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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Sept. 86


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MACW Special Labor Day Event @ The Omni, Atlanta GA 9-1-86

'Crippler' Rip Oliver vs. Terry Gibbs

Gibbs gives Oliver some early trouble with some hard hits and slams. Oliver comes back with a flurry of punches then an Atomic Drop sends Gibbs into the turnbuckles, Gibbs staggers back into an overhead back suplex. Oliver hops on the 2nd turnbuckle, Gibbs staggers up and Oliver nails him with the flying clothesline for the pin! 

'Mad Dog' Buzz Sawyer vs. Vinnie Valentino (Subbing for Tommy Rich)

Buzz spends most of the match yelling Tommy Rich's name and totally destroying Valentino. Buzz bites, kicks, stomps and chokes. Buzz lifts Valentino up and hangs him upside down on the turnbuckles, then just kicks away. Buzz finally puts Valentino out of his misery with the Powerslam! The fans chant 'We want Tommy!" This infuriates Buzz and he takes it out on Valentino then hurls him through the ropes. 

Winners get a US Tag Team Title Shot

Polynesian Power vs. The Assassins w/The Assassin

As if this rivalry wasn't heated enough, the added stipulation turns it up a notch. Both teams go all out with great double team maneuvers. Highlights include Polynesian Power body slamming Kazuo and hitting a double diving headbutt. Later, Sakalia is holding Cobra's arms behind his back and Tui crashes down off the top rope with a double axe handle to the head. Tui hit a backbreaker on Cobra (held him there) then Sakalia came off the 2nd rope with a knee to the chest. Assassins had their moments when they executed a double rib breaker on Tui. Later they hit a double shoulder breaker on Sakalia. At the 30 minute mark Cobra swings Tui hard into the turnbuckles and follows with a high charging knee, Kazuo quickly follows with a high kick to the head. Kazuo body slams Tui and covers 1..Tui gets a foot on the rope but The Assassin pushes it off and the Ref sees it. Due to the stakes of this match the Ref tells The Assassin he's banned from the rest of the match. The crowd is cheering as Kazuo and Cobra are yelling at the Ref. They don't notice Tui slowly crawling across the ring. The Ref sees Tui make the tag! Sakalia charges and knocks Cobra through the ropes with a front elbow smash. Sakalia punches away on Kazuo, swings him to the ropes and a knee to the gut flips Kazuo over. Sakalia swings of the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Cobra breaks the count. Tui comes in and everybody is brawling. The Ref finally gets control and is guiding Tui back. Cobra pulls an object out of his tights and puts it in his mask. Kazuo has Sakalia's arms behind his back. Cobra comes off the 2nd turnbuckle but Sakalia breaks free and Cobra headbutts Kazuo! The Ref runs over as Sakalia covers 1..(Tui runs over and hits Cobra) 2..3!!! The fans erupt as Polynesian Power earns a US tag title shot! 

Flag Match

Corporal Kirchner vs. Don 'The Pride of' Kernodle

The winner of this match gets to circle the ring, waving his flag. Both men come down the aisle waving their flags. Of course this one's a brawl and these guys tear into each other! Both men are busted open within minutes. Kirchner swings Kernodle into the turnbuckles, Kernodle staggers forward into a back drop. Kirchner scoop slams him then follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Kick out. Kirchner swings Kernodle into the turnbuckles and charges but Kernodle lunges forward and takes Kirchner down with a clothesline. Kernodle regroups and takes over. He snap mares Kirchner, follows with a forearm drop to the head and then grinds his elbow in Kirchner's face. Kernodle hoists Kirchner up on his shoulders then drops him head first on the top turnbuckle 1..2..Kick out. A frustrated Kernodle chokes away on Kirchner, grabs the top rope and drops several knees. Kernodle swings Kirchner to the ropes, misses a back elbow, Kirchner swings back and puts Kernodle down with a football tackle! Both men lay there bleeding. Both men wobble up but Kirchner grabs Kernodle, hoists him up and hits the Fallaway Slam 1..2..3!! The crowd goes crazy. After a moment the Ref hands Kirchner his American Flag. Kernodle is still on the canvas. Kirchner circles the ring, waving his flag as the fans chant USA! USA! USA! 

