


Tanaka hit a spinning thrust kick on Koko to get the pinfall


The Varsity Club (Mike Rotundo, Rick Steiner, Dan Spivey & Kevin Sullivan) vs. The British Bulldogs & British Steel


Davey Boy Smith Gorilla Pressed Dynamite Kid onto Kevin Sullivan to get the victory for their team


AWA Southern Title match : Buddy Rose © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Both men went to a 30 minute time limit draw.


AWA American Title match : Lex Luger © vs. Ivan Putski


Luger hit a running forearm smash to the side of Putski’s head to successfully defend his title.


Paul Orndorff & Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude & One Man Gang


Gang ambushed Steamboat when the ref was distracted to set him up for the Rude Awakening, which got the win for the Syndicate.

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AWA show at the Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, June 15th


Pvt. Mick Foley vs. Sheikh Adnan Kaissie


Foley got the win with a running senton


Ricky Steamboat vs. Al Perez


In a highly technical matchup, Perez was going for a German Suplex, but Steamboat blocked it, and countered with a single leg roll up for the win. After the match, both men shook hands.


The Zambuie Express vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Cpl. Scott Hall


The Zambuies hit a side slam / elbow drop combo on Hall to score the win.


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Buzz Sawyer


In a bloody match, McDaniel got the victory with a running overhead chop.


Curt Hennig vs. Ed Wiskowski


Hennig blocked a face first piledriver attempt and countered with a cradle suplex to get the pinfall.


AWA Southern Title 2/3 falls match : Buddy Rose © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Rose won the first fall by countout. Bockwinkel won the second fall with a small package. Bockwinkel won the third fall and the match by DQ when Rose slugged the ref. Rose retained the title.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for June 21st


The PYT Express vs. Memphis Vice


The PYTs have been seeing a lot of the two AWA newcomers lately, but it hasn’t been a good experience for them. For all of the skill, experience and ruthlessness that Koko and Brickhouse bring to the ring, it has just seemed that they can’t get the job done against Bryant and Winston, and their frustration is beginning to show. For their part, Memphis Vice seemed to have gained a lot of confidence from their victories over the PYTs. Every time Koko and Brickhouse would break out a double team or underhanded move, Bryant and Winston would fire back with a double team move of their own that sent the more experienced team reeling. Koko thought he would be able to put away Jerry Bryant for good with the brain buster, but he had failed to notice that Bryant had been able to make a blind tag out to Big Lou Winston. As he was about to pick up Bryant, Koko was caught in a schoolboy rollup by Winston that got the one two three for Memphis Vice. As Bryant and Winston celebrated in the ring, Koko and Brickhouse argued all of the way back to the locker room.


The British Bulldogs vs. Dan Spivey & Kevin Sullivan


Davey Boy and Dynamite have come seemingly out of nowhere to join the ranks of the contenders for the AWA World Tag Titles, currently held by Mike Rotundo and Rick Steiner. This time, though, they would be facing the other half of the Varsity Club, who were determined to to cut off the Bulldogs challenge before it even got to the champs. Sullivan left much of the heavy lifting to Spivey, just working in the occasional cheap shot here and there, and for a while, the Georgia Bulldog was able to make headway against the British Bulldogs. Then, all of a sudden, the British Bulldogs seemed to kick into another gear, exploding out of the blocks with a big double clothesline on Spivey and then putting him through a series of brutal stretches and power moves. When Davey Boy caught him coming off the ropes with a lightning quick power slam, it was lights out for Spivey. Rotundo and Steiner must be concerned about this impressive new challenge to their belts.


