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Houston Wrestling

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Houston Wrestling



Randy Savage w/ Ms. Elizabeth

Ricky Steamboat

Brian Pillman

Tito Santana


Danny Spivey

Jimmy Snuka

Del Wilkes

Marcus Bagwell

El Gigante

Ken Patera

Demolition Ax & Demolition Smash

Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip

​Stunning Steve Austin

Bad News Brown

Razor Ramon

Vinnie Vegas

Johnny B Badd

Big Bully Busick

Ron Bass

Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs

Booker T & Stevie Ray


Ted Dibiase w/ Sensational Sherri

Terrance Taylor

Irwin R. Schyster

Mr. Hughes

Tony Schiavone 1989
Paul E Dangerously 1992
Eric Bischoff 1991
Heavyweight Championship
Texas Championship
US Tag Team Championship
To be announced soon...

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For sure.


I hope that the Money Inc. stable becomes a Million Dollar Corporation/York Foundation hybrid.

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For sure.


I hope that the Money Inc. stable becomes a Million Dollar Corporation/York Foundation hybrid.

You mean, like, featuring Johnathan B. Badd or Kenneth Patera? I'd like to see that, too.

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For sure.


I hope that the Money Inc. stable becomes a Million Dollar Corporation/York Foundation hybrid.

You mean, like, featuring Johnathan B. Badd or Kenneth Patera? I'd like to see that, too.



James Snuka in a suit and tie. Please.

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Houston Wrestling Presents: 

Showdown @ The Coliseum!



Eric Bichoff cold opens the show with highlights of the big event here in Houston. He puts over how we will see the Heavyweight Championship defended as the Macho Man Randy Savage looks to take the title from the champion Ted Dibiase. We will also see the Texas Title defended in a big 30-minute Ironman Match with Stunning Steve Austin along with Paul E Dangerously defending the title against Ricky the Dragon Steamboat! Plus the big tag team championship four corners match. The titles will be on the line when the Nasty Boys, Money Inc. (Terrance Taylor & IRS), Demolition, and the team of Flyin Brian & The Z-Man do battle for the vacant titles. He sends it down to the ring where Tony Schiavone is standing by…




Tony Schiavone opens the show with a great rundown of the card and puts over how this may be the greatest night in the history of our spot. He puts over the big main event title match and then we cut to the ring for our opening contest!


The Patriots (1991) vs Booker T & Stevie Ray (1992)

-Good opener with the Patriots doing good work here with the Houston natives. Champion and Chip are pretty solid but in the end it is the strength of Stevie Ray and a huge boot to the face of Chip following by a huge flying legdrop from Booker T for the 3 count!


Jimmy Snuka (1989) vs Johnny B Badd (1992)

-A solid contest with these two guys doing some fun work. The big showcase of this is Snuka looking solid and Badd is working well inside the ring. The finish sees Badd try to do some rights and lefts but Snuka ducks and moves and the hits a huge headbutt and Badd is rocked before Snuka hits a jumping headbutt and puts him down! Snuka goes up top for SUPERFLY and the 1...2….3!!


El Gigante (1991) vs Big Bully Busick (1991)

-Some comedy spots here as the Bully is picking on the kids outside the ring but that brings out El Gigante and he challenges the bully to a fun little 3-minute match. Bully gets some offense but then it is Gigante who takes control and a huge heatbutt followed by a claw slam for the 1….2...3!!


Danny Spivey (1989) vs Ron Bass (1988)

-This is a pretty fun hoss match with Spivey working babyface. He has got the mullet and a no bullshit attitude. Ron Bass and Spivey throw some rights and lefts that don’t leave much room for error. These guys go 10-minutes and go in and out of the ring and the crowd is getting into it. The finish sees Bass go for a big lariat ut Spivey ducks and hits a running boot to the face! He picks up Bass and POWERBOMB! 1...2….3!


The Patriot & Marcus Bagwell (1992) vs Razor Ramon & Vinnie Vegas (1992)

-Vegas and Ramon do some solid work as a tag team here against Stars and Stripes. Tony points out how the winner of this match will be the number one contenders for the tag titles in the future. Patriots and Bagwell move well around the ring but Vegas and Ramon are just too much. The finish sees Ramon pick up Bagwell and Razor’s Edge right to the mat! 1….2…..3!


