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2017 Obsever Awards

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If this was the '80s, he would be in the Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels tag guy who eventually goes single star role and everything before he teamed with Sheamus wouldn't have happened.


Actually, he'd probably be a Nikita Koloff type guy and it's unbelievable he's never had a run on top in the past 5-6 years he's been on the main roster.

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I think the issue with Reigns being Most Overrated (other than being a great wrestler) is that while he was always near the top of the card, his booking wasn't stellar. He lost pretty much every match with Braun and took the pin at Summerslam. Brock has a better case for Most Overrated than Reigns does.


And Cesaro is a case where just because you're a terrific wrestler, it doesn't necessarily mean you should be a main eventer. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a Cesaro gold watch world title run and him wrestling regularly in the main event, but his promo and character work is not there. He was made to be a midcard workhorse or tag team specialist. This is like, his third tag team that's been really, really good.

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At this point, KO *has* to be most Overrated, at least thinking logically. He has been in the main event scene for what feels like (and actually is) YEARS, and has done NOTHING noteworthy himself.


Surely the segment with Vince and the Festival of Friendship were nice moments, but they were made interesting by the person opposite to Owens, who just is not engaging at all and has been featured at the top for ages.


Jinder was champ, sure, but they did something with his reign. It actually had a higher viewership than AJ's current reign (which has been smeared with a ridiculous storyline).


Reigns getting positioned as most Overrated in the '16 awards when he was the absolute best wrestler in the company is still some bullshit.


Sheamus was featured in the most Overrated category that same year, and Cesaro was in the most Underrated. They were a tag team.

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Looking forward to Sheamus and Reigns being featured on the Most Overrated list once again even though that by definition they really aren't.


It's a yearly tradition.

It would be hilarious if Sheamus ended up in as Most Overrated and Cesaro ended up as Most Underrated

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