Sheikh Adnan Kaissie vs. Pvt. Mick Foley


Ever since Foley signed up with the Cobra Corps, Sheikh Kaissie has made a mission of trying to run him out of the AWA, and this time out, he would be personally getting his hands dirty. Although Kaissie is primarily a manager these days, he has a wealth of experience as both an amateur and professional wrestler, and proceeded to work over the youn rookie with a painful series of moves and holds before locking him in an abdominal stretch. He snarled at Foley to give up, but Foley refused to break, showing the benefit of his toughness training at the hands of Sgt. Slaughter. Kaissie switched tactics and whipped Foley into the ropes, but Foley came back with a running discus clothesline that flattened Kaissie. At this point, Kendo Nagasaki and the Zambuie Express charged towards the ring to try to interfere, but found themselves intercepted by Sgt. Slaughter, Cpl. Scott Hall and Wahoo McDaniel. Foley swiftly capitalized on his advantage by hitting a running senton and hooking the leg to get shocking pinfall. Pvt. Foley was clearly overjoyed at his first singles victory in the AWA, and the crowd cheered him in celebration.


Al Perez vs. Ed Wiskowski


One of the more surprising stories in the AWA of late has been Al Perez dispatching members of Playboy After Dark and moving into contention for Buddy Rose’s AWA Southern Title. The fans have started to rally behind Perez in his quest for the belt, and Perez has shown a real change of heart towards the fans and shown appreciation for their support. With Rose currently in Japan, Wiskowski’s mission was clearly to neutralize the threat of Perez for good before the Playboy’s return. The Polish Prince used his size and power to try to bully and break down Perez, but the Latin Heartthrob used his considerable technical expertise to get out of danger and applied a series of arm submissions to counteract Wiskowski’s strength. Wiskowski tried to hit the face first piledriver, but his arm had been too badly damaged to cinch it in, and Perez swiftly turned it around into a German Suplex to get the victory. That German Suplex has been the key to Perez’s winning streak against Playboy After Dark, and Rose had best learn to either counter it or fear it.


One Man Gang vs. Ricky Steamboat


Steamboat has been caught in the crossfire of the Sinister Syndicate’s war with his good friend, Paul Orndorff. The Big 747 in particular has caused a lot of damage to the Dragon, and Steamboat is determined to settle the score with One Man Gang. This match was out of control from the start, with Gang throwing wild punches and Steamboat firing back with karate chops and kicks. The match swiftly spilled to the outside of the ring, with both men continuing to brawl long after the ref had counted both of them out. Looks like no ring is enough to contain these two.

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AWA show from the Mecca, Milwaukee , June 21st (As shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


The Moondogs vs. Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz


In a crazy brawl, both teams ended up being disqualified.


Curt Hennig, Greg Gagne & Al Perez (accompanied by Nick Bockwinkel) vs. Ed Wiskowski, Doug Somers & Leo Burke


Perez caught Somers in a German Suplex to get the win for his team


Dan Spivey vs. Da Crusher


Crusher nailed Spivey with a running Bolo punch and scored the victory


AWA World Tag Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono


In a brilliant technical matchup, Steiner finally pinned Chono with a belly to back suplex to defend their belts


Sgt. Slaughter, Cpl. Scott Hall & Pvt. Mick Foley vs. Kendo Nagasaki & The Zambuie Express


After Nagasaki took advantage of a ref distraction to spray the green mist in the face of Foley, Kareem Muhammad side slammed the Private to score the win


AWA World Title Texas Death Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Rick Rude


Rude was able to get the Rude Awakening on Orndorff no less than 3 times to get the pin, but the Champ would just not stay down for the 10 count. Getting frustrated, Rude brought a folded metal chair in to finish him off, but Orndorff was able to strip him of the chair, then hit the pile driver on the chair to put Rude down for good.

