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Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 7/27/17


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It looks like it's the final Space City. Pete and Johnny had a real fun ride doing this show, and exploring the Houston library.
1. We share our memories
2. Discuss what we loved about the footage.
3. Wrestlers who stock went way up.
4. Holy Grails that came from the footage.
5. We give a history of the Jose Lothario vs Gino Hernandez feud.
6. Discuss matches of that feud that were made available because of nwaondemand.com

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Great show. Great matches. Great interplay. This episode has me ready to rewatch big chunks of the feud. And of course, most of all, great concern for your valued and valuable friend.


You guys were Paul Boesch's Army, the Space City Irregulars.


Great touch on the switch of the ending song too.

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Guys I really enjoyed this series. Found it inseparable from the footage since in many ways I looked forward to the podcasts just as much as new matches popping up.


This episode is a great way to go out and perfectly encapsulates everything that was great about the service and Houston wrestling. Thanks for the memories, space cadets.

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