Bad News Brown vs. US Tag Team Champ Manny Fernandez- Rick Rude banned from building

Brown out brawls Manny in the early moments. Brown body slams Manny, swings off the ropes and comes down with a fist to the head. Brown rams Manny's head several times on the turnbuckle then head butts Manny down 1..2..foot on the rope. Manny turns the tide with an eye rake followed by a face rake across the ropes. Manny punches away on Brown, swings him into the turnbuckles and follows with a running elbow smash to the head. Manny body slams Brown, hops up on the 2nd turnbuckle and comes down with a fist drop 1..2..Kick out. Manny swings Brown to the ropes and hits a flying back fist. Manny climbs to the top turnbuckle and fly's off with a knee drop but Brown moves as Manny crashes down. Brown regroups and punches away on Manny, body slams him, swings off the ropes and hits a leg drop 1..2..Manny barely gets a shoulder up. Brown reaches down and picks up Manny but Manny gouges the eyes and hits Brown with an ear clap. Manny swings Brown into the turnbuckles and charges in but Brown moves. Manny hits hard and staggers back, Brown hits the ghetto blaster 1..2..3!! The fans cheer as Brown rolls out of the ring and holds his fist in the air. Brown is one step closer to Dibiase. Rick Rude is the final obstacle. 

'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Rob 'The Stud' Fuller

The two are in the ring but Fuller grabs the house mic.

"Austin Idol, boy you have been nothing but a thorn in my side. Quite frankly I'm just sick and tired of dealing with you and it's about time I put you out to pasture. I want you and everybody here to be the first to know that I'm reforming the Stud Stable. Yes, you heard me right, the Stud Stable is back in business. So you know what I did? I searched high and low and I went out and found myself a true stud"

Idol is having words with Fuller. The fans are screaming as Big John Studd enters the ring!!!! Studd grabs Idol from behind and chokes him while Fuller kicks away. Studd body slams Idol then stomps on him. Studd unleashes on Idol then picks him up, presses him up and throws him over the top rope and on the ground! Studd walks out, hoists Idol up on his shoulder, then rams him head first into the steel post! The fans are booing big time. Idol is knocked out and busted open. The fans boo louder when Fuller grabs Idol by his hair and slaps him. Fuller takes out his cigar and rubs it on Idol's bloody face. Garbage is thrown as Fuller and Studd walk back up the aisle. Big John Studd has arrived! 

Mid Atlantic Champ 'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff/Missing Link/Bull Gantner vs. Tiger Jeet Singh/'Maniac' Mark Lewin/The Iron Sheik

This one is all over the place and the Ref lets them go. Orndorff and Singh are fighting in the corner. Lewin and Link are brawling all around the ring. Sheik and Gantner are fighting in the opposite corner. The first few minutes is nothing bit a pier six brawl. When things are in order, everybody gets in their shine. Orndorff hits bionic elbows and suplexes. Link goes nuts with his headbutts. Gantner impresses with powerful slams. Singh gets in his viciousness and throws in clotheslines. Lewin overpowers with his brawling style and hard slams. Sheik gets his suplexes in as well as his loaded boot stomps. Of course another pier six brawl breaks out and once again the Ref throws up his hands and lets them go. Gantner sends Sheik over the top rope with a quick back elbow smash off the ropes. Gantner goes out and starts pounding away on Sheik. Singh body slams Link on a table, then grabs his sword. Orndorff and Lewin are fighting in the ring. Singh is up on the apron with his sword. Lewin swings Orndorff towards Singh but Orndorff reverses it just as Singh swings his sword and he nails Lewin! Orndorff sends Singh flying off the apron with a high knee! Gantner bear hugs Sheik on the outside and rams him into the apron. Lewin wobbles around, Orndorff grabs him and hits a short arm clothesline. The crowd is up on their feet as Orndorff gives the signal. Orndorff hoists Lewin up and crashes down with the Piledriver 1..2..3!!! The place erupts! 

United States Title Bout

'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase (C) vs. Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka

