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World Wrestling Federation

Preparing for a forthcoming steroid scandal, Vince McMahon joins forces with Jerry Jarrett to bring some of Memphis' greatest workers and creative power to join the spectacle of the Northeast.



Lex Luger
Ultimate Warrior
Big Boss Man
Jeff Jarrett
Big Josh
Paul Orndorff
Jim Neidhart
Pez Whatley
Robert Fuller
PN News
The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty)
The Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace)
The Long Riders (Kip Winchester & Brett Colt)
Sid Vicious
Doink The Clown
Scotty The Body
Dr. Tom Prichard
The Genius
Brian Christopher
Larry Cameron
Buzz Sawyer
The Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Samu)
The Orient Express (Tanaka & Sato)
The Moondogs (Spot & Spike)

Announcing Team

Vince McMahon with rotating co-hosts (Robert Fuller, Scotty The Body, The Genius)


World Heavyweight Championship - Vacant

Intercontinental Championship - Vacant

World Tag Team Championship - Vacant



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Championship Wrestling Episode #1


Hosted by Vince McMahon & Robert Fuller

Main Event - Intercontinental Title Battle Royal

(Barbarian, Big Bossman, Big Josh, Brian Christopher, Crush, Dr. Tom Prichard, Jim Neidhart, Johnny Ace, P.N. News, Shane Douglas, & Virgil)

Lex Luger vs. Buzz Sawyer

The Ultimate Warrior in action

plus appearances by Sting & Sid Vicious

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WWF TV Week #1


The show opens with Vince McMahon & Robert Fuller welcoming the TV audience to the Manhatten Center in New York City, the new home of a weekly studio show. They build up the main event in which a new Intercontinental champion will be crowned in an 11-man Battle Royal, but first The Ultimate Warrior in action. McMahon shares that head matchmaker Jerry Jarrett is working on the World Title plans and they may be announced by the end of the show.


Match #1 - Ultimate Warrior over the Brooklyn Brawler in 2:39 with the Press Slam/Splash combo.


- Lombardi bumps like a pinball and makes Warrior look like Tom Magee.
- Nonstop action by the Warrior as he brings it home before running out of breath.
- The first step in building up Warrior as a solid upper mid-card babyface. Time will tell who he'll find himself feuding with.
McMahon and Fuller groan as Scotty The Body joins them at ringside to steal some TV time. Scotty announces that he will soon have the WWF World Title around his waist. Fuller is incredulous so Scotty clarifies that he's aligned himself with the next World Champion, Sid Vicious! The Master and Ruler of the World glares menacingly at Fuller, then grabs the mic to reiterate Scotty's declaration. Sid calls out Sting, Lex Luger, and the Ultimate Warrior and promises that they will soon find themselves at his mercy. Sid then gets in McMahon's face and demands to be placed in the match for the vacant World Title, but McMahon is defiant and says he doesn't have that information yet. Sid slams his fist on the table in disgust and leaves as Scotty cackles and follows.
Match #2 - Lex Luger over Buzz Sawyer in 8:27 with the Torture Rack
- Pre-match, Luger walks around ringside slapping hands with all the fans while Sawyer barks wildly in the ring.
- This is a hard-hitting match with Luger going toe to toe with the "Mad Dog" and Sawyer giving it right back.
- Sawyer goes up top, but finds nothing, leading to Luger picking up for the submission victory.
Luger stops by the announce table after the match and is congratulated by Sting. The best buddies respond to Sid & Scotty and announce they can't wait to step in the ring with the big man. They too ask McMahon who is getting the chance to win the World Title, but McMahon still doesn't know.
A vignette airs featuring an exceedingly large, long-haired and bearded man in a typical sumo wrestling attire throwing other large men around a ring, culminating with him climbing to the second rope and squashing an opponent. The man screams "Banzai" at the camera as the words "Kokina is coming" flash on the screen.
Main Event - Vacant IC Title Battle Royal - Big Bossman wins by throwing out Brian Christopher in 12:22
- A typical battle royal containing a mix of mid-card names, including The Dynamic Dudes (Douglas & Ace),Jim Neidhart, Dr. Tom Prichard, Crush, P.N. News, Big Josh, Brian Christopher, and Virgil.
- Barbarian and Crush looked the strongest in defeat, each tossing 3 other competitors before Barbarian knocked him outside with a kick to the face.
- The final four were Bossman, Barbarian, Christopher, and Big Josh. Barbarian threw out Josh, but was distracted by Josh trying to get back in the ring to continue to fight, allowing Bossman to clothesline him over the top.
- Bossman then made quick work of Christopher to win the Intercontinental Title. Barbarian tried to get revenge, but was cut off by Josh who then celebrated in the ring with his fellow "Big Man".
Following a final commercial break, Vince McMahon announced the lineup for next week, including:
The Ultimate Warrior in action
The Barbarian vs. Big Josh
In his first IC title defense, The Big Bossman defends against Brian Christopher
and in the main event, Sting & Lex Luger vs. Scotty The Body & Sid Vicious
McMahon clarified the World Title picture as it pertained to next week's main event. Jerry Jarrett decided to determine the number one contenders through a tag team match, with the winning team facing each other for the vacant belt the following week. Fuller is shocked that that means the TV audience will soon see either Scotty The Body take on his new ally, Sid Vicious (in a one-sided slaughter) or Sting will face his best friend Lex Luger! The show goes off the air with McMahon and Fuller pondering the implications of Jerry Jarrett's decision.

