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[2018-02-25-WWE-Elimination Chamber] Asuka vs Nia Jax


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Asuka looked vulnerable, and her victory felt like a fluke.


Good stuff.


This is exactly why it really wasn't that good, really, as Asuka was introduced as the unbeatable phenom who can't be beat and hasn't for almost three years. It should have been a totally different dynamic. It was *good* at best as far as in-fing work and Nia looked strong only because Asuka is that *good*, as in GOOD. Well, you get the point. :)

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This type of large power wrestler vs. badass matchup is like candy to me, as both Nia and Asuka throw their considerable power into everything and it looks great. A tricky rollup is a great way for Asuka to win; she's not just a badass but also better than everyone else at wrestling, that's part of her gimmick.

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I enjoyed this, with Jax finally starting to show a more vicious side and use her size to her advantage. One of the criticisms I've had of her is that early on in her run she wasn't wrestling to her size, and was too tentative for someone being presented as a monster. I liked this, with Asuka being able to still show how good she is by using her technique to win the match and her striking to buy her openings. I wouldn't call this Nia's best match (I'd go about *** on it) as I liked the one with Bayley on the NXT Takeover, I think from London, a lot more. Speaking of that match though, and specifically the finish in that one, whether it's intentional or not, I like that ever since Nia has been competing - either in NXT or on the main roster her weakness has been being susceptible to a front chancery/guillotine choke type move, which Asuka had her down with in this match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-02-25-WWE-Elimination Chamber] Asuka vs Nia Jax

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