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NLBVR Reviews: The 1992 Box y Lucha Super Shows

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Yo fellas, Gene Badmitten here with Northern Lights Bomb Video Reviews. So the masters of smooth, champions of men, the Bill S~ and Jumpin' Jack have uncovered THE holiest of all holy grails of handheld wrestling tapes! Way back in 1992. Years before Weekly Pro at the Tokyo Dome in Japan or WCW vs NWO, there was a legendary run of shows in Mexico City put on by the Box y Lucha Magazine that included almost all of the top stars in Lucha Libre and THE BADDEST ASS MOTHERFUCKERS EVER from TEXAS invading Mexico and trying to take over or some shit. The details have always been foggy, but we're about to FIND OUT first hand! Second hand! Whatever, fuck you! What ended up happening was the biggest and wildest run of shows ever in Mexico leaving wrestling rings across the land full of blood, sweat, tears, hairs and masks. Here are the champions Bill and Jumpin' Jack with more background:

BS – Historically, maybe the #1 promoter in Lucha LIbre has been the weekly wrestling Magazines. They do huge business and are crucial to getting over new stars to a broad audience and have been for decades. Well, in the late 80s, Lucha Libre really started to take off on Television. One of the biggest of these magazines, Box y Lucha, decided they wanted to run a series of major shows in the Spring of 1992 to celebrate the 59th anniversary of Lucha Libre and the 40th anniversary of the Box y Lucha Magazine. In addition to the biggest names in Lucha Libre like Konnan, Perro Aguayo, Los Hermanos Dinamita and Los Misoneros de la Muerte, some huge foreign talent was brought in including Jake the Snake Roberts, Stan Hansen, and even Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch reunited as the Texas Outlaws.

Jumpin' Jack – Because a magazine was putting on these shows specifically in response to TV’s popularity, these shows were not professionally filmed and were the stuff of legend for years and years. A handful of shows were run over the course of 4 weeks with an average of 45,000 fans per show. Again, these are some of the biggest shows in Lucha Libre history. Cards full of dream match after dream match with some of the best wrestlers and biggest stars in wrestling history. Lost.


BS – Yep. After all of these years, we found out that someone (I won’t say who) managed to sneak a camera into the stadium and record ALL of these badboys. And now, we got 'em!

Jumpin' Jack – Amazing that after all of these years we learn that these shows existed on film and they ended up in our hands and not on youtube.

GENE – SUCKERS! Over the next several days/weeks/months/YOU’LL GET IT WHEN WE TELL YOU, we’re going to be posting our reviews of these amazing shows for your enjoyment. Who knows, if you play your cards right and cough up the dough, you might find yourself with a copy of these shows. DADDY NEEDS BEER.

Just to further whet your appetite, here is the first card of the tour.


1. Konnan vs Perro Aguayo (Mask vs Hair)

2. El Faraon vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr (Mask vs Hair)

3. Los Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras, Universo 2000, Mascara Ano 2000) vs Los Misioneros de la Muerte (Negro Navarro, El Signo, El Texano) (CMLL Trios Title)

4. Los Infernales (El Satanico, MS-1, Pirata Morgan) vs Sangre Chicana, Mocho Cota, La Fiera (Hairs vs Hairs)

5. El Dandy, Angel Azteca, Atlantis vs Negro Casas, Fuerza Guerrera, Espanto Jr

6. Rey Mysterio Jr, Ringo Mendoza, La Parka vs Chavo & Hector Guerrero & Pimpinela Escarlata (Substituting for Psicosis)


Jake Roberts, Stan Hansen, Dusty Rhodes , Dick Murdoch, Billy Joe Travis, Eric Embry in the stands and making their presence KNOWN.


We’ll be back with our review of this and the rest of the shows soon. Until then



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I like the basic idea of the Box y Lucha super show, a lot. I enjoy the way you are formatting and writing it up, and I hope we see the return of your patented "Meltzer voice" at some point as well.


But... mannnnn... You are gonna have a LOT of bald wrestlers on your second show.

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