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AWA Show from the International Amphitheater, Chicago, June 22nd


The Moondogs vs. Badd Company


The Moondogs won when they hit Tanaka with a double elbow smash to the head


Steven Regal vs. Jack Victory


Regal knocked out Victory with the Iron Fist Punch


Takashi Ishikawa & Masahiro Chono vs. The PYT Express


Chono pinned Brickhouse after a front kick to the chest


Curt Hennig vs. Bob Roop


Hennig got the victory after the Ax Lariat


Nick Bockwinkel vs. Ed Wiskowski


Bockwinkel made Wiskowski submit to a Figure Four Leglock


AWA Southern Tag Title match : Doug Somers & Leo Burke vs. Memphis Vice


Burke forced Bryant to give up to the Sleeper Hold to defend their belts


Falls Count Anywhere match : One Man Gang vs. Ricky Steamboat


Steamboat hit the top rope flying cross body press to the outside to send Gang crashing into the ringside barricade and get the pin

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for June 28th


Badd Company vs. The PYT Express


This was showdown between 2 teams heading in different trajectories. Sunshine’s men are going into the Holiday Spectaculars on the path to a big Southern Tag Title match with Playboy After Dark. Meanwhile, The PYTs have been on a drastic decline, looking to get some sort of momentum before facing Memphis Vice, the newcomers that have somehow had their number of late. The PYTs took a very aggressive tack against Badd Co., but Tanaka and Diamond just came roaring back with their trademark high energy style. After a fast paced match, Koko tried to put Diamond away with the brain buster, but Tanaka dashed in and interecepted it with a big leg sweep. When Koko was finally able to make it to his feet, he was met with a Paul Diamond Superkick that put an end to that match. Post match, Brickhouse was clearly displeased with Koko, and once again the two argued all of the way back to the locker room, seemingly just barely keeping from coming to blows.


AWA World Tag Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. British Steel


The champions seemed especially wary in this match , keeping an eye out throughout for any possible appearance of the British Bulldogs. While Davey Boy and Dynamite did not get involved, Rotundo and Steiner more than had their hands full with Steven Regal and Norman Smiley. The young Regal was especially impressive in the ring with Rotundo, having exciting chain wrestling exchanges with his former mentor and catching the Syracuse letterman in several submission holds that he was just barely able to escape. Smiley continued his team’s success for a while but wound up being caught flat footed by a leaping clothesline from Rotundo that turned the tide. Rotundo tagged out to Steiner and, after a crushing series of slams and suplexes, Steiner drove Smiley to the mat will a bulldog headlock that put an end to their title challenge. Steiner seemed to want to inflict more punishment on Smiley after the mat, but Rotundo held the “Wild Dog” back, possibly not wanting to draw the attention of the Bulldogs.


Pvt. Mick Foley vs. Kendo Nagasaki


The raw recruit of the Cobra Corps did his best to hang in with the Japanese veteran, but Nagasaki looked to be wanting to inflict a lot of punishment on the rookie going into the Holiday Spectaculars. Kendo relentlessly attacked Foley’s leg with kicks and submission holds, before finally taking him to the mat and putting him in a leglock that forced the young Private to submit. This was not enough for Kendo, who refused to release the screaming Foley from the leglock until threated with the result being reversed. Sheikh Kaissie has promised that he has spent big money to bring in men to take out the Cobra Corps at the Holiday Spectaculars, and with Foley going in hurt, things aren’t looking too good for Sgt. Slaughter’s men.


AWA Canadian Title Match : Rick Martel © vs. Ed Wiskowski


The popular Canadian champ showed all of his trademark finesse and charisma in his title defense against the Polish Prince. While Wiskowski tried to use his size and power to dominate Martel, Martel kept one step ahead of Wiskowski and caught him on a criss cross with a cross body press to get the pinfall and keep his tight grip on his title belt.


AWA Southern Title match : Buddy Rose © vs. Al Perez


Al Perez has surprised a lot of people by taking out the members of Playboy After Dark one by one to get a shot at the Southern Title, but Buddy Rose has returned from a short trip to Japan determined to put a stop to his challenge once and for all. Rose ruthlessly attacked Perez throughout the match, sneaking in low blows, eye rakes and other cheap shots to keep Perez off balance. The Latin Heartthrob, however, kept after Rose, using his considerable technical skills to get out of a lot of tight spots and put Rose on the defensive. Deep into the match, Nick Bockwinkel appeared at ringside and proceeded to give dirty looks to Rose, but this just made the Playboy even more mad as he attacked Perez. He pointed at Bockwinkel as he picked up Perez and had him set up for the inside out back breaker. Rose should have kept his focus on the match, as Perez was lightning quick in reversing the set up, caught Rose in a waistlock, then hit a devastating German Suplex. One … two … three!!! Perez has won the Southern Title! The Playboy was in shock but the crowd exploded as Perez rushed out of the ring, grabbed the title belt and held it above his head. Bockwinkel went over to Perez and shook his hand before returning to the locker room.