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Yeah, Barb/Bossman would have been one Hell of a feud. I like Luger vs. Sawyer as an undercard match. Sawyer has enough credibility to make Luger look really good beating him.

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Who doesn't like a good old fashioned hoss battle? That was one of the downsides of the 1980s WWF style of booking guys based on their body type: all of the real hosses ended up as bad guys so true hoss battles were rare.

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Bossman vs. Barbarian at Royal Rumble 1991 is the epitome of what I want from that era of WWF.


That said, I may have been keeping Barbarian strong in the Battle Royal for something/someone else...

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WWF TV Week #2

The show opens with Vince McMahon & Robert Fuller welcoming the TV audience to the Manhatten Center in New York City, and showing a replay of the end of the IC Battle Royal from last week with Bossman, Barbarian, Christopher, and Big Josh mixing it up as the final four. McMahon runs down tonight's card with Barbarian looking for payback against Big Josh, Bossman making his first defense against last week's runner-up, Brian Christopher, and the big main event tag to determine who will compete for the vacant WWF title in one week.

Match #1 - IC Champion Big Bossman over the Brian Christopher in 8:42 with the Bossman Slam to defend his belt.

- Bossman looks strong throwing Christopher around until Christopher hits a desperation eye poke.

- Christopher controls for a bit using dirty Memphis heel tactics (including the unseen "foreign object) almost getting a surprise pin until the referee spotted Bossman's foot on the rope.

- Finally, Bossman reversed a whip to the turnbuckle and caught Christopher with a big boot. Christopher was no more trouble and Bossman soon put him away to complete his first successful title defense.

Fuller congratulated Bossman as Bossman declared he would be taking on any and all comers looking to serve some hard time. He wished his buddy Big Josh good luck against the vicious Barbarian before McMahon threw to a break.

Returning from break, McMahon welcomes Sting to the desk to give some thoughts on tonight's main event. McMahon asks if Sting feels like he and Luger can work together well enough to defeat the mighty Sid Vicious. Sting declares Luger to be his best friend and even though Sid is a formidable challenge, he'll only have Scotty The Body alongside him as back up. Fuller presses on by reminding everyone that if Sting and Luger win they must face each other next week for the vacant belt. Before Sting can answer, Luger joins the booth and reaffirms his commitment to Sting. Luger says he's not worried about whether or not he'll have to face his good friend for the title as that will mean that at least the new champion is worthy. He and Sting double high five as McMahon sends us to the ring.

