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[1986-07-19-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Rock & Roll Express vs The Andersons


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Ole/Arn Anderson vs Rock 'N' Roll Express (NWA World Championship Wrestling 07/19/1986)

Unsure on the exact date as that was the date on the disc. Could have been on Worldwide though.

I'm going through Will's tremendous 4 Horsemen set and got to the disc that this match was on. Talk about a hidden gem!! First of all the crowd are as loud and rabid as hell and the Express are over like rover.

It's a long TV match too and it doesn't drag. The Anderson's are just great at stooging for the Express but are equally as good at getting all the heat from the crowd when they're in control. It's an excellent heel/babyface tag team match with the Express playing great faces and the Anderson's doing their great shit by going after limbs and trying to destroy them. The crowd are just screaming all the way through this.

They had another match not long after on the Bash tour that wasn't as good as this. Of course they'd go onto have a classic cage match at Starrcade, but I thought this was a very good, classic formula tag match. Goes around 25 minutes too with commercials.

Couldn't find anything about it online so I upped it to YT;

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Rock N Roll Express vs Ole & Arn Anderson - JCP WCW 7/19/86

This was taped in front of an arena but sounds like it was shown in full on the 6:05 show on TBS. 

Doing this stream of consciousness style:

The pop for Rock N Roll Express is IN-FUCKING-SANE! Wow there is over and then there is Rock N Roll Express OVER, brutha. Ricky is not wearing his protective mask but he is out for blood. Ole only returned about a month ago, but he is clicking with Arn immediately. These two are feuding over the No.1 Contendership to the Midnight Express' Championship. Andersons look to trap Gibson in the corner early but he slips through the ropes. Smart. Morton is in and he is looking to break Arn's nose. He drives Arn face first into the mat and then DDTs him but Arn sells his nose/face. Awesome. Arn is the best. Great sell. Powders. He tags out to The Rock, Ole. Ole is an ornery, mean bastard. I am looking forward to this. 

Morton fights his way out of the corner. Katie Bar The Door, A Pier-Six Brawl in a Brewin'! Ole plays pinball for the Rock N Rolls. Morton sells his hand because he threw so many punches. Ole grabs the wristlock and bullies him over to Arn. Tag out. Arn throws Gibson out. Ole throws Gibson into the railing and he comes up favoring the arm. Morton comes to check and it doesnt look good. Arn bars the arm as Gibson returns. ROCK N ROLL! ROCK N ROLL! ROCK N ROLL! Rings out! Arn torturing the arm. Gibson snapmare, but Arn scrambles and grabs the leg to prevent the tag. Great hope spot. Ole is working the arm we go to break. Arn is going for the hammerlock pin. Gibson scrambles through Arn's legs and tags out. Morton is house afire! Oh Hell Yeah! Punches for everyone! If your name is Anderson, he has a fist with your name on it. Missile Dropkick! Carolina is Cookin Tonight! Arn's bump is fuckin classic. I love it! Morton is not suffocating enough and lets the tag happen. Morton single leg pick on Ole and Morton elbows the injured leg of Ole (Ole was out for six months due to a broken leg courtesy of the American Dream). The classic Rock N Roll double team, forward somersault with the Ole's legs and then cream Arn on the apron. Love it!  Heel in peril in the middle of the match interesting, but I dig. I like change ups like this.  They are working Ole's leg like champs, usually this would take place in their shine. I like mixing it up. Rock N Roll Chants! As loud as ever even with them in control! Love it! RNRs even do a little cheating working Ole's leg. Even a great tag cutoff from Gibson. This is great. There is a Bunkhouse match between RNRs and Andersons they are hyping in early August, we gotta find it. BREAK IT Chants as Morton is working the leg, I love it! Morton gets too cocky and takes a swing at Arn and he takes his eye off the prize. Ole headbutts Morton. Here we go double face in peril baby! 

Ole holds Morton as Arn stomps Morton mercilessly. Morton DROP Toehold! What? Psyche! Double heel in peril segment! Oh shit they got me good! Morton tags in Gibson and he works Arn's leg tying him up in an Indian Deathlock. Wow! I cant believe they didnt go into a second heat segment. Nice swerve. Morton tags in and they switch on the Indian Deathlock. Arn hooting and hollering is great. We go to break. FUCK! We dont see the transition. We come back to Arn raking Morton's injured nose across the top rope. Arn is raking the face. This is merciless and I love it. Ole is stepping on Morton's face. KNEE DROP TO THE FACE! 1-2-NO! Morton CLAWS Arn's face to get out of a chinlock. Love Arn's bellowing in pain. Arn grabs the ankle to prevent the tag. Ole quashes that. Ole with a mean backbreaker. I really like Ole. KNEE RAKE ACROSS THE FACE! Rubbing the nose on the bottom rope. Ole is awesome. Palm strike to the nose. Ole is in his element. Ole tries the knucklelock pin I gotta say this is going a little too long. Rather him by grinding that face. Morton using repeated heabutts to get out makes it worth it. Morton is punching the hell out of Ole. Ole maneuvers him into their corner, blocks the tag and Arn is in. David Crockett says there is only 3 minutes left! TOP ROPE CROSS BODY! Here we go Ricky! Arn holds the leg and Ole s back in. Morton has momentum off the ropes, Crossbody for 1-2-NO! MORTON IS SPENT. Gibson is playing cheerleader. Arn prevents the tag again. Ole was going to come crashing down on Ricky but Gibson cant take it any longer he comes flying in and punches Ole has he comes off the ropes. Finish time. Melee ensues. Gibson is red-hot. The ref says Gibson is legal. That's weird. Gibson reverses the suplex on Arn. Wow! Gibson O'Connor Roll on Ole for 2. Gibson grabs a sleeper on Arn as the bell rings for the draw. Morton grabs a sleeper on Ole as the crowd goes wild.

I LOVED THIS! Amazing work by all four. These four were made for each other, the consummate babyfaces vs consummate heels. The match is hurt because the transition to heat segment was during the ad break. I dont mind the Draw finish but I think it could have been a little hotter, Morton looked poised to hit a Missile Dropkick but no one saw him and they worked an O'Connor Roll instead. This was still terrific! Awesome! ****1/4

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