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff © vs. One Man Gang


This might have been for the World Title, but Gang really didn’t seem to have the championship on his mind. Much like several wrestlers on the show, his focus was more on doing as much damage as possible to Mr. Wonderful before the Loser Leaves Town match in Winnipeg with Gang’s stable mate, Rick Rude. The Big 747 used his incredible size to try to wear down the champ, but Orndorff came roaring back with some mighty running shoulder blocks to stagger Gang. This was the cue for Rick Rude to come tearing out and attack Orndorff, leading to a DQ. While Rude held Orndorff, Gang went out of the ring to grab his chain and use it to pummel the champ. He was swiftly intercepted by the arrival of Ricky Steamboat, who yanked the chain out of his hand and started swinging it wildly, sending Gang and Rude fleeing from the ring. Both feuds will finally come to a head at the upcoming show in the Winnipeg Arena.

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AWA show from the Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, June 28th (as shown on ESPN/TSN Super Cards)


Zambuie Express vs. Memphis Vice


The Zambuies won with a double elbow drop on Lou Winston


Greg Gagne & Curt Hennig vs. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers


Gagne made Somers submit to the Gagne Leglock for the win.


Kendo Nagasaki vs. Wahoo McDaniel


After catching Wahoo McDaniel with the Green Mist while the ref was incapacitated, Kendo caught him with a thrust kick to the head before pinning him.


Elimination Match : The Varsity Club vs. The British Bulldogs & British Steel


1st Elimination : Spivey pinned Smiley after a running legdrop


2nd Elimination : Regal knocked out Spivey with the Iron Fist Punch


3rd Elimination : Sullivan pinned Regal after a sneak attack by Rotundo


4th Elimination : Davey Boy pinned Sullivan with a running power slam


5th Elimination : Dynamite pinned Steiner after a belly to belly piledriver


6th Elimination : Davey Boy press slammed Dynamite onto Rotundo for the final pinfall


Winners : The British Bulldogs


Loser Leaves Town Cage Match : One Man Gang vs. Ricky Steamboat


A bloody match where Gang went all out in trying to crush Steamboat. The resilient Hawaiian kept coming back and would not be held back for long. The Big 747 tried to put him out for good with an Avalanche in the corner, but Steamboat ducked out of the way just in time and One Man Gang went staggering back. Steamboat swiftly ascended not just to the top turnbuckle but to the very top of the cage and came off with a flying cross body press. One … two … three. And with that, One Man Gang’s epic run in the AWA came to a close.


AWA World Title No DQ Loser Leaves Town Cage Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Rick Rude


In an epic match with a lot of stipulations and a lot on the line, Rude savagely attacked Orndorff, waging an all out assault on his neck with blows and elbow smashes to try and soften him up for the Rude Awakening. As the battle raged back and forth, Rude was able to finally hit the Rude Awakening on Orndorff, but Orndorff was able to get his foot on the ropes to break up the pin. Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie decided to take matters into his own hands, and he tossed a folded steel chair over the top of the cage into the ring. Rude picked up the chair to use against the champ, but Orndorff was able to snatch it out of his hands and hit Rude with it. Orndorff clobbered Rude with the chair, then set him up for the piledriver and hit it on the chair. This was not enough for Orndorff, who executed one more piledriver on the chair and looked to be considering another before choosing to go for the pin and get the one two three. Mr. Wonderful was still the champ and the Ravishing One was out of the AWA.

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