Tito Santana (1989) vs Bad News Brown (1989)

-Good warm up before the trilogy of title matches. These two guys go around 12-minutes and work the crowd. Tito is so solid in the ring and Bad News is working pretty good here. The finish sees Tito go for a flying forearm but Bad News ducks and once Tito gets up it is a GHETTO BLASTER for the 3-count!




Demolition (1989) vs The Nasty Boys (1990-WCW) vs  Money Inc (1992) vs Flyin Brian & The Z-Man (1990)

-Pretty fun gimmick contest here with these eight-men. The highlight is seeing the flying skills of Z-Man and Pillman. The Nasty Boys brawl all over the ring. Demolition control the pace and control the crowd but it is Money Inc. who slow the pace and pick their spots. We see Demo and the Nasties go outside the ring and are brawling all over the place. Flying Brian leaps off the top rope on to all four of them for a huge spot. On the other side of the ring we see Terrance Taylor with a HOT SHOT on Zenk and he crushes his throat! They set him up for a SPIKE PILEDRIVER and a quick 3-count and we have NEW Tag Team Champions! Terrance and IRS hold up the gold and now Money Inc have the titles and Vinne Vegas and Razom Ramon in the future!




Ricky Steamboat (1989) vs Stunning Steve Austin (1992) © w/ Paul E. Dangerously

-This is a 30-minute Ironman Match and these guys pull out all the stops and go at a breakneck pace for the duration of the match. Austin may be calling the match but Steamboat is controlling the match. We see 3 falls take place during the match. The first comes at about 18-minutes when Steve Austin hits a nasty high knee right to the jaw of Steamboat and knocks him smackdab out and gets a three count. Both men recover for the 2nd fall that takes place at 23-minutes when Steamboat is looking to pick up Austin from the mat but Dangerously is distracting the referee and then Austin with a low blow and then a roll up for the 1...2…..3! Austin is up 2-0 with less than 5 minutes remaining! Steamboat is trying to recover and Austin is looking to finish. He puts Steamboat up on the top rope and he’s going for a superplex but Steamboat with a huge headbutt and Austin goes flying. Steamboat goes up and Austin turns around and FLYING CROSS BODY for a 3-count! Austin is still up 2-1 and we’ve got 3 minutes remaining! Both men are worn down and we have got time ticking away! Austin then goes for a huge clothesline and Steamboat ducks and then hoists him up for a Gory Special! AUSTIN is locked in and the crowd is going nuts right now! Time is running down and we have less than 30-seconds! Austin is holding on but then he taps out and the bell rings! Steamboat and Austin are both rocked. The referee is speaking with Schiavone and then he announces that the match ended with both men getting 2-falls and that the match was a draw and Steve Austin was STILL the Texas Champion!



Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth (1988) vs Ted Dibiase (1988) © w/ Mr. Hughes

-Big main event here with these guys having a lot to follow up on. These two guys go 23-minutes and start slow and build up to a big finish. Savage takes the fight outside but that only leads to Mr. Hughes getting involved and taking him down. This allows Ted to get some serious heat on Savage and he is working over the back and the neck. Savage is about to counter and get back control and goes for a big double axe-handle smash and gets the shot! He then goes up top for the flying elbow but Mr. Hughes climbs up and pushes him off into the guardrail! This is the chance for Dibiase who takes control and looks to finish! He grabs him for the Million Dollar Dream and Savage is reeling but the crowd is chanting his name! Savage waves his finger and then runs into the ropes and climbs up the turnbuckle and flips over top for the 1...2…..3!!! Savage has won it! Savage is the new champion! Here comes Taylor and IRS along with hughes and they are beating the hell out of Savage! The crowd then pops when Razor Ramon and Vinnie Vegas run down and then clear the ring. Ramon looks at Savage and then hands him the title! We have got a little group building here to go against Money Inc!





Just wanted to get this show up after a little bit of a wait!


I hope you all enjoy it to those who read it.


I would also like to kick up another draft at some point… just for shits and giggles… nothing major! Maybe I will work on some details and come up with something.


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