Snuka is a man possessed as he takes it to Dibiase and the crowd is loving every minute of this. Snuka swings Dibiase to the ropes and puts him down with a big chop. Snuka swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick out. Snuka lifts Dibiase up and hits an Atomic Drop. Dibiase is wobbling around and Snuka puts him down with a mule kick. Snuka body slams Dibiase, swings off the ropes and comes down with a diving headbutt. Dibiase is bumping around like crazy. Snuka grabs Dibiase by his hair, runs with him and smashes his head on the turnbuckle, Dibiase fly's up and back. Dibiase staggers up, Snuka grabs him and goes for a lucha DDT but Dibiase works with the momentum, lifts him up and hot shots Snuka on the top rope. Snuka's head snaps and he's down. Dibiase is on one knee and rests. Dibiase grabs the ropes and staggers up. He regroups then goes to work. He grabs Snuka and executes a delayed vertical suplex. Dibiase swings off the ropes and hits a delayed fist drop 1..2..Kick out. Dibiase yells at the Ref. Dibiase picks Snuka up and executes a swinging neckbreaker then says "It's over" 1..2..Snuka barely gets his shoulder up. Dibiase is furious and holds up 3 fingers in the Ref's face. Dibiase picks up Snuka and hits a backbreaker. Dibiase goes to the 2nd turnbuckle and crashes backwards with a diving back elbow drop. Dibiase doesn't cover. Dibiase grabs Snuka by his hair and punches away. Dibiase takes Snuka to the turnbuckles and sets him up. Dibiase is going for a superplex but the fans cheer as Snuka starts punching away. Snuka stuns Dibiase then a headbutt sends Dibiase flying back. Snuka jumps off the turnbuckles and hits a knee drop. Snuka is still reeling but slowly covers 1..2..Kick Out. Snuka gets a look of rage. The fans roar as Snuka grabs Dibiase by his hair and punches away. Snuka picks up Dibiase and swings him into the turnbuckles, Dibiase staggers forward into a belly to belly suplex 1..2..Dibiase barely gets his shoulder up. Snuka his a backbreaker, then picks Dibiase up and sets him on the turnbuckles. Snuka hops up and the fans go nuts as Snuka superplexes Dibiase! Snuka gets up and climbs to the top rope. The fans are standing as Snuka flashes the 'I love you' sign. Snuka leaps off but Dibiase moves at the last second! Snuka crashes down and he looks knocked out. Dibiase is laying next to him. After a moment, the Ref starts the 10 count. Dibiase uses the ropes and manages to get up at 9. Dibiase is against the ropes. Snuka slowly rises and Dibiase clamps on the Million Dollar Dream! Dibiase swings Snuka around but Snuka is pretty much out on his feet. The Ref signals for the bell! Dibiase throws Snuka down. The Ref hands Dibiase the US title and raises his arm. Dibiase holds the title high, then lets out a good laugh. He grabs the house mic. "I want to wish all of you working class suckers and peons a very happy Labor day!" The fans boo as Dibiase gives them another laugh on the mic. 


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So excited for the title shot for Polynesian Power.  They have been one of my favorites since you brought them in.  Also kudos to you on the job you have done with Snuka.  So many people had him and never got much out of him but you have him in the main events.  Too bad it is against Dibiase who is truly unstoppable right now.  Love the direction you are heading with MACW.

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***Just want to catch up a bit since I'm taking over for Spaldoni so those next TVs will be in recap form. I'll be back to a regular format soon, as well as some house shows***


World Wide Wrestling (Broadcasted weekend of September 6th, 1986 - Taped at WTBS Studios)

Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle are on the call for Worldwide. As the show starts, Schiavone informs the viewers that Jim Crockett will be soon rebranding Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling to Jim Crockett Promotions. He also announces the implementation of the Battlebowl Rule, which will be implemented at random during events. Jim Crockett comes out and explains that he did this to add some excitement to TV & live events every week and to spice up the highly competitive tag team division in the territory. Who knows, we might have some interesting new alliances coming up, according to Crockett!

Lumberjack Match under BattleBowl Rules: Professor Brad Rheingans & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer beat the Southern Ramblers when Rheingans pinned Johnny Rich

BattleBowl Rules: The Assassins (w/The Assassin) beat "Maniac" Mark Lewin & Chris Youngblood when Assassin #1 pinned Chris Youngblood


World Championship Wrestling (Broadcasted weekend of September 6th, 1986 - Taped at WTBS Studios)

Tony Schiavone and David Crockett on the call for this show. The show starts with US Heavyweight Champion Ted Dibiase coming out with US Tag champs the Awesome Twosome. Dibiase says he doesn't need for any BattleBowl Rules because he already has the best tag team in the world in Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez. And besides, Dibiase could buy out the territory if he wanted to because he has that much money. Jim Crockett comes out and says that Dibiase doesn't get to make the rules in the territory and if he doesn't comply by them, he'll be stripped of the US Heavyweight Championship. In fact, Dibiase will be involved in a BattleBowl Rules Match this week. Dibiase says that he doesn't care who are his partners because he'll get the job done all by himself. Crockett introduces Dibiase's partners for the night: Brickhouse Brown & Bad News Brown! Bad News Brown doesn't waste anytime and jumps on Dibiase but it doesn't take long before Rude & Fernandez pull off Dibiase from him. How can Dibiase & Bad News Brown co-exist together for the night???

-Ivan Koloff defeated Wendell Cooley with a bearhug. Postmatch, Cooley was a tad bit frustrated that Rocky Johnson wasn't by his side for the match....