Match #2 - The Barbarian over Big Josh in 7:36 with the Diving Clothesline.

- Barbarian looked decidedly scary hitting Josh right from the start with powerful stiff blows.

- Surprisingly, Josh was able to turn the tide and control much of the offense until he tried a German Suplex and Barbarian broke the hold, nailing a huge clothesline that turned Josh inside out.

- Barbarian leaped to the top rope and as Josh got up hit him with a second clothesline with the same 360 result to win the match.

As referee's checked on Big Josh, Fuller remarked at how scary it was that a wild man like the Barbarian was out and about in the WWF without any sort of management. McMahon called the WWF the "Land of the Monsters" and introduced a video package on another big man on his way to the federation.

A vignette airs featuring the same gigantic man from last week defeating a series of Black Belt karate champions through sheer power, with none able to even budge him. The clip ends with a rapid-fire edit of the man hitting each master with a throw or chop. The man screams "Banzai" at the camera as the words "Kokina is coming" flash on the screen.

Match #3 - Ultimate Warrior over Conquistador Uno in 1:48 with the Press Slam/Splash combo.

- Conquistador Uno is way overmatched and is torn apart in a matter of seconds.

- After the pin, Warrior picks him up and slams him over the top rope to the floor.

- Fuller wonders aloud what would happen if the Warrior took on the Great Kokina.

Main Event - Sting & Lex Luger over Sid Vicious & Scotty The Body in 13:13 to set up a match for the vacant WWF Title between Sting & Lex Luger.

Sting & Luger started off hot with Sting rocking Sid with clotheslines and Luger stalking Scotty all over ringside. Scotty was able to lose Luger long enough to distract Sting allowing Sid to lay him out with a chokeslam on the outside. This left Luger all alone to be double teamed, with Sid beating him down until Scotty begged to come in for some cheap shots, Luger taking control, Sid blindsiding him, and repeat. Finally, Sting recovered and appeared on the apron for Luger to make the hot tag.

Sting fends off Sid and Scotty until Scotty chop blocks him and Sting rolls outside. Luger is back up and clotheslines Scotty from behind and puts him in the Torture Rack only for Sid to break it up. Sid chokeslams Luger and goes for the pin, but Sting breaks it up at the last minute. Sting dropkicks Sid and is able to hit his trademark bulldog for a one-count before Sid throws him off. Sting sends him into the corner for a Stinger Splash but is met with a big boot to the face. Scotty is back up and holds Sting as Sid charges out of the corner with a clothesline, but Luger pulls Sting out of the way causing Scotty to get hit instead. Luger clotheslines himself and Sid over the top as Sting slaps the Scorpion Deathlock on Scotty for the submission victory.

Following a final commercial break, Vince McMahon announced a loaded show for next week:

The Ultimate Warrior in action

The Barbarian vs. Lanny Poffo

Big Bossman defends his IC Title against Dr. Tom Prichard

Sid Vicious vs. Big Josh

and in a huge main event for the vacant WWF Title, Sting takes on his best friend, Lex Luger

Sid could be heard in the background yelling and throwing chairs as Sting and Luger head to the desk for a wrap-up segment. Fuller congratulated Sting for picking up the submission win and tried to provoke Luger by asking if that mean the Scorpion Deathlock was a better move than the Torture Rack. Luger laughed it off and reminded everyone that while Sting was incapacitated for most of the match, Luger was holding his own with Sid Vicious. There seemed to be a few seconds of tension between Sting & Luger (with McMahon looking panicked), but both men quickly smiled and hugged. Sting said he was looking forward to what could be the greatest match of his career and the show went off the air with McMahon reminding everyone to tune in next week to discover who would become the next WWF Champion.

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