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Triplemania XXVI Thread


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Main card:

Psycho Clown vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Pentagon Jr vs LA Park (cage match, last two left have a one on one mask vs mask match)

Lady Shani vs Faby Apache (mask vs hair)

Jeff Jarrett vs Brian Cage vs Rich Swann vs Fenix (AAA Mega Heavyweight title)

La Mascara, Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr vs Joe Lider, Murder Clown, Pagano (street fight)

Jack Evans, Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart vs Averno, Chessman, Super Fly (lumberjack match)

Mamba, Maximo, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Carta Brava Jr, Mocho Cota Jr, Tito Santana (not that one) vs Hijo de LA Park, Puma King, Taurus

Aerostar & Drago vs Golden Magic & Laredo Kid vs Bandido & Flamita vs Andrew Everett & DJZ (ladder match for the AAA tag titles)

Big Mami & Nino Hamburguesa vs Hijo del Vikino & Vanilla vs Dinastia & Lady Maravilla vs Angelikal & La Hiedra (AAA mixed tag titles)


Pre show:

Australian Suicide defending the AAA cruiserweight title against mystery opponents not officially named but known to be ACH, Shane Strickland, and Sammy Guevara.

Llave a La Gloria match which is where they put the most promising rookies in a spotlight match

AAA HOF with  Dr. Alfonso Morales and El Apache getting inducted. 



AAA is showing it live on their Twitch channels, they have separate Spanish and English feeds but you're better off with the Spanish feed unless listening to Vampiro and Matt Striker trying to pop each other all night is your bag.

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They are doing a lead up show around 6-6:30 EST, the pre show starts around 8 EST, main card at 9 EST, and the main event mask match will start at midnight EST no matter what since it is airing on TV in Mexico at that time. 

Keep in mind AAA is notorious for not starting on time, so those times are more of a general guideline than anything else. 

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I am sure there has been better but the rookies match was absolutely insane and best I have seen.    Much better than the 4 way match with proven stars like Shane Strickland and ACH.   

It might be my Wifi but the Twitch feed in the last 5 minutes has been awful.   although given TripleMania history with technical difficulties who knows

Oh shit Jeff Jarrett is on this show, can he possibly top the hot mess he was last year?


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Konnan coming out to Eye of the Tiger seems like a rib as someone who doesn't watch AAA.   

That ladder match was incredible.  

Jeff Jarrett feels like he been a member of almost every faction in the last 25 years.   although I am not sure about NWO given the mess that was WCW in 2000-2001


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Now Lady Shani vs Fabe Apache was a great hate filled brawl.  I am sure the outside BS with all the guys makes sense in the long term story.  Well except for Hamburguesa getting seriously hurt from the looks of it

By the way those big ass beers that fans have no problem throwing at wrestlers must be cheap because looking at the size those are about $15 cups in the US.  I can't hate a wrestler that much :D

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3 minutes ago, hammerva said:

 I am sure the outside BS with all the guys makes sense in the long term story.

not really, fake parka hadn't been involved in this feud at all as far as i know and the tirantes ref fuckery is something they do on almost all important matches. it was still a good match though

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Imagine having Brian Cage, Rich Swann, and Fenix in a match and you feel like you have to protect Jeff Jarrett.    While I enjoy seeing Dr. Wagner Jr showing up the idea that Fenix needed him to beat Jarrett is a joke.

it also looked like Cage got hurt on that swanton breaking up the figure 4.  Fenix definitely landed right on his knees which had to suck


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