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[1987-06-14-WWF-MSG, NY] Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race (Texas Death)

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race - MSG 6/22/87 Texas Death Match


I could have sworn I had seen this before, but there is no way because I would never forget such a badass match. Honestly, this could be the best Hogan match of his career and this is going to sound weird but I think this is the greatest Harley Race match I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of "Texas Death" matches in WWF and besides the Patera '80 one they aren't really all that violent and awesome. This was violent and this was awesome. Hogan tears into Harley. Lots of brawling around the ring. This would feel more comfortable in Memphis or Greensboro. Hogan just ramming Harley's hard head into hard object. He HORSE COLLARS him with a chair on point. Loved the transitions in this as he is bringing him back into the ring, Harley's old trick knee flares up and just whacks him in the balls. Not even the Immortal Hulk Hogan is invulnerable to that. Harley is great with the piledriver and the suplexes and those great headbutts. He takes some great bumps in this. His trademark one out the corner hooking the ropes looked totally out of control. Hogan sees red but wants the Brain and Harley uses this take control ramming a metal chair into the throat of Hogan. This is gnarly. But he misses the headbutt and eats concrete. Great spot. They are fighting up the rampway and PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR! Harley looks like he has this won. Heenan gives him the Championship Belt first he holds it high before using it as a weapon. Classic! The spot could have been executed better, but loved the intention. Harley comes off the top rope looking to end the interminable reign of Hogan with a flying headbutt but eats the Gold! (the belt was not in perfect position I think Hogan could have moved it to make it look like he did it, small quibble). Hogan does his best Chief Jay impersonation with the belt and then smashes Harley in the face and the covers while holding the belt high. Badass! Simply badass! ****1/2

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The date is wrong on this one, so if anyone can change that please do!


But otherwise, I gotta agree with Sleaze on this. I thought this match was awesome. I was expecting your standard Hogan formula brawl match but then he just WALLOPS Race with a chair and BREAKS THE SEAT OFF IT. From that point, I was completely hooked by this match. Harley bumps like crazy and anyone who says that Hogan can't sell are clearly only thinking about his comebacks. I've always been a fan of Hogan's Funk-esque seizure selling and it looks particularly great after taking a piledriver from Race. Harley taking a splat on the concrete with the headbutt was an incredibly good spot and a great way for Hogan to mount his first comeback. But then you got some brawling up the ramp and a piledriver on the floor! Holy crap, this is awesome! Big finish using the belt and you've got a great Hogan title defense and probably one of the best Hogan matches out there.



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