-The Flame (w/The Assassin) defeated "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer

-Don "The Pride of" Kernodle squashed Jeff Hardwick. In a postmatch, Kernodle says that he might no longer be the Canadian International Heavyweight Champion but he's still a better example for America than anyone else. Kernodle challenges anyone to prove him wrong. Tracy Smothers from the Southern Boys comes out and answers Kernodle's challenge. Smothers vs Kernodle next week on World Championship Wrestling!

-The debuting Tony Atlas defeated Randy Rose with a gorilla press slam. Postmatch, Rocky Johnson came out and hugged Tony Atlas, happy to be reunited with his old friend!

-Bull Gantner & Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff beat TV Champion Tony St. Clair (w/JJ Dillon) & George Wells (w/Rock Riddle) when Gantner pinned St. Clair...After the commercial break, we hear that Bull Gantner will get a TV Championship match next weekend on Worldwide Wrestling but a special referee will be appointed to ensure that JJ Dillon is kept in check!

6-Men Elimination Tag Team Match under BattleBowl Rules: Brickhouse Brown, US Heavyweight Champion Ted Dibiase & Bad News Brown defeated Chick Donovan, Terry Gibbs & Iron Mike Sharpe. The story of the match took place towards the end when a miscue between Dibiase and Bad News degenerated to the point that Brown delivered the Ghetto Blaster to Dibiase and then walked out, causing himself to be counted out. It's only a matter of time before things truly explode between Dibiase and Brown!


Worldwide Wrestling (Broadcasted weekend of September 13th, 1986 - Taped at WTBS Studios)

-US Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez (w/Rick Rude & Ted Dibiase) squashed Issac Snider. After the match, Rick Rude cut a promo saying that if Bad News Brown wanted a shot at Ted Dibiase, he still must go through him and there's no chance in hell that he can beat him.

TV Championship, Special Guest Referee Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Orndorff: In controversial fashion, Tony St. Clair (w/JJ Dillon) defeated Bull Gantner to retain. The controversy emerged when Orndorff was accidentally clotheslined over the top rope by Bull Gantner and knocked his head on the ring apron. Bull Gantner had the match won with a bearhug on St. Clair but a hooded referee - with a familiar sheiky silhouette - came out and attacked Gantner, choking him with a piece of cloth to render him unconscious. The "referee" then draped St. Clair over Gantner's body and made the 3-count for the victory. The "referee" ran out as fast as he could as J.J Dillon celebrated with St. Clair, not too sure himself of what just happened!


World Championship Wrestling (Broadcasted weekend of September 13th, 1986 - Taped at WTBS Studios)

-Steve Armstrong defeated Ken Timbs (w/Rock Riddle) with a flying crossbody

-Robert Fuller defeated George Wells (w/Rock Riddle). Postmatch, Robert Fuller promises the resurrection of the Stud Stable this week. Tony Schiavone is skeptical considering that both Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden have departed the territory but Fuller says it's gonna be bigger and badder than ever!

-Randy Rose squashed Cletus Maddison. Postmatch, the Southern Ramblers say they're focused on getting back on track and they want a shot at the US Tag Champs as well as the World Tag Champs, the Road Warriors down the road!

-Austin Idol squashed Dacre Atkinson with the Las Vegas Leglock

8-Men Elimination Tag Team Match under BattleBowl Rules: Ole Anderson, Jimmy Snuka, Brad Rheingans & Tony Atlas beat Chick Donovan, Vinnie Valentino, Mike Pardee & Terry Gibbs. Clearly, Ole & Rheingans weren't interested in working with Jimmy Snuka & Tony Atlas. After the match, Ivan Koloff showed up to attack Snuka. He wrapped Snuka's throat with the Russian Chain and dragged him all the way to the back while Ole & Rheingans started beating up on Atlas. Fortunately for Atlas, Rocky Johnson made the save!

-Tiger Jeet Singh defeated Sweet Brown Sugar. Brickhouse Brown was at commentary with Tony Schiavone & David Crockett

-Spike Huber beat Big John Studd by disqualification after interference from Robert Fuller. Robert Fuller introduces the newest member of the Stud Stable....BIG JOHN STUDD.

-In the main event, Tracy Smothers beat Don "The Pride of" Kernodle with a missile dropkick. Postmatch, a frustrated Kernodle attacked Tracy Smothers with his flag. Cameras show Steve Armstrong trying to help his partner but The Southern Ramblers jump him from behind and took him out. World Championship Wrestling ended this week with Kernodle draping the Flag of Kernodle over Smothers and then celebrating with the Southern Ramblers.

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Great work! You really have things rock'n in Jim Crockett Promotions. Love the battle bowl matches and intriguing matches involved. Some really cool storylines continuing and starting. Will Dibiase survive Bad News Brown? The reformation of the Stud Stable gets the ultimate Studd. How will Orndorff react to that clothesline by Gantner? Looks like that Sheiky referee got one over on Gantner. Awesome seeing Johnson and Atlas together again but seems like Cooley might have a problem with it. Looking forward to seeing Koloff and Snuka going at it. Love that Kernodle/Smothers/Southern Ramblers angle going on. Cant wait to see where you go from here! 

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September 15th, 1986

Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA

-In the opener, Steve Pardee defeated Chick Donovan in 5:55

-"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka beat Iron Mike Sharpe in 7:47 with the Superfly Splash

-The Fabulous Blondes (w/Rock Riddle) defeated Austin Idol & Tony Atlas in 18:47 after interference from National Heavyweight Champion Arthur W. Crews, allowing Ken Timbs to pin Tony Atlas

-Bad News Brown beat "Crippler" Rip Oliver in 8:51 with the Ghetto Blaster

-Bull Gantner beat Randy Rose in 4:54

-Ole Anderson beat Tiger Jeet Singh in 14:46

-"Maniac" Mark Lewin beat Robert Fuller in 7:37

NWA World Television Championship: Tony St. Clair (w/JJ Dillon) beat Assassin #1 (w/The Assassin) in 10:56 to retain

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September 16th, 1986

Cahokia High School, Cahokia, IL

NWA World TV Championship: Tony St. Clair (w/JJ Dillon) beat Terry Gibbs in 1:37 to retain

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Arthur W. Crews (w/Rock Riddle) beat Scott Casey in 3:59 to retain

Steel Cage Match: Tracey Smothers beat Iron Mike Sharpe in 13:38. The cage stipulation was put to ensure no interference from the Southern Ramblers

Submission Match Open Challenge: Brickhouse Brown beat Brad Rheingans with a bearhug. Rheingans was definitely surprised as he repeatedly claimed that this won't count since it wasn't a sanctioned match by Mid-Atlantic.

-Ole Anderson beat Don "The Pride of" Kernodle in 10:03

-The Missing Link beat Austin Idol in 10:31

NWA United States Heavyweight Championship: Ted Dibiase beat Corporal Kirschner in 48:50 to retain after interference from Don Kernodle. Kirschner had the match won but Kernodle used the referee's knockdown to his advantage as he cold-cocked Kirschner with his Pride of Kernodle flag, allowing Dibiase to score the pinfall victory. Dibiase was seen giving a wad of money to Kernodle as they left the ring.


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The last straw to break the camel's back coming with the UWF withdrawing from the NWA, Fritz Von Erich decided to close shop with World Class and therefore, both the NWA World Heavyweight & World Tag Team Championships had been vacated. Jim Crockett made his move and bought the exclusive rights to those championships, which will be simply renamed "World Heavyweight Championship" and "World Tag Team Championship". This brings the total of 3 championships that Jim Crockett has purchased, with the National Tag Team Championships that had been vacated when the UWF withdrew from the NWA.

Jim Crockett should announce at the next TV tapings what he intends to do with those championships, as well as elaborate on some new arrivals in Mid-Atlantic.

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September 17th, 1986

Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville, IL

-Gama Singh beat Scott Casey in 22:54

6-Men Elimination Tag Match: World TV Champion Tony St. Clair, Tiger Jeet Singh & James J. Dillon beat Mike Sharpe, Vinnie Valentino & Steve Pardee. JJ Dillon officially introduced Tiger Jeet Singh as his newest protégé prior to the match. Very little involvement from JJ in this one.

-Bad News Brown beat "Maniac" Mark Lewin in 2:02 with the Ghetto Blaster

-"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer beat George Wells (w/Rock Riddle) in 14:50

-Tony Atlas beat Chris Youngblood in 9:33

US Tag Team Championship Street Fight, Battlebowl Rules in Effect: The Awesome Twosome beat Brad Rheingans and his surprise partner Bad News Brown with :53 to go before the time limit expired when Rick Rude pinned Brad Rheingans with the Rude Awakening.

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JCP sets the stage for the "death of the NWA" for all intensive purposes. The world title and world tag titles are now up for grabs and who knows who will come out as the true contenders and champions with all the pieces you have at play. Obviously there are parts of this roster that will set the stage for JCP to grow to new heights and I am personally stoked to see the direction you take with it. 

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LOL, Bad News continues to cause problems for Rude and Fernandez. Sooner or later he will get to Dibiase. Wow, JJ acquires Tiger Jeet Singh! Will JJ be able to control him? With St. Clair and Singh as his partners, JJ didn't really have to do much LOL. It's pairings like Brown and Rheingans that make Battle Bowl matches so